Marburg, Steffen

Computational Acoustics of Noise Propagation in Fluids - Finite and Boundary Element Methods

Marburg, Steffen - Computational Acoustics of Noise Propagation in Fluids - Finite and Boundary Element Methods, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Unified Approach to Finite and Boundary Element Discretization in Linear Time–Harmonic Acoustics
Steffen Marburg

I. FEM: Numerical Aspects

2. Dispersion, Pollution, and Resolution
Isaac Harari

3. Different Types of Finite Elements
Gary Cohen, Andreas Hauck, Manfred Kaltenbacher, Toru Otsuru

4. Multifrequency Analysis using Matrix Padé–via–Lanczos
James P. Tuck–Lee, Peter M. Pinsky, Haw–Ling Liew

5. Computational Aeroacoustics based on Lighthill’s Acoustic Analogy
Manfred Kaltenbacher, Max Escobar, Stefan Becker, Irfan Ali

II. FEM: External Problems

6. Computational Absorbing Boundaries
Dan Givoli

7. Perfectly Matched Layers
Alfredo Bermúdez, Luis Hervella–Nieto, Andrés Prieto, Rodolfo Rodríguez

8. Infinite Elements
R Jeremy Astley

9. Efficient Infinite Elements based on Jacobi Polynomials
Otto Estorff, Steffen Petersen, Daniel Dreyer

III. FEM: Related Problems

10. Fluid–Structure Acoustic Interaction
Alfredo Bermúdez, Pablo Gamallo, Luis Hervella–Nieto, Rodolfo Rodríguez, Duarte Santamarina

11. Energy Finite Element Method
Robert Bernhard, Shuo Wang

IV. BEM: Numerical Aspects

12. Discretization Requirements: How many Elements per Wavelength are Necessary?
Steffen Marburg

13. Fast Solution Methods
Tetsuya Sakuma, Stefan Schneider, Yosuke Yasuda

14. Multi–domain Boundary Element Method in Acoustics
Ting–Wen Wu

15. Waveguide Boundary Spectral Finite Elements
Andrew Peplow

V. BEM: External Problems

16. Treating the Phenomenon of Irregular Frequencies
Steffen Marburg, Ting–Wen Wu

17. A Galerkin–type BE–formulation for Acoustic Radiation and Scattering of Structures with Arbitrary Shape
Zhensheng Chen, Günter Hofstetter, Herbert Mang

18. Acoustical Radiation and Scattering above an Impedance Plane
Martin Ochmann, Haike Brick

19. Time Domain Boundary Element Method
Sabine Langer, Martin Schanz

VI. BEM: Related Problems

20. Coupling a Fast Boundary Element Method with a Finite Element Formulation for Fluid–Structure Interaction
Lothar Gaul, Dominik Brunner, Micheal Junge

21. Inverse Boundary Element Techniques for the Holographic Identification of Vibro–Acoustic Source Parameters
Jeong–Guon Ih


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