Badescu, Viorel

Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface

Badescu, Viorel - Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Solar Radiation Measurement: Progress in Radiometry for Improved Modeling
Christian A. Gueymard, Daryl R. Myers

2. Fractal Classification of Typical Meteorological Days from Global Solar Irradiance: Application to Five Sites of Different Climates
Samia Harrouni

3. Modelling the Statistical Properties of Solar Radiation and Proposal of a Technique Based on Boltzmann Statistics
Joaquin Tovar-Pescador

4. A Method for Determining the Solar Global and Defining the Diffuse and Beam Irradiation on a Clear Day
Amiran Ianetz, Avraham Kudish

5. Recent Advances in the Relations between Bright Sunshine Hours and Solar Irradiation
Bulent G. Akinoglu

6. Solar Irradiation Estimation Methods from Sunshine and Cloud Cover Data
Ahmet Duran Sahin, Zekai Sen

7. Solar Irradiation via Air Temperature Data
Marius Paulescu

8. Models of Diffuse Solar Fraction
John Boland, Barbara Ridley

9. Estimation of Surface Solar Radiation with Artificial Neural Networks
Filippos S. Tymvios, Silas Chr. Michaelides, Chara S. Skouteli

10. Dynamic Behavior of Solar Radiation
Teolan Tomson, Viivi Russak, Ain Kallis

11. Time Series Modelling of Solar Radiation
John Boland

12. A new Procedure to Generate Solar Radiation Time Series from achine Learning Theory
Llanos Mora-López

13. Use of Sunshine Number for Solar Irradiance Time Series Generation
Viorel Badescu

14. The Meteorological Radiation Model (MRM): Advancements and Applications
Harry D. Kambezidis, Basil E. Psiloglou

15. Chain of Algorithms to Compute Hourly Radiation Data on Inclined Planes used in Meteonorm
Jan Remund

16. Modelling UV–B Irradiance in Canada
John Davies, Jacqueline Binyamin

17. Angular Distribution of Sky Diffuse Radiance and Luminance
José Luis Torres, Luis Miguel Torres

18. Solar Radiation Derived from Satellite Images
Jesús Polo, Luis F. Zarzalejo, Lourdes Ramírez

19. Generation of Solar Radiation Maps from Long-Term Satellite Data
Serm Janjai

20. Validation and Ranking Methodologies for Solar Radiation Models
Christian A. Gueymard, Daryl R. Myers


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