Lebed, Andrei

The Physics of Organic Superconductors and Conductors

Lebed, Andrei - The Physics of Organic Superconductors and Conductors, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Historical Surveys

1. Historical Approach to Organic Superconductivity
D. Jérome

2. From Sliding Charge Density Wave to Charge Ordering
P. Monceau

3. Field-Induced Spin–Density Waves and Dimensional Crossovers
Andrei Lebed

4. Cascade of FISDW Phases: Wave Vector Quantization and its Consequences
M. Héritier

II. General Reviews

5. La Tour des Sels de Bechgaard
S. E. Brown, P. M. Chaikin, M. J. Naughton

6. Physical Properties of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Organic Conductors in Strong Magnetic Fields
S. Uji, J. S. Brooks

7. Magnetic Properties of Organic Conductors and Superconductors as Dimensional Crossovers
Andrei Lebed, S. Wu

8. Layered Organic Conductors in Strong Magnetic Fields
M. V. Kartsovnik

9. High-field Magnetoresistive Effects in Reduced-Dimensionality Organic Metals and Superconductors
J. Singleton, R. D. McDonald, N. Harrison

10. Energy and Dielectric Relaxations in Bechgaard–Fabre Salts
P. Monceau, J. -C. Lasjaunias, K. Biljakovi?, F. Nad

11. Ferroelectricity and Charge Ordering in Quasi-1D Organic Conductors
S. A. Brazovskii

12. Interacting Electrons in Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Superconductors
C. Bourbonnais, D. Jérome

III. Unusual Properties of a Metallic Phase

13. Unusual Magic Angles Effects in Bechgaard Salts
W. Kang

14. Versatile Method to Estimate Dimensionality of Q1D Fermi Surface by Third Angular Effect
H. Yoshino, K. Murata

15. Microwave Spectroscopy of Q1D and Q2D Organic Conductors
S. Hill, S. Takahashi

IV. Field-Induced Spin(Charge)-Density Wave Phases

16. Magnetic Field-Induced Spin-Density Wave and Spin-Density Wave Phases in (TMTSF)2PF6
A. V. Kornilov, V. M. Pudalov

17. Theory of the Quantum Hall Effect in Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductors
V. M. Yakovenko

18. Orbitally Quantized Density-Wave States Perturbed from Equilibrium
N. Harrison, R. D. McDonald, J. Singleton

19. Unconventional Density Waves in Organic Conductors and in Superconductors
K. Maki, B. Dóra, A. Virosztek

20. Charge Density Waves in Strong Magnetic Fields
A. Bjeliš, D. Zanchi

21. Unconventional Electronic Phases in (TMTSF)2X: The Case of (TMTSF)2ClO4
S. Haddad, M. Héritier, S. Charfi-Kaddour

V. Unconventional Superconducting Properties

22. Mott Transition and Superconductivity in Q2D Organic Conductors
K. Kanoda

23. Triplet Scenario of Superconductivity vs. Singlet One in (TMTSF)2X Materials
Andrei Lebed, S. Wu

24. Triplet Superconductivity in Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductors
R. W. Cherng, W. Zhang, C. A. R. Sá Melo

25. Theory of the Fulde–Ferrell–Larkin–Ovchinnikov State and Application to Quasi-Low-dimensional Organic Superconductors
H. Shimahara

VI. Electron Correlations in Organic Conductors

26. SO(4) Symmetry in Bechgaard Salts
D. Podolsky, E. Altman, E. Demler

27. From Luttinger to Fermi Liquids in Organic Conductors
T. Giamarchi

Keywords: Physics, Superconductivity, Superfluidity, Quantum Fluids, Solid State Physics and Spectroscopy, Polymer Sciences, Physics and Applied Physics in Engineering

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