Jensen-Butler, Chris

Road Pricing, the Economy and the Environment

Jensen-Butler, Chris - Road Pricing, the Economy and the Environment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Birgitte Sloth

2. Road Pricing in Europe — A Review of Research and Practice
Esko Niskanen, Chris Nash

3. Road Pricing: Consequences for Traffic, Congestion and Location
Lars-Göran Mattsson

4. Implementation Paths for Marginal Cost-Based Pricing in Urban Transport: Theoretical Considerations and Case Study Results
Erik T. Verhoef, C. Robin Lindsey, Esko Niskanen, André Palma, Paavo Moilanen, Stef Proost, Arild Vold

5. The London Congestion Charging Scheme: The Evidence
John Peirson, Roger Vickerman

6. The AKTA Road Pricing Experiment in Copenhagen
Otto Anker Nielsen, Majken Vildrik Sørensen

7. Experience with Measuring Equity and Efficiency: A Case from Oslo
Farideh Ramjerdi, Knut Østmoe, Harald Minken

8. Transport Costs in a Multiregional Equilibrium Job Search Model
Morten Marott Larsen, Ninette Pilegaard, Jos Ommeren

9. Evaluation of the Introduction of Road Pricing Using a Computable General Equilibrium Model
Knud J. Munk

10. Efficiency and Equity Considerations in Road Pricing
Harald Minken, Farideh Ramjerdi

11. Modelling the Economy, Transport and Environment Triangle, with an Application to Dutch Maglev Projects
Jan Oosterhaven, J. Paul Elhorst

12. A Systems Approach to Modelling the Regional Economic Effects of Road Pricing
Bjarne Madsen, Chris Jensen-Butler, Jacob Kronbak, Steen Leleur

13. External Effects and Road Charging
Jeppe Rich, Otto Anker Nielsen

14. Assessing the Impacts of Traffic Air Pollution on Human Exposure and Health
Ole Hertel, Steen Solvang Jensen, Martin Hvidberg, Matthias Ketzel, Ruwim Berkowicz, Finn Palmgren, Peter Wåhlin, Marianne Glasius, Steffen Loft, Peter Vinzents, Ole Raaschou-Nielsen, Mette Sørensen, Helle Bak

15. Car Use Habits: An Obstacle to the Use of Public Transportation?
Berit Møller, John Thøgersen

16. Road Pricing in Denmark — User Attitudes and User Reactions
Mai-Britt Herslund

17. A Cost-Minimisation Principle of Adaptation of Private Car Use in Response to Road Pricing Schemes
Peter Loukopoulos, Tommy Gärling, Cecilia Jakobsson, Satoshi Fujii

18. Car Users’ Trade-Offs Between Time, Trip Length, Cost and Road Pricing in Behavioural Models
Otto Anker Nielsen, Goran Vuk

19. The Impacts of e-Work and e-Commerce on Transport, the Environment and the Economy
Andy Lake

20. A Web-Based Study of the Propensity to Telework Based on Socio-Economic, Work Organisation and Spatial Factors
Lasse Møller-Jensen, Chris Jensen-Butler, Bjarne Madsen, Jeremy Millard, Lars Schmidt

21. The Impact of Telecommuting on Households’ Travel Behaviour, Expenditures and Emissions
Andrea F. Glogger, Thomas W. Zängler, Georg Karg


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