Becker, Werner

Neutron Stars and Pulsars

Becker, Werner - Neutron Stars and Pulsars, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Radio Pulsar Statistics
Duncan R. Lorimer

2. Radio Emission Properties of Pulsars
Richard N. Manchester

3. Rotating Radio Transients
Maura McLaughlin

4. Intermittent Pulsars
Andrew G. Lyne

5. The Double Pulsar: A Unique Lab for Relativistic Plasma Physics and Tests of General Relativity
Michael Kramer

6. X-Ray Emission from Pulsars and Neutron Stars
Werner Becker

7. Isolated Neutron Stars: The Challenge of Simplicity
Roberto Turolla

8. Millisecond Pulsars in Globular Clusters and the Field
Jonathan E. Grindlay, Slavko Bogdanov

9. Theory of Radiative Transfer in Neutron Star Atmospheres and Its Applications
Vyacheslav E. Zavlin

10. Neutron Star Interiors and the Equation of State of Superdense Matter
Fridolin Weber, Rodrigo Negreiros, Philip Rosenfield

11. Neutron Star Cooling: I
Dany Page

12. Neutron Star Cooling: II
Sachiko Tsuruta

13. Turning Points in the Evolution of Isolated Neutron Stars'Magnetic Fields
Ulrich Geppert

14. Pulsar Spin, Magnetic Fields, and Glitches
Malvin Ruderman

15. Pulsar Emission: Where to Go
Jonathan Arons

16. The Theory of Pulsar Winds and Nebulae
John G. Kirk, Yuri Lyubarsky, Jerome Petri

17. Implications of HESS Observations of Pulsar
Ocker C. Jager, Arache Djannati-Ataï

18. High Energy Emission from Pulsars and Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Kwong Sang Cheng

19. High-energy Emission from the Polar Cap and Slot Gap
Alice K. Harding

20. Physics of Drifting Sub-pulses in Radio Pulsars
Jan M.E. Kuijpers

21. Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters and Magnetars
Kevin Hurley

22. X-Ray Polarimetry and Its Potential Use for Understanding Neutron Stars
Martin C. Weisskopf, Ronald F. Elsner, Victoria M. Kaspi, Stephen L. O'Dell, George G. Pavlov, Brain D. Ramsey

23. GeV Gamma-Ray Pulsar Detection
David A. Smith, David J. Thompson

24. Gravitational Waves from Spinning Neutron Stars
Reinhard Prix

Keywords: Physics, Astrophysics, Relativity and Cosmology, Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory, Particle Acceleration and Detection, Beam Physics, Superconductivity, Superfluidity, Quantum Fluids

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Astrophysics and Space Science Library
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712 pages
Natural Sciences

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