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Research Trends in Combinatorial Optimization

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Table of contents

1. On the Location and p-Median Polytopes
Mourad Baïou, Francisco Barahona

2. Facet Generating Techniques
Sylvia Boyd, William R. Pulleyblank

3. Antimatroids, Betweenness, Convexity
Vašek Chvátal

4. Euler Complexes
Jack Edmonds

5. Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for the Intersection ofaLine with a Polymatroid
Jean Fonlupt, Alexandre Skoda

6. A Survey on Covering Supermodular Functions
András Frank, Tamás Király

7. Theory of Principal Partitions Revisited
Satoru Fujishige

8. Locally Dense Independent Sets in Regular Graphs ofLargeGirth—An Example of a New Approach
Frank Göring, Jochen Harant, Dieter Rautenbach, Ingo Schiermeyer

9. Linear Time Approximation Algorithms forDegreeConstrained Subgraph Problems
Stefan Hougardy

10. The Unbounded Knapsack Problem
T. C. Hu, Leo Landa, Man-Tak Shing

11. Recent Developments in Discrete Convex Analysis
Kazuo Murota

12. Multiflow Feasibility: An Annotated Tableau
Guyslain Naves, András Sebo

13. Many Facets of Dualities
Jaroslav Nešetril

14. On the Structure of Graphs Vertex Critical withRespect to Connected Domination
Michael D. Plummer

15. LS-LIB: A Library of Tools for Solving Production Planning Problems
Yves Pochet, Mathieu Vyve, Laurence A. Wolsey

16. From Spheres to Spheropolyhedra: Generalized Distinct Element Methodology and Algorithm Analysis
Lionel Pournin, Thomas M. Liebling

17. Graphic Submodular Function Minimization: AGraphic Approach and Applications
Myriam Preissmann, András Sebo

18. Matroids—the Engineers’ Revenge
András Recski

19. On the Relative Complexity of 15 Problems Related to0/1-Integer Programming
Andreas S. Schulz

20. Single-Sink Multicommodity Flow withSideConstraints
F. Bruce Shepherd

21. An Introduction to Network Flows over Time
Martin Skutella

22. Edge-Connectivity Augmentations ofGraphsandHypergraphs
Zoltán Szigeti

23. Some Problems on Approximate Counting in Graphs and Matroids
Dominic Welsh

Keywords: MATHEMATICS / General MAT000000

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Natural Sciences

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