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Computational Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. Multiresolution Mechanics for Nano/Micro-Structured Materials
Franck J. Vernerey, Wing Kam Liu, Elisa Budyn, Ji Hoon Kim, Albert To

2. Rigid Element Concept for Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Involving Postbuckling Response
Y. B. Yang

3. Unstructured Mesh Generation and Its Parallelization
Yao Zheng, Jianjun Chen

4. Material Point Method for Numerical Simulation of Failure Phenomena in Multiphase Porous Media
H. W. Zhang, K. P. Wang, Z. Zhang

5. The Atomic-Scale Finite Element Method for Post-Buckling of Carbon Nanotubes
A. Y. T. Leung, Xiang Guo

6. Statistical Two-Scale Method for Strength Prediction of Composites with Random Distribution and Its Applications
Junzhi Cui, X. G. Yu, Fei Han, Yan Yu

7. A Variational Principle and Numerical Scheme for Microstructural Evolution of Materials Controlled By Lattice Diffusion
Jingzhe Pan

8. Elastoplastic Micromechanical Damage Mechanics for Composites with Progressive Partial Fiber Debonding and Thermal Residual Stress
J. W. Ju, K. Yanase

9. Numerical Simulations of Transitional and Turbulent Flows in Plane Mixing Layers
H. D. Ma, H. L. Pan, Q. Wang

10. 3D Numerical Simulation of Self-Propelled Swimming of Bionic Fish School
C. J. Wu, L. Wang

11. Modelling of Non-Isothermal Non-Newtonian Viscoelastic Flows
X. K. Li, X. H. Han, Q. L. Duan

12. Applications of Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA) to Rock Engineering
Gen-hua Shi

13. Upper and Lower Bounds for Numerical Solutions of Elasticity Problems using LC-PIM and FEM
G. R. Liu, G. Y. Zhang

14. Material Point Method for Impact and Explosion Problems
S. Ma, X. Zhang

15. Reproducing Kernel Partition of Unity: from Continuum to Quantum
Jiun-Shyan Chen, Wei Hu

16. SPR — A New Method for Mesh Improvement and Boundary Recovery
Jianfei Liu, Shuli Sun, Yongqiang Chen

17. Fast Inverse CAE Code for Sheet Metal Forming and Its Relative Technique
Guojun Zheng, Xiangkui Zhang, Yu Wang, Ping Hu, Sibo Hu, Zhikui Lang

18. Advances in Classical Subspace Iteration Method for Eigenvalue Problem
P. Chen, Q. C. Zhao, W. B. Peng, Y. Q. Chen, M. W. Yuan

19. Time-Domain BEM Analysis of Cracked Piezoelectric Solids under Impact Loading
Ch. Zhang, F. García-Sánchez, A. Sáez

20. Radial Basis Function Collocation Method
Alexander H.-D. Cheng

21. Modelling of Turbulent Flows at LAST, Tsinghua University
S. Fu, S. Y. Huang, Q. G. Meng, C. S. Chen, S. W. Chang, Y. P. Liao, C. W. Huang, C. K. Wang

22. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Fracture Mechanism of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon
Qiang Lu, Nigel Marks, Ted Belytschko

23. Modeling of Fracture Process under Water Pressure in Crack using XFEM
Xiujun Fang, Feng Jin, Chuhan Zhang

24. Numerical Study on Multi-Crack Fracture Parameters under Impact Loading Based on the Virtual Crack Closure Technique
Yongjie Liu, Xiangguo Zeng, Qingyuan Wang

25. The Fracture Process Simulation of the Gear Tooth and the Advance of Computational Fracture Mechanics
Shenghua Yang

26. On Efficient Evaluation of Derivatives of Fracture Parameters using Fractal Finite Element Method
R. M. Reddy, B. N. Rao

27. An Application of Stochastic Meshfree Method in the Field of Fracture Mechanics
C. O. Arun, B. N. Rao, M. S. Siva Kumar

28. A Relay-Zone Technique for Computing Dynamic Dislocations
S. Q. Tang, W. K. Liu, E. G. Karpov, T. Y. Hou

29. On the Interface Elements for Delamination Simulation of Laminated Plates Subject to Low-Velocity Impact
Guangyu Shi

30. A Perspective on Damage and Failure of Composite Structures based on Innovative Analytical and Testing Methods
J. Xu, A. Askari, O. Weckner

31. Characterizing the Plastic Strain Localization in Cosserat Media
X. Liu, A. Scarpas

32. Prediction Fatigue Life of Dumpers with Cumulative Fatigue Damage Approach and Finite Element Model
Lijuan Cao, Shouju Li

33. Simulation of Fatigue Process in FRP Laminates with Local Stress Concentration
Y. J. Guan, Y. T. Wei

34. Combined Stochastic Diffusion and Mean-Field Model for Grain Growth
Y. G. Zheng, H. W. Zhang, Z. Chen

35. Numerical Simulation of Dendritic Solidification on Non-Graded Adaptive Cartesian Grids
H. Chen, F Gibou

36. Model for Czochralski Crystal Growth
Zhong Zeng, Yongxiang Zhang, Jingqiu Chen

37. Comparison of Higher-Order Numerical Schemes and Several Filtering Methods Applied to Navier-Stokes Equations with Applications to Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA)
L. Lai, G. S. Djambazov, C.-H. Lai, K. A. Pericleous

38. Three-Dimensional Coupling Compact Finite Difference Methods for Navier-Stokes Equations
Li Zhang, D. B. Tang, Y. Z. Yang

39. The Finite Element Simulation of Turbulent Flow with a Dynamic Eddy Viscosity Model
Feifei Wang, Yongtao Wei

40. Large Eddy Simulation of Vortex Shedding due to Forced Vibration of Cylinder
Y. G. Bai, D. K. Sun, J. H. Lin

41. Modelling the Compressibility Effect with Second-Moment Closure
S. Fu, S. Y. Huang

42. Numerical Simulation of Three Dimensional Turbulent Flow in Double-Suction Centrifugal Pumps
Min Yang, Fujun Wang, Guohui Cong

43. Direct Numerical Simulation of a Compressible Turbulent Mixing Layer with Combustion Chemical Reactions
Wenbo Miao, Xiaoli Cheng, Qiang Wang

44. Modelling Particle Deposition in a Turbulent Ribbed Channel Flow
M. A. I. Khan, X. Y. Luo, F. Nicolleau, P. G. Tucker, G. Iacono

45. Large Eddy Simulation for Compressible Plane Free Shear Layers Transition Process
Handong Ma, Honglu Pan

46. Three-dimensional Dynamic LES Combined with Free Surface Poisson Equation
Xuelin Tang, Fujun Wang

47. Assessment of Two Versions of Ghost Fluid Method for 2D Multi-Medium Compressible Flow
Yan Ding, Li Yuan

48. Development of a Compressible Flow Analysis Code with a Generalized Equation of State
H. Terasaka, S. Obayashi, N. Yamazaki

49. Numerical Simulation of Electroosmotic Flow through Circular and Triangular Microchannel with Different Aspect Ratios
V. Gnanaraj, V. Mohan

50. 3D Numerical Simulation of Single-Phase Flow in Micro-Channels of the Small Square Cylinders in the Electrolysis Oxygen Generation
Linlin Li, Jili Zhang

51. Experimental Study on the Parameters That Cause River-Blocking by Debris Flow
Zhixue Guo, Er Huang, Xingnian Liu, Shuyou Cao

52. A Global Shallow Water Model on the Spherical-Cubic Grid by using CIP/Multi-Moment FVM
C. G. Chen, F. Xiao

53. Investigation of the Local Morphing’s Influence on the Characteristics of Aerodynamics for Airfoil in Low-Re Flows
J. H. Ran, Z. Q. Liu, P. Bai

54. High Order Multi-Moment Finite Volume Method and the Applications to Fluid Dynamics
F. Xiao, S. Li, C. G. Chen

55. Some Computational Issues on Fluid Dynamics in Large-Scale Hydraulic Turbines
F. J. Wang, C. L. Liao, X. L. Tang, J. M. Ma, Y. J. Li, W. Zhao

56. Effect of Straightening Vane on Hydraulic Performances of Sprinkler by CFD Analysis
H. J. Yan, Y. J. Ou, F. F. Yu, F. J. Wang

57. Uniform Weighted Compact and Non-Compact Scheme for Shock Entropy Interaction
Peng Xie, Chaoqun Liu

58. Numerical Simulation of the Evolution of Focusing Shock Wave in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy by Using Space-Time Conservation Element and Solution Element Scheme
Y. X. Zhang, J. Q. Chen, Z. Zeng, C. X. Wei, C. Wen

59. Numerical Study of Flow Structures and the Intensity of Segmentation of Impinging Jets in Various Y Typed Micro Mixers
Hui Guan, Chuijie Wu, Shantung Tu

60. Moving Grid-Multigrid Fictitious Boundary Method for the Simulation of Viscous Flow Past Many Moving Disks
Decheng Wan

61. Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Thermally Coupled Quasi-Newtonian Flow Obeying a Power Law
Jiang Zhu, Xijun Yu

62. Numerical Simulation of Traveling Bubble Cavitating Flow in a Francis Turbine
Lingjiu Zhou, Zhengwei Wang

63. Traffic Jam Formation in Traffic Flow on a Harbor Tunnel
Hongdi He, Weizhen Lu, Liyun Dong, Shiqiang Dai

64. Area-Load Explanation, Locating and Estimating Min (Max) of BM
G. H. Liu, Y. Zhang

65. Inelastic Analysis of Steel Frame Structures with the Member Endochronic Model
Shuoying Zhang

66. Simulation for the Collapse of RC Frame Tall Buildings under Earthquake Disaster
Z. W. Miao, X. Z. Lu, L. P. Ye, Q. L. Ma

67. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis for a Prestressed Continuous Rigid Frame Concrete Bridge
S. N. Huang, X. Z. Lu, L. P. Ye, Y. K. Liu

68. Estimating Seismic Energy in Frame Structure with Odd Exponent Wavelet
Meiling Xiao, Liaoyuan Ye, Benyu Liu, Sheng Miao

69. Applications of the Integral Operators Method in Beam-Column Element
Jingzhong Xie

70. Structural Design of the Large-Span Suspen-Dome
Z. H. Zhang, Q. S. Cao, X. Y. Fu, S. L. Dong

71. A New Rod Eigenelement and Its Application to Structural Static and Dynamic Analysis
Yufeng Xing, Yang Yang

72. A New Method for Solving Solid Structures
Jiang Ke

73. Research on Application of Reduced Order Model in Wind-Induced Vibration of Long-Span Structures
Fangjin Sun, Daming Zhang, Zhixiang Yin, Qikun Cao

74. Application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method in Wind Field Simulation for Roof Structures
Dajian Han, Jing Li

75. Mechanical Properties of Super Honeycomb Structures
M. Wang, X. Qiu, X. Zhang

76. Load Capacity Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates with Delamination under Static Loading
Yuandong Liu, Haoran Chen

77. Reliability Based Approach to Determine Design Ice Condition for Dynamic Performance Assessment of Jacket Platforms
G. Li, X. Liu, Q. J. Yue

78. The Application of Vector Form Intrinsic Finite Element Method to Template Offshore Structures
H. -H. Lee, K. -W. Tseng, P. -Y. Chang

79. Reliable and Efficient Modeling by Adaptive Methods for Structural Mechanics and Its Industrial Applications
B. Tie

80. A Viscoelastic Analysis of Rubber Pretension Structures
Bin Xu, Xin Zong, Shaorong Yu, Weifeng Li, Zhigen Fan

81. Structural Dynamics Analysis of “Shenguang-III” Target System
Shaorong Yu, Jun Wang, Xueqian Chen, Shifu Xiao, Bing Xu, Yihui Yin

82. A Practical Method to Determine Influence Surfaces using Commercial Software
J. Kong

83. Seismic Response of a Concrete Viaduct Reinforced by Steel Braces
Y. B. Yin, S. M. Sun

84. Application of Digit Image Processing Technique to the Analysis of Concrete Damage Process
J. Li, X. Wu

85. Study on the Macro-Meso Constitutive Law of Concrete Material
Qing Zhang, Xiaozhou Xia

86. 3-D FEM Emulation Computation on Surrounding Concrete of Steel Spiral Case Keeping Internal Pressure during Construction
Jianhua Cui, Haidong Su

87. Modeling of Stresses and Strains in Bonded Concrete Overlays Subject to Differential Volume Changes
Jian Zhou, Guang Ye, Erik Schlangen, Klaas Breugel

88. Fiber Beam Element Model for the Collapse Simulation of Concrete Structures under Fire
S. C. Chen, X. Z. Lu, A. Z. Ren, J. J. Jiang

89. Numerical Tests of Fracture Saturation in Reinforced Concrete Structure
Juanxia Zhang, Chun’an Tang, Xiuyan Zhou, Xianzhang Guo

90. A Simple Soil Model for Complex Loadings
Zhi-Liang Wang, Fenggang Ma

91. Research on Design of Model in Shaking Table Test Considering Soil-Structure Interaction
Xiaojun Shi, Qingxia Yue, Jie Li

92. A Meshfree Particle Method to Simulate Discontinuous Rock Mass
G. W. Ma, X. J. Wang

93. Rock Block Identification and 3D Simplex Integration
J. S. Song, Y. Ohnishi, S. Nishiyama

94. Study on Mechanical Effects of Shrub Roots for Slope Protection
X. S. Hu, G. C. Chen, G. R. Li, H. L. Zhu, X. Q. Mao

95. Numerical Simulation Test on Mechanical Characteristics of Coarse Granular Materials by Discontinuous Deformation Analysis
P. X. Guo, S. Z. Lin

96. A Numerical Approach for the Simulation of Cementitious Materials
W. G. Yang, Z. Q. Guo

97. Strength Reduction Method on Stability Analysis of Tunnel
Z. Zhang, C. A. Tang, L. C. Li, T. H. Ma, S. B. Tang

98. Numerical Simulation and Analyze for Centrifuge Model Tests
L. X. Tang, C. A. Tang

99. Constitutive Modeling of Advanced High-Strength Steels for Springback Simulation
Z. Cedric Xia

100. Computational Modelling for Description of Rubber-Like Materials with Permanent Deformation under Cyclic Loading
Z. Q. Guo, L. J. Sluys

101. FE Realization of a Thermo-Visco-Plastic Constitutive Model using VUMAT in ABAQUS/Explicit Program
C. Y. Gao

102. Prediction for Mechanical Properties of Core-Shell Particle-filled Polymers via Statistical Two-Scale Method
Fei Han, Junzhi Cui, Yan Yu

103. Various Formulations for Determining Displacements and Stresses in Wound Rolls
M. L. Liu

104. The Effective Modulus of Particle Modified Polymer Composites with Imperfect Interface
G. L. Xie, P. Zhang, S. G. Gong

105. Discussion of Two Crystal Plasticity Models Coupling with Anisotropic Damage for Finite Deformations
M. H. Liu, L. Feng

106. Global Model for 8-inch Czochralski Silicon Crystal Growth Process
Q. S. Chen, G. Y. Deng

107. Numerov Calculation of AlxGa1-xN/GaN Heterostructure
K. X. Zhang, J. N. Zhang

108. A Numerical Implementation of a 3D Crystal Plasticity Model for Directionally Solidified Ni-Based Superalloy
J. F. Nie, X. C. You, Z. Zhuang, X. D. Li

109. A Three-Layer Model of the Mechanical Behaviour of Blood Vessel Walls
H. Zhang, H. W. Zhang, Y. X. Gu

110. Field Measurement and Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Transients for Reversible Pump-Turbine Units with MGV Device
D. Y. Liu, F. Wang, C. Q. Ou, G. H. You, Z. Z. Tan

111. On the dynamic behaviour of chorded mitral valves
X. Y. Luo, M. Yin, P. Watton, J. Wang

112. Intensity Field Design for Pistons and Cylinder Heads in the Laser Induced Thermal Loading System
H. W. Song, G Yu, J. S. Tan, J. B. Di

113. Analysis of Pre-Tightened Bolt Connections under Eccentric Load
Jun Wang, Zhiming Hao, Y. H. Yin, Pingan Shi, Bing Xu

114. Air Bearing Slider Simulation and Modeling for Hard Disk Drives with Ultra-Low Flying Heights
B. J. Shi, D. W. Shu, B. Gu, M. R. Parlapalli, C. N. Delia, Q. Y. Ng

115. The Influence of Charged Raindrops on Remote Sensing in Rain
Qinshu He, Yohue Zhou

116. Application of GIS Technique in Three-Dimensional Slope Stability Analysis
Cheng Qiu, Mowen Xie, Tetsuro Esaki

117. Back-Calculation of Material Properties of Asphalt Concrete using the APA Test
Yongping Wang, Linbing Wang

118. Sinulation of Crack Identification in Elastic Solids using Surface Signals
X. D. Wang, G. L. Huang

119. Parameter Identification Method for Airport Pavement System
H. H. Ge, J. Y. Xu

120. Inverse Formulation for Geometrically Exact Stress Resultant Shell
Xianlian Zhou, Jia Lu

121. Pointwise Estimation of Material Parameters for Heterogeneous Nonlinear Hyperelastic Membranes: Computational Development
J. Lu, X. Zhao

122. Multi-type Sensor Placement Design for Damage Detection
Y. Q. Li, M. S. Zhou, Z. H. Xiang, Z. Z. Cen

123. Computational Inverse Procedure for Identification of Structural Dynamic Loads
J. Liu, X. Han

124. Accurate and Efficient Prediction of Acoustical Performance of Noise Barriers against Transport Noise Pollution
S. Z. Peng, L. Cheng, Y. S. Choy, H. M. Sun

125. Flutter Derivative Identification using Turbulence Modelling
C. Z. Tuo, Y. G. Bai, D. K. Sun, G. Liu, J. H. Lin

126. A Localized Variational Principle and Hybrid Element Formulas for Fluid-Structure Coupling Harmonic Vibrations
H. D. Su, Y. Y. Huang

127. Numerical Analyses of Static and Dynamic Aeroelasticity Based on Unstructured CFD/CSD Solver
Guowei Yang, Guannan Zheng, Dawei Chen

128. Coupled Fluid-Structure Analysis of Explosive Driven Fragmentation of Cylindrical Shell
X. C. Huang

129. Deformation of an Elastic Thin Plate using ULE in Lateral Flow of Fluid
Y. J. Hao, X. Z. Bai, X. H. Bo

130. Analysis of High Performance Parallel Algorithms and Developable Environment for Nonlinear Mechanics of Static Structures
Xin Zong, Jun Mo, Demei Zhang, Bin Xu

131. A Parallel 3D Delaunay Mesh Generation Method Based on Affected Zone
Min-Bin Chen, Chih-Hsueh Yang

132. Grid Subdivision Algorithm Based on the Young’s Interface Reconstruction Algorithm
J. G. Ning, T. B. Ma, C. Liu, C. Wang

133. Fully Nonlinear Ship- Wave Computations using Unstructured Mesh
Q. X. Wang

134. Optimizing Dynamic Responses of Structures using Isight to Integrate NASTRAN
Kailin Jian, Fanghao Xiao, Ying Chen

135. Integrated Numerical Analysis System for RSS21 Software: (3) GUI of FFB
J. Chen, H. Terasaka, M. Kurihara, Y. Guo

136. Fit for Purpose? The Effective Use of Numerical Simulation: a Review of Current Status and Future Needs, Quality Assurance, Education and Training
T. Morris, C. F. McCulloch

137. Element Free Method for Plane Stress Model I Crack with Couple Stress Effect
Minghui Hao, Hai Wu, Xiping Wang, Shenjie Zhou

138. Discrete Gradient Finite Point Method
Jia Lu, Jing Qian

139. A Modified Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method for Nearly Incompressible Rubber Materials
D. A. Hu, X. Han, S. Y. Long

140. A Variational Mesh-Free Method Based on Discretization via Directional Derivatives
Gaolian Liu, Zhiqiang Ye, Bo Chen

141. The Least-Squares Meshfree Finite Element Method
Bonan Jiang, Guojun Liao

142. Numerical Modelling of Fracture in Particulate Composites using SPH Method
Y. Q. Chen, S. Kulasegaram

143. A New SPH Equation Including Variable Smoothing Lengths Aspects and Its Implementation
Hongfu Qiang, Weiran Gao

144. Heat Transfer Applications of Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Method during Plasma Spray
S. C. Wu, H. O. Zhang, G. L. Wang, W. S. Xia

145. Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) “Mixed” Approach for Solving Incompressible N-S Equations
L. F. Gao, Z. H. Yao

146. Meshfree Analysis of Thin Plates using an Improved Stabilized Conforming Integration Method
Dongdong Wang, Jiun-Shyan Chen

147. Kernel Radial Basis Functions
W. Chen, H. Wang, Q. H. Qin

148. Lower Bound Shakedown Analysis by Using the EFG Method and Nonlinear Programming
S. S. Chen, Y. H. Liu, Z. Z. Cen

149. An Efficient Meshless Method for Simulating Wave Motions in Saturated Porous Media
S. L. Chen, Y. X. Li, Z. P. Liao

150. The Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) Approach with Couple-Stress
Min Wang, Xiping Wang

151. Adaptive Meshless LBIEM for the Analysis of 2D Elasticity Problems
H. B. Chen, D. J. Fu, P. Q. Zhang

152. Meshless Virtual Boundary Method and Its Applications
H. T. Sun

153. Dual Reciprocity Hybrid Boundary Node Method for Solving Poisson Equations
Yu Miao, Junhai Wang, Y. Z. Sima, Yuanhan Wang

154. Boundary Element Analysis of the Dual-Cavity Tunneling Seepage
D. Q. Yang, E. Y. Chen, G. P. Zhao

155. The Boundary Element Analysis of Bloodstream in the Bifurcation Deformity Blood Vessel
H. M. Peng, D. Q. Yang, X. Y. Yang

156. Boundary Element Method Analysis of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of the Three-Leaf Dislocated Floating-Ring Bearing
P. L. Xing, M. H. Huang, D. Q. Yang

157. An Effective Technique for Reducing Internal Points in RIBEM for Nonhomogeneous Media
X. W. Gao

158. Simulation of CNT Composites using Fast Multipole BEM
Z. H. Yao, J. D. Xu, H. T. Wang

159. Application of Boundary Element Method to Static Fluid-Solid Coupling Problems
X. P. Zheng, B. Wang, Z. H. Yao

160. An Improved Approach for Computing the Green Functions of the Helmholtz Equation in the 2D Impedance Half Space
Z.-S. Chen, H. Waubke

161. Recent Advances in Multiscale Simulation of UNCD Strength
L. Shen, Z. Chen

162. Two-Scale Analysis for Dynamic Coupled Thermoelasticity Problems of Periodical Composite Materials
J. J. Wan, J. Z. Cui, F. Su

163. Multiscale Analysis and Numerical Simulations for Stability of Incompressible Periodic Flow of Maxwell Fluid
L. Zhang, J. Ouyang

164. The Multi-Scale Finite Element Computation for Piezoelectricity Problem in a Periodic Domain with the Mixed Boundary Conditions*
Yongping Feng, Mingxiang Deng

165. Development of Multi-Scale Computation Framework to Investigate the Failure Behavior of the Materials
Z. Zhuang, Z. L. Liu, X. C. You, Y. Guo

166. Computational Multiscale Analysis for Interfacial Behavior of Bio-Layers and Medical Implants
David Suddaby, Zachary Wise, Jinghong Fan

167. Magneto-Elastic-Plastic Buckling/Snapping and Bending of Cantilever Ferromagnetic Rectangular Plates
Yuanwen Gao

168. Three-Dimensional Mixed-Mode Crack Growth Modeling in Electro-Magneto-Thermo-Elastic Coupled Viscoplastic Multiphase Composites by Time-Domain Hypersingular Integral Equation Method
Bojing Zhu, Taiyan Qin

169. Scale Gap, Scale Invariance and Multiphysical Modeling
L. Q. Cao, J. L. Luo

170. Computer Simulation on Structures of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Jixin Yang, Xiaoqin Wang, Fan Lei

171. Buckling Behaviors of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Abnormal Interlayer Distances
L. Wang, H. W. Zhang, J. B. Wang

172. Relaxation of a Rotational Defect in a Titanium Nanocylinder
M. S. Wu, K. Zhou, A. A. Nazarov

173. Pramatic Atomistic Analysis of Nano-scale Metal Plasticity
R. S. McEntire, Y.-L. Shen

174. Manifestation of Strain Gradients in Nanostructural Vibration
L. Sun, J. Wang, Ray P. S. Han

175. Highly Accurate Numerical Solutions for Potential Problem and Singular Problem in Arbitrary Plane Domain
Chein-Shan Liu

176. On Simple and Efficient Shell and Solid Finite Elements with Rotational Degrees of Freedom
Cho W. S. To

177. Transverse Vibration Analysis of an Arbitrarily-Shaped Membrane by the Weak-Form Quadrature Element Method
H. Zhong, M. Gao

178. A New Particle Model For Fabric Drap Simulation
K. Y. Sze, X. H. Liu

179. Harmony Element Method for Time and Space Domain
W. X. Zhong, Q. Gao

180. Some Recent Advances on the Quadrilateral Area Coordinate Method
Song Cen, Xiaoming Chen, Xiangrong Fu, Yuqiu Long

181. Method of Volume Coordinates — from Tetrahedral to Hexahedral Elements
Hongguang Li, Song Cen, Yuqiu Long, Zhangzhi Cen

182. Quadrilateral Axisymmetric Elements Formulated by the Area Coordinate Method
Nanxiang Guan, Song Cen, Xiaoming Chen

183. A Quadrilateral Membrane Hybrid Stress Element with Drilling Degrees of Freedom
A. P. Wang, Z. S. Tian

184. Special Hybrid Multilayer Finite Elements for 3-D Stress Analyses around Holes in Laminated Composites
Q. P. Yang, Z. S. Tian

185. An Investigation of Interlaminar Response for Laminated Composites using a Nonlinear Hybrid Stress Element
Canhui Zhang, Dongdong Wang, Jianlin Zhang

186. A Hybrid Membrane Element Based on the Hamilton Variational Principle
Wei Ju, Yuqiu Long, Xiangrong Fu, Song Cen

187. A Symplectic Scheme on Numerical Study for BEC
Yimin Tian, Mengzhao Qin, Yongming Zhang, Tao Ma

188. A View on Manifold Method Comparing with Fintite Element Method
G. Chen

189. An Improved Finite Difference Scheme for Solving the Equation of Filtration Type in Porous Textiles with Phase Change Materials
Q.Y. Zhu

1 Natural Neighbor Interpolant based on the Extended Delaunay Triangulation
Z. F. Nie, S. J. Zhou, K. Wang, S. L. Kong

191. Analysis of Sliding Cable Element
Cheng Luo, Xiangrong Fu, Jinsan Ju, Huipeng Liu

192. Study of the Analytical Trial Functions
Xiangrong Fu, Yuqiu Long, Mingwu Yuan, Song Cen, Xiaoming Chen

193. Structure-Preserving Finite Element Method on Topologically Nontrivial Domain
Zaijiu Shang, Shuhong Song

194. Numerical Simulation of Surface Contact and Mixed Lubrication — Deterministic Approach vs. Stochastic Approach
Dong Zhu

195. Elasto-Plastic Rough Surface Contact Analysis for the Effects of Material Properties, Topographical Characteristics and Load
W. W. Chen, W. Chen, J. Cao, C. Xia, R. Talwar, R. Lederich, Q. Wang

196. Contact State Analysis using NFIS & SOM
H. Owladeghaffari

197. Frictional Slide Contact Element for Elastomeric Bearings of Prestressed Shallow Reticulated Shells during Construction
J. C. Xiao, J. Y. Mao, Y. Liu

198. Application of 3D Coupled Joint Element in Contact Erosion Simulation
Y. L. Luo, H. Peng

199. Numerical Analysis of Car Disc Brake Squeal Considering Thermal Effects
Lijie Li, Huajiang Ouyang, A. R. AbuBakar

200. An Efficient Method for Acoustic Response Prediction in the Mid-Frequency Range
W. C. Peng, Z. He, J. Q. Wang

201. Free Vibration of Liquid-Storage Tanks Based on Bending- Shearing Model
Xuansheng Cheng, Yongfeng Du, Hui Li, Xiaoyu Shi

202. The Nonlinear Vibration of Axially Moving Beam Impacted by High-Speed Moving Load
Baoquan Guo, Shilin Xie, Xinong Zhang

203. Transient Analysis of Functionally Graded Materials Plate using Reduced-Basis Methods
Y. H. Huang, X. Han

204. Nonlinear Vibration and Bifurcation Analysis for a Rotor with Seal and Bearing Excitations
Y. F. Wang, Y. Li, X. Y. Wang

205. Vibration Control of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel using Multi-Layer Piezoelectric Actuator
Yajun Luq, Shilin Xie, Xinong Zhang

206. Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Annular Sectorial Plates
G. J. Nie, Z. Zhong

207. Numerical Analysis for Vibration of Magnetostrictive Actuator
X. C. Shang, L. P. Qin, L. M. Liu

208. A Practical Solution of the Random Eigenvalue Problems using Factorized Decomposition Technique
Rajib Chowdhury, B. N. Rao, A. Meher Prasad

209. Research on Virtual Dynamic Test Techniques for Space Vehicles
J. B. Qiu, J. M. Wang, Z. P. Zhang

210. Study on Mechanism for Line Spectrum Reduction in Nonlinear Vibration Isolation system
Jingjing Wang, Shuyong Liu, Shijian Zhu

211. Modal Analysis of Transient Ultrasonic Guided Waves in a Cylinder
D. K. Stoyko, N. Popplewell, A. H. Shah

212. T-Matrix Method of Elastic Wave Scattering on Imperfect Interface
Peijun Wei, Li Zhang

213. Numerical Study of Wave Propagation and Reflection in Semi-Infinite Long Piezoelectric Cylinders
H. Bai

214. Analysis of Dielectric Layer PBG Structure Using Precise Integration
H. W. Yang, W. X. Zhong, Y. K. Sui

215. Numerical Modeling of FMLs Subjected to a Projectile Impact
Z. W. Guan, W. J. Cantwell

216. Highly Efficient Atmospheric Turbulence Response Analysis of Composite Aircraft Wings Using Pseudo-Excitation Method
X. J. Dai, C. Z. Tuo, D. K. Sun, J. H. Lin

217. PDF Solution of Nonlinear Stochastic Oscillators Excited by Poisson Pulse with EPC Method
G. K. Er, V. P. Iu, H. T. Zhu, K. P. Kou

218. Numeric Research of Chaotic Vibration for a Hard Stiffness Nonlinear Rod
J. W. Gao, Z. M. Cai

219. The Study on the Modifying Structural Dynamic Models Based on Information Fusion
Yiwen Zhu, Yuanqi Cai, Fang Han, Aiqing Ni, Hongqi Wang

220. Study on Sensitivity Analysis and Shape Optimization of FE-EFG Coupled Method
S. G. Gong, G. L. Xie, J. P. Zhang, S. H. Nie, Y. M. Li

221. From Truss-Like Continua to Topology Optimum Trusses
K. M. Zhou

222. Research on Confirmation of Tension Leveller Basic Technological Parameters based on Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
Kai Liu, Hongzhe Xu, He Gao, Xiaohui Peng, Le Yao

223. Dynamic Optimization of Gyroscope Rubber Vibration Absorber Based on Genetic Algorithm
Yongtao Wei, Ying Sheng, Xiangguo Zeng

224. A Variational Procedure for Optimal Design
C. Yu, P. Pedregal

225. Aerodynamic Optimization of the Arc-Wing Missile
K. Cui, G. W. Yang

226. Optimization of Dynamic Characteristic of Airbag Landing Impact Attenuation
X. Liu, X. Han, G. L. Wen

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Mechanics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

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448 pages
Natural Sciences

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