Goswami, D. Yogi

Proceedings of ISES World Congress 2007 (Vol. I – Vol. V)

Goswami, D. Yogi - Proceedings of ISES World Congress 2007 (Vol. I – Vol. V), ebook


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Table of contents

0. Invited Papers

1. A Review and Future Prospects of Renewable Energy in the Global Energy System
D. Yogi Goswami

2. A Time Journey Through Solar Architecture — 1900 to the Future
Robert Hastings

3. PV Sustainable Practice
Isao Yukawa

4. Status of Solar Thermal Conversion in China
Yin Zhiqiang

5. Paradigm Shift in World Wind Energy Scenario
Anil Kane

6. Bioenergy-Successes and Barriers
José Roberto Moreira

7. Wind Energy in China: Current Status, Future Prospects
He Dexin

8. Wind Energy in a Global World
Peter Hjuler Jensen

9. Solar Cooling
Hans-Martin Henning, Edo Wiemken

10. Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP)
Lorin L. Vant-Hull

11. International Market Introduction of Concentrated Solar Power-Policies and Benefits
Michael Geyer

12. Recent Developments on Biofuels Technology
Jin-Suk Lee

13. Development and Utilization of Geothermal Resources
John W. Lund

14. The Future of Thin Film Solar Cells
Martin A. Green

15. The Status and Trend of Photovoltaic Development in China
Yuwen Zhao

16. Photovoltaics at the Tipping Point: Taking Us From the Evolutionary to the Revolutionary
Lawrence L. Kazmerski

17. History of Photovoltaic Industry Development in Japan
Junichi Honda

18. Is Bioclimatic Architecture a New Style of Design? a Letter to a Young Architect
Alexandras N. Tombazis

19. Adelaide’s Transition to a Solar City
Monica Oliphant, Alison Dwyer

20. Solar and Wind Resource Assessments for Afghanistan and Pakistan
David S. Renné, Marguerite Kelly, Dennis Elliott, Ray George, George Scott, Steve Haymes, Donna Heimiller, Anelia Milbrandt, Shannon Cowlin, Paul Gilman, Richard Perez

21. Recent Energy Policy Developments in the United States
J. P. Ross, John S. Reynolds

22. Renewable Energy Markets and Policies in China
Li Junfeng, Ma Lingjuan, Wang Zhongying, Fan Jingchun

23. Thoughts and Suggestions on Development of China Solar Industry
Huang Ming

1. Solar Energy And Society

24. Country Specific Added Value Analysis of PV Systems
Demet Suna, Reinhard Haas, Assumpcio Lopez-Polo

25. Assessment of Solar Electrification in Cuba: A Case Study Based on Gis for Rural Development
Irene Pinedo, Javier Domínguez, Maria Rodriguez

26. Floating Solar Chimney Technology: A Solar Proposal for China
Christos Papageorgiou

27. Renewable Energy Supply to an Isolated Rural Community to Enhance Ecotourism Activities
Ventura Nunes, José Cataldo

28. Solar Pv as a Viable Alternative to Remote & Rural Electricity: A Case Study of Nepalese Experience
Madhusudhan Adhikari, Rajeeve Munankami, Govinda Raj Pokharel

29. Solar Thermal Energy: Possibilities of its Use in Low-Income Areas of Metro SÃO Paulo, Brazil
Maria-Lucia Borba

30. Solar Thermal Power as the Plausible Basis of Grid Supply
David Mills, Robert Morgan

31. Technical and Economic Analysis on the Introduction of a High Percentage of Renewable Energy in the Spanish Energy System
Xavier García-Casals

32. The Emerging Role of Australia in Using Adaptive Management for Developing Built Environment and Sustainable Architecture Innovations as a Contribution to Stabilising the Planet
Garry Baverstock, Ian Parker

33. What is the Actual Price of Solar Photovoltaic Electricity
A. Zahedi

34. Solar Energy for Desalination in the Arab World
Ali M. El-Nashar, Darwish Al Gobaisi, Bushara Makkawi

2. Solar Buildings

35. Fully Solar Building Basic Technical Specifications
Kang Jian

36. Application and Effect Test on Passive Solar House of PV Station Housing in Qing-Tibet Plateau
Dang Jianguo, Li Tianzhen, Ge Hui, Liu Hong

37. A Theoretical Study on Thermo-Environmental Indoor Heating Based on Solar Building Integration
Li Ming, Wei Shengxian, Wang Liuling

38. Economic Concepts of Self-Sufficient Power Utilization in Building Technology
M.V.Vijaya Padma, M.V.Bhaskara Rao

39. Energetikhaus100-Germany’S First Affordable All-Year Solar House 95% Heat From the Sun
Timo Leukefeld

40. Development of Climatic Zones and Passive Design Principles in the Housing Sector for the Island of Madagascar
Onimihamina.Rakoto Joseph, Fran çois, Jean Paul Randrianasolo

41. Feasibility Analysis of Solar Air Conditioner for Buildings
Lian Yongwang, Wu Guoxiang, Ma Weibin

42. Thermal Energy Storage in Buildings Using PCM: Computer Simulation
A. M. Khudhair, M. M. Farid, J. J. J. Chen, P. K. Bansal

43. Research Zero Net Energy Building
Douglas A. Wilke

44. Solar Architecture Down Under Goes Bush Walking the Talk In Regional NSW
Mahalath Halperin

45. Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Vacuum Pressure in a Vacuum glazing after extreme thermal cycling
Yueping Fang, Trevor J. Hyde, Philip C. Eames, Neil Hewitt

46. Toward the Realization of Sustainable Building “the Egg of the Earth”
Saburo Takama, Hitoshi Takeyama

47. Use of Phase Change Materials for Thermal Comfort and Electrical Energy Peak Load Shifting: Experimental Investigations
A. M. Khudhair, M. M. Farid

48. Architectural Integration of Solar Thermal Elements in the Building Envelope
Kirsten Sander

49. Annual Energy Performance Simulation of a Facade Integrated Photovoltaic and Water Heating System in East China
Wei He, Jie Ji, Aifeng Zhang, Tiantai Chow

50. A Study on the Energy Self-Sufficiency of Zero Energy Solar House
Nam-Choon Baek, Jong-Ho Yoon, E.S. Yoon, C.G. Yoo, M.C. Joo, S.W. Son

51. Economics Comparison of Building Integrated PV in Different Policy Environments: The Cases of New York and Beijing
John Byrne, Xilin Zhang, Aiming Zhou

52. Performance Evaluation of PV Arrays at Different Tilt Angles and Orientations in BIPV
Chen Wei, Shen Hui, Chu Yufang

53. Research on Development of Solar Energy and Ecology Building
Sheng Qingqing, Zhang Xuelai, Lv Leilei, Yang Peiying

54. The Continuous Production of Fresnel Lens and a Discussion on its Application in Solar Building Chen Yike
Chen Yike

55. Design and Simulation for a Solar House with Building Integrated Photovoltaic-Thermal System and Thermal Storage
YuXiang Chen, A. K. Athienitis, K. E. Galal, Y. Poissant

56. Experimental Study of Active Solar Thermal Collectors Integrated in Building FaÇAde
Talal Salem, Pierre Michel

57. Facade Integration of Solar Thermal Collectors: A Breakthrough
Christian Roecker, MariaCristina Munari-Probst, Estelle Chambrier, Andreas Schueler, Jean-Louis Scartezzini

58. The Promotion of the Integration Between Solar Thermal Application and Buildings
Xue Menghua, Wen Zheliang, Qi Kun

59. A New Design of Low-Cost Roof-Integrated Solar Collector for Household Heating and Cooling
Luis E. Juanicó

60. A New Design of a Low-Cost Configurable Awning for Roof Thermal Gain
Luis E. Juanicó

61. Design of a Climate-Responsive BIPV Research Facility in Bangalore
Monto Mani, B.V.V. Reddy, M. Sreenath, S. Lokabhiraman, N. Anandrao

62. Progress in Building Integration of Solar Systems in Yunnan, China
Runsheng Tang, Chaofeng Xia, Yayun Fan, Zhimin Li, Hao Zhong

63. Solar Energy Off-Season Heating and Cooling Technology
Kang Jian

64. Innovative Transparent, Colored Pv-Modules for the Builidng Integration in Spain
Torsten Masseck, S.A. Schottibérica, S.A Vidursolar

65. A Study of Pv-Shading Combined with Building
Jie Ji, Chenglong Luo, Wei He, Hua Yi, Gang Pei

66. Facade Design in Building Integrated Photovoltaics
Xuan Xiaodong, Zheng Xianyou

67. Solar Combisystems with Building-Integrated Evacuated Flat-Plate Collectors
Juliane Metzger, Tomas Matuska, Borivoj Sourek

68. The Integrative Application Study on Solar Energy Technology Used in Dwelling Building
Xue Yibing, Wang Chongjie

69. Numerical Study of Performance of Trombe Wall with PV Cells
Wei Sun, Jie Ji, Chenglong Luo, Wei He

70. Thermal and Electrical Performance of an Air Type PV/T System
Jin-Hee Kim, Hyun-Ju Lee, Eon-Won Yang, Jun-Tae Kim

71. Climate Characterization Methodology for Comfort Purposes: A Case in Mexico
G. Álvarez, M. A. Gijón, C. Medrano, J. Ovidio, J. Xamán, J. J. Flores, E. Sima

72. The Effect of Vibration on a New Fresh Air Heat Exchanger
Yiping Wang, Na Feng, Li Zhu, Jianguo Kong

73. Experimental Investigations into Solar-induced Passive Cooling with Trombe Walland Roof Solar Collector
K. S. Ong

74. Performance of a radiant panel cooling system in a hot arid environment
E. T. Mohamed, K. N. Abdalla

75. Study on the Performance of a Fresh Air Heat Exchanger
Li Zhu, Yanhua Lu, Yiping Wang, Jianguo Kong

76. Thermal Monitoring and Indoor Temperature Predictions in a Passive Solar Building in an Arid Environment
Eduardo Krüger, Baruch Givoni

77. Effect of Natural Ventilation and Wind Direction on the Thermal Performance of a Building Ceiling
Abdel Aziz Ali Ali, Guirguis Nabil Milad, Hassan Mahmoud Aly

78. Design Optimization of Photocatalytic Glass Tubular Honeycomb Reactor for Air Purification
Michael K. H. Leung, C. W. Yiu

79. A Comparative Study in the Architectural Design of Low Energy Apartments For Two Climates: New Zealand and Reunion Island
Fang Wang, Michael Donn, François Garde

80. Cooling Capacity of a Courtyard House with a Sloping Roof
Fewzi Fardeheb

81. A New Method to Calculate Indoor Natural Lighting by Improving “Lumen Models”
Fakra Ali Hamada, Harry Boyer, Eddy Lafosse, Philippe Lauret

82. Enhanced Daylighting for Deep-Plan Office Buildings
L. O. Beltrán, B. G. Martins-Mogo

83. Economic Analysis of Solar-Powered Led Roadway Lighting
B. J. Huang, Min-Sheng Wu, H. H. Huang, J. W. Chen

84. Studying Natural Lightning in a Hot Climate
Silvia Arias, David Avila

85. Brazilian Solar Architecture: An Analysis of Mesp Daylighting System
Sílvia Garcia Tavares, Heitor da Costa Silva

86. Development of Passive Design Principles Using Local Materials for Typical Houses in the Region of Antananarivo, Madagascar
Harimalala Razanamanampisoa, François Garde, Zely Arivelo Randriamanantany

87. Optical and Thermal Characterization of Energy-Efficient Windows in Anhui District in China
Dechun Zhu, Maxwell Mageto, Shuxi Zhao, Arne Roos

88. Microstructure and Properties of Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide Thin Film Deposited by Sol-Gel Method
Wang Yinling, Xu Xueqing, Xu Gang, He Xinhua

89. Experimental Measurments of Thermal Properties for Mexican Building Materials to Simulate Thermal Behavior to Save Energy
Jesus Chávez-Galán, Rafael Almanza, Neftali Rodríguez

3. Solar Collector Technologies and Systems

90. A Novel Design for High-Temperature Solar Selective Coating
Dawei Ding, Weimin Cai

91. A Novel Design of the Collector’S Cover of Solar Induced Convection Power Plant
Li Ping, Mei Danhua, Li Zaoyang, Chen Weixiong, Zhang Yongzhi, Zhao Liang

92. Analysis and Optimization on Performance of Parallel Two Stage Solar Liquid Desiccant Dehumidifier
Y.J. Dai, Z.Q. Xiong, L. Mei, R.Z. Wang

93. Aging Behavior of Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Absorber Applications
Susanne Kahlen, Gernot M. Wallner

94. Experimental Study on Optical Properties of the Collector
Wang Juan, Zhao Liang, Li Huashan

95. Impact of Ageing on Thermal Efficiency of Solar Thermal Collectors
Elke Streicher, Stephan Fischer, Harald Drück

96. Improvements of Measuring the Hemispherical Emittance of Selective Coating for All-Glass Evacuated Collector Tubes
Zhou Xiaowen, Na Hongyue, Yin Zhiqiang

97. Performance Study on Solar Pv-Thermal Internal Concentrator Tube Collector
Jiang Xinian, Ge Hongchun, Gao Hanshan, Sang Shiyu, Zhou Xiaobo

98. Thermotropic Resin Systems: Relationships Between Formulation Parameters, Material Structure and Optical Properties
Katharina Resch, Gernot M.

99. Thermal Performance Analysis of a Solar Heating and Nocturnal Radiant Cooling System
Wang Yiping, Cui Yong, Zhu Li, Kong Jianguo

100. The Investigation of Carbon Nanoparticles Embedded in Zno and Nio as Selective Solar Absorber Surfaces
G. Katumba, A Forbes, B. Mwakikunga, E. WäckelgÅrd, J. Lu, L. Olumekor, G. Makiwa

101. Study Of a Solar Trough Concentrating System for Application of Solar Energy Refrigeration
Li Ming, Wang Liuling, Zhou Xizheng, Lan Qing

102. All Polymeric Flat-Plate Collector — Potential of Thermotropic Layers to Prevent Overheating
Katharina Resch, Robert Hausner, Gernot M. Wallner

103. A Completely Passive Continuous Flow Solar Water Purification System
William S. Duff, David A. Hodgson

104. Horizontal Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube Collector Application in Balcony Solar Water Heater
Jiang Xinian, Ge Hongchuan, Gao Hanshan, Zhou Xiaobo

105. Optical Performance Analysis for Concentrating Solar Collector Applying Parabolic and Cylindrical Stationary Reflector
Jun Dong, Jhifeng Wang

106. The Optimized Optical Requirement for Spectrally Selective Absorbers
Shuxi Zhao, Ewa WäckelgÅrd

107. A Solar Water System Acting as the Building Materials
Zhu Li, Ren Jianbo, Wang Yiping, Kong Jianguo

108. An Imaging Compounding Parabolic Concentrator
He Kaiyan, Zheng Hongfei, Liu Yixin, Chen Ziqian

109. A New Approach of the Collector Area in Solar Collector Testing Standards
V. Belessiotis, E. Mathioulakis, G. Panaras

110. Convective Heat Transfer from Exposed Flat Horizontal Surface in Outdoorconditions at Low Wind Speeds: An Application to Flat Plate Solar Collector
Suresh Kumar, S. C. Mullick

111. CPC-Trough—COmpound Parabolic Collector for Cost Efficient Low Temperature Applications
Muhammad Nadeem Baig, Asad Khan Durrani, Ammar Tariq

112. Incidence Angle Modifiers: A General Approach for Energy Calculations
Maria João Carvalho, Pedro Horta, João Farinha Mendes, Manuel Collares Pereira, Wildor Maldonado Carbajal

113. The Use of Collector Efficiency Test Results in Long Term Performance Calculations: Revisions and Clarifications in View of Proper Collector Characterization and Inter Comparison
Maria João Carvalho, Pedro Horta, João Farinha Mendes, Manuel Collares Pereira, Wildor Maldonado Carbajal

114. Optics for Concentration on PV Cells
P. Sansoni, D. Fontani, F. Francini, L. Mercatelli, D. Jafrancesco

115. Review on the Development of Flat-Plate Solar Collector and its Building-Integrated Designing
Xu Xinjian, Yang Lei, Zhang Xiaosong, Peng Donggen

116. Study of the Thermal Performance and Air-Flow Features of a Solar Air Heater with Evacuated Tubes
E. Papanicolaou, V. Belessiotis, X. Li, Z. Wang

117. Side-By-Side Tests of Differently Designed Evacuated Tubular Collectors
Jianhua Fan, Janne Dragsted, Simon Furbo

118. Solar Thermal Collectors in Polymeric Materials: A Novel Approach Towards Higher Operating Temperatures
João Farinha Mendes, Pedro Horta, Maria João Carvalho, Paulo Silva

119. The Experimental Analysis on Thermal Performance of a Solar Dish Concentrator
Xin Li, Meimei Zhang, Zhifeng Wang, Chun Chang

120. Thermal Losses in Sealed, Gas-Filled Flat Plate Solar Collectors
Johan Vestlund, Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, Mats Rönnelid

121. A Performance and Reliability Study of a Novel ICPC Solar Collector Installation
William S. Duff, Jirachote Daosukho

122. High temperature CPC collectors with chinese vacuum tube receivers
R. Winston, G. Diaz, A. Ritchel, A. Tovar, J. Cisneros, R. Gee, M. J. Hale, S. Horne, X. Jiang, R. Radhakrishnan, J. Zhang

123. Validation of simulation models for differently designed heat-pipe evacuated tubular collectors
Jianhua Fan, Janne Dragsted, Simon Furbo

124. Ionic liquids as diathermic fluids for solar trough collectors’ technology: A corrosion study
Ilaria Perissi, Stefano Caporali, Alessandro Lavacchi, Ugo Bardi, Alessio Fossati

125. Experimental research on the all-glass evacuated tube solar air collector
Hong Liang

126. Integral-type solar water heater using loop heat pipe
B. J. Huang, P. E. Yang, J. H. Wang, J. H. Wu

127. Peformance of a Two-Phase Unglazed Solar Evaporator-Collector
M. N. A. Hawlader, Ye Shaochun

128. An Experimental Study on the Heat Transfer Characteristics of the Hybrid Solar Receiver for a Dish Concentrating System
MyeongCheol Kang, JinSoo Kim, YongHeack Kang, NackJoo Kim, SeongYeon Yoo, JinHeack Kim

129. A New Dynamic Test Method of Thermal Performance for Evacuated Tube Solar Collector
Bowei Wang, Zhifeng Wang, Xing Li, Yi Ruan

130. Experimental Studies on Highly Concentrated Solar Radiation by Using Fresnel Lens Group
Y. M. Han, R. Z. Wang, Y. J. Dai, A. H. Xiong

131. On the Anti-Freezing of Flat-Plate Collectors in Sdhws Under Climatic Conditions of Yunnan, China
Runsheng Tang, Zhimin Li, Zhiguo Sun, Yamei Yu, Hao Zhong

132. Performance Comparisons of Dish Type Solar Concentrator with Mirror Arrangements and Receiver Shapes
Joo Hyun Seo, Dae Sung Ma, Yong Kim, Tae Beom Seo, Yong Heack Kang

133. Study on Trough Receiver for Linear Concentrating Solar Collector
Hui Zhai, Yanjun Dai, Jingyi Wu, Ruzhu Wang

134. Studies on Test Results for Thermal Performance of Solar Collectors in China
Sun Zhifeng, Lu Bin, He Tao, Li Zhong, Feng Airong, Zhang Lei, Huang Zhulian, Deng Yu

135. The Mathematical Description for the Heat Conduction Process on Planesurfaces of a Solar Collector’S Absorber
Peteris Shipkovs, Martinsh Vanags, Voldemars Barkans, Abrams Temkins, Kristina Lebedeva, Galina Kashkarova, Janis Shipkovs

136. Measuring Energy Efficiency From a 4 Kw Dish Concentrator System Using Older Parabolic Antenna Technology
Rafael E. Cabanillas L, Joseph Kopp

137. Collector Efficiency Testing — Reduction of Test Duration by Usinga2-Node Collector Model
Stephan Fischer, Hans-Müller Steinhagen

138. Development of a Mobile, Stand-Alone Test Facility for Solar Thermal Collectors and Systems
Dominik Bestenlehner, Harald Drück, Stephan Fischer, Hans Müller-Steinhagen

139. The Glass-To-Metal Sealing Process in Parabolic Trough Solar Receivers
Dongqiang Lei, Zhifeng Wang, Fengli Du

140. Nusselt Number for the Natural Convection and Surface Thermal Radiation in Solar Collectors
G. Álvarez, J. Xamán, J.J. Flores, R. Alvarado

141. Dynamic Performance of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector
Ji Jie, Han Chongwei, He Wei, Pei Gang

142. Analysis of Solar Space Heating in Various Areas of China
He Tao

143. Automatic Fault Detection for Big Solar Heating Systems
Frank Wiese, Klaus Vajen, Michael Krause, Andreas Knoch

144. Applied Research of a Miniature Solar Powered Absorption Air Conditioning System
Wentao Xie, Huiling Liu, Renqiu Jiang

145. Absorberand Regenerator Models for Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning Systems: Validation and Comparison Using Experimental Data
M. Krause, W. Saman, E. Halawa, R. Heinzen, U. Jordan, K. Vajen

146. Configurations of Worldwide First Solar Cooling Systems Using Parabolic Trough Collectors on Locations in Turkey
Ahmet Lokurlu

147. Energy Savings for a Solar Heating System in Practice
Simon Furbo, Jørgen M. Schultz, Alexander Thür

148. Experimental Studies of Solar Heat Pipe Used to Operate Absorption Chiller in Conditions of Vietnam
Le Chi Hiep, Hoang An Quoc, Hoang Duong Hung

149. Evaluation of the Thermal Performance of a Solar Water Heating Thermosyphon Versus a Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon Using Different Working Fluids
A. Ordaz-Flores, O. García-Valladares, V. H. Gómez

150. Experimental Study on Optimal Heating Methods of Wall-Mounted Solar Air Collector
B. Chen, H. Tian

151. Large-Scale Solar Heating and Cooling Systems in Europe
Jan-Olof Dalenbäck

152. Study on Thermal Performance Analysis Method of Direct-Gain Solar Dwellings with Floor Heating
B. Chen, J. J. Liu, Y. Y. Sun

153. Technical Potential of Solar Thermal Driven Open Cycle Absorption Processes for Industrial and Comfort Air Conditioning
Roland Heinzen, Michael Krause, Ulrike Jordan, Klaus Vajen

154. Twenty-Eight Year Continued Performance of Thermal Air Collector System
Douglas A. Wilke

155. The Potential for Solar Cooling in Iran
Farzad Jafarkazemi

156. Testing of Control Equipment for Thermal Solar Systems According Pren Ts 12977-5
Markus Peter, Harald Drück

157. Thermal Modernisation Through Utilisation of Solar Energy
Dorota Chwieduk

158. The Simulation Research of Solar Assisted Heat Pump System with the Neutral Network
Wang Kai, Fan Bo, Zhang Yilin, Xia Qi

159. Research on Solar High-Temperature Absorption Air-Conditioning Systems
Guoqing Yu, Jinhua Tang, Zhijun Zou

160. Comparison of Seven Solar Air-Conditioning Systems Installed in Different Countries
He Zinian, Li Wei, Wang Ling

161. On The Validaty of a Design Method to Estimate the Solar Fraction for an Ejector Cooling System
Sergio Colle, Guilherme dos Santos Pereira, Humberto Ricardo Vidal Gutiérrez

162. Performance and Test of a Solar Air-Conditioning System
Zhu Dunzhi, Feng Lei, Xie Guangming, Lu Chao

163. Experimental Study on a New Internally Cooled Dehumidifier Using Licl-H2O
Yonggao Yin, Xiaosong Zhang

164. Passive Solar Heating Methods for Energy Efficient Architecture
Silke A. Krawietz

165. Monitoring Results of a Combined Pellet and Solar Heating System
Frank Fiedler, Chris Bales, Johan Vestlund

166. Experimental Study of Electricity Generation by Photovoltaic Thermal Collectors: Comparison with Conventioal Photovoltaic Panels
Jiachen Su, Shujuan Wang, Changhe Chen

167. Potential Application of Combisystem for an Australian Climatic Region
E. Halawa, F. Bruno, W. Saman

168. Design of a Control System Used to Simulate the Daily Variation of Solar Radiation Using Electrical Power
Ashmore Mawire, Michael McPherson

169. Application of Solar Combisystem for Architecture
Lu Chao, Zhu Dunzhi, Liu Jun

170. A Study on Energy Gain on Evacuated Collector Tube with Cylindric Absorber on Building Southern Facade
Min Zijian, Ge Hongchuan, Ma Yiqing

171. A Solar-Powered Compound System for Heating and Cooling
Wen-Shih Chang, Chih-Cheng Wang, Cheng-Chou Shieh, Biing-Yow Shen, Chao-Yang Huang

172. Experimental Study on the Solar-Wall-Air-Collector and Solar House
Liping Zhang, Hongju Ma, Haibo Liu, Jianli Zu

173. Experimental Investigation of Grain Low-Temperature Storage with a Novel Solar-Powered Adsorption Chiller
Huilong Luo, Ruzhu Wang, Yanjun Dai

174. Study of Solar Energy Floor Heating System
Weng Sijuan, Dou Jianqing, Meng Fanjun

175. Experimental Study on the Thermosiphon Solution Elevation Pump With Multiple Lunate Channels Used in Minitype Solar Air-Conditionding System
Li Zhengliang, Wang Daxi, Zhang Xiang, Zheng Hongfei

176. Solar-Powered Adsorption Chiller with Cpc Collection System: Collector Design and Experimental Results
Manuel I. González, Luis R. Rodríguez

177. Study on Solar Space Heating for Buildings with Time-Scheduled Room Temperature Setback
Guoqing Yu, Chuanzhen Feng, Yujie Li

178. Two Demonstrations of Solar Heating and Air-Conditioning System in Buildings in China
Zhang Xinyu, Zheng Ruicheng, Feng Xiaomei, Zou Yu, He Tao, Xuwei, Zhang Jianghua, Li Zhong

179. Studies of a Thermosyphon System with a Heat Source Near the Top and Heat Sink at the Bottom
Sadasuke Ito, Kenichi Tateishi, Naokatsu Miura

180. Performance of Solar Assisted Heat Pump Using Pv Evaporator Under ` Different Compressor Frequency
Gang Pei, Jie Ji, Chongwei Han, Wen Fan

181. Experimentaland Performance Study of the Compact Solar Absorption Air-Conditioner System with Thermosiphon Solution Elevation Pump
Cong Lin, Li Zhengliang, Zheng Hongfei, Tao Tao

182. Modelling and Transient Simulation of Solar-Ground Source Heat Pump Heating System
Han Zongwei, Zheng Maoyu

183. Distributed and Steady Modeling of the Pv Evaporator in a Pv/T Solar Assisted Heat Pump
Jie Ji, Hanfeng He, Wei He, Gang Pei, Keliang Liu

184. Application of Solar Heating System in Biogas Production
Rong Dai, Chang Chun, Zhibin Xu, Xiaobing Liu, Zhifeng Wang

185. The Solar Energy Multipurpose Adjustable Control Glasshouse
Song Ziling, Zhong Xianliang, Zhang Lixin

186. A Equipment in Sunlight Greenhouse for Collecting Heat and Adjusting Temperature of Sunlight Greenhouse
Wang Shunsheng, Li Deju, Gao Liankui

187. Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Investigation of a Controlled Flow Solar Water Disinfection System Using Flat Plate Solar Collector
Hamdy El-Ghetany, Adel Abdel Dayem

4. PV Technologies, Systems and Applications

188. A Novel Method for Rapid Design and Evaluation of Photovoltaic Concentrators
Johan Nilsson

189. Carrier Transport Mechanism in Thin Film Silicon/Crystalline Silicon Hetero-Junction Solar Cells
F. Liu, J. Cui, Q. Zhang, M. Zhu, Y. Zhou

190. Defining a Novel Figure of Merit for Qualifying Tco Layers in Solar Cell Applications and Simulating the Effects of Them
Farzad Behafarid, Ali Mohammadi Gheidari, Ebrahim Asl Soleimani

191. Composite Electrolytes with Nano-Channels for Quasi-Solid Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Hong Lin, Ning Wang, Xin Li, Jianbao Li

192. Effect of Gainp Lattice Microstructure on the Algaas/Gainp Tunneling Diode in Gainp/Gaas/Ge Triple-Junction Solar Cell
Wei Zhang, Mengyan Zhang, Mingbo Chen, Depeng Jiang, Liangxing Wang

193. Fabrication and Characterization of Tio2 Antireflection Thin Film Deposited on the Solar Cell
Wang Hequan, Ba Dechun, Shen Hui, Wen Lishi

194. Fabrication of High Quality CdTe(100)/Si(100) Crystal Films by Hot Wall Epitaxy
Tingjin Chen, Zhaohui Yao, Chaofeng Xia, Hairong Yuan, Jingtian Li, Zuming Liu, Hua Liao

195. Socioeconomic Analysis of HY-brid Photovoltaic and Photo Heat Hot Water System
Jufang Chen, Hui Shen, Donghai Wang, Jianwei Sun

196. Influences of the Selenization Duration on Compositions and Microstructures of Cigs Absorber
Li Qiufang, Zhuang Daming, Zhang Gong, Li Chunlei, Song Jun

197. Investigation of Self-Organized Quantum Dots in Ingan Alloys for Photovoltaic Devices
Yuan Jinshe, Wang Mingyue

198. Mechanisms and Optimizations of Organic Photoelectric Processes
S. Sun, C. Zhang, S. Choi, T. Matos, A. Ledbetter, C. Bonner

199. Novel Materials and Structures for Super High Efficiency Multi-Junction Solar Cells
Masafumi Yamaguchi, Hidetoshi Suzuki, Kenichi Nishimura, Nobuaki Kojima, Yoshio Ohsita, Yoshitaka Okada

200. Principles of Monte-Carlo Ray-Tracing Simulations of Quantum Dot Solar Concentrators
A. Schüler, A. Kostro, C. Galande, M. Valle del Olmo, E. Chambrier, B. Huriet

201. PV Effect of Fullerene/Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) Blend Sensitized By Phthalocyanine Having Infrared Absorption Ct Band
I. Kaulachs, I. Muzikante, L. Gerca, G. Shlihta, M. Plotniece, M. Roze, J. Kalnachs, A. Murashov, P. Shipkovs, G. Kashkarova, V. Kampars, V. Parra

202. Higher Performance of Silicon Solar Cells Immersed in Dielectric Liquid
Li Zhu, Zhenlei Fang, Yiping Wang, Qunwu Huang, Lijun Han

203. Study of the Grid-Connected PV System Using Improving Power Quality
Zhang Haibo, X U Jin

204. The Influence of NH4F on Silicon Etching in HF/HNO3/H2O System
Jing An, Yang Shi, Zhiguang Liu, Rongqiang Cui, Tietun Sun, Tian Chen, Jianqiang Wang, Xiuqin Xu, Jingxiao Wang, Jianhua Huang, Xiang Li, Chunjian Wu, Jiabin Du

205. The Performance Enhanced by Back Reflection in Nanostructured Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Guangsheng Huang, Janne Halme, Kati Miettunen, Minna Toivola, Peter Lund

206. Verification of Optimal Angle for South Orientated Tilted Plans According to the Latitude, Concept for BIPV
Charles Steven Sanchez J, Cheng-Li Cheng

207. Goden Sun Certification: The National Certification Program for PV Products in China
Qin Haiyan

208. Analysis and Study on Eva Gel Connect Test Under the Plateau Climate Condition
Song Weijun, Zhao Guoqiang

209. Application of Highly Ordered Arrays of Titania-Coated Titanium Nanorods in Enhanced Photoelectro Chemical Cells
Nicholas N. Bwana

210. A Study on the Optimum Structure of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell for Expanding the Active Area
Hyunwoong Seo, Mijeong Kim, Jitae Hong, Heeje Kim

211. Effects of Sulphurization Temperature on Cuins2 Film Properties
Yan Yahua, Liu Yingchun, Fang Ling, Zhao Haihua, Li Deren, Lu Zhichao, Zhou Shaoxiong

212. Influence of Tio2 Nanoparticle Size on the Electron Transport in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Linyun Liang, Songyuan Dai, Linhua Hu

213. Influence of Substrate Temperature and Vacuum Annealing on the Structural Properties of CDTE(111)/Si(100) Thin Films
Zhaohui Yao, Tingjin Chen, Chaofeng Xia, Hairong Yuan, Jingtian Li, Hua Liao, Zuming Liu

214. Optical Properties Analyzing and Measuring of Cd1-XznxTe/Glass Thin Films Grown by Hot Wall Epitaxy
Lufang Wang, Yehua Tang, Tingjin Chen

215. High Quality CdZnTe (100)/Si Crystal Films Grown by Hwe
Yehua Tang, Yunkun Yin, Tingjin Chen

216. Research on Improving Utilization Efficiency of Photoelectric Cell by Using Fluorescence Material
Long Tengfei, Ding Xuanhao, Cai Ruhua, Lu Wenquan

217. Transparency-Reforming of Al-N Film by Hydrothermal Reaction
Takashi Ishiguro, Daisuke Hattori, Katsuyoshi Hamasaki

218. The Research of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm in Photovoltaic Grid-System
Jiying Shi, Haiyun An

219. Anew Approach for Investigation of Structural Properties of Indium Tin Oxide Thin Film
A. Mohammadi, E. Asl Soleimani, W. Shams-Kolahi

220. An Investigation of the Properties of Silicon Nitride (SiNx) Thin Films Prepared by RF Sputtering for Application in Solar Cell Technology
Negin Manavizadeh, Alireza Khodayari, Ebrahim Asl-Soleimani

221. A study of Al/Ti, Al/Ni/Cr AND Al/Mo OHMIC Contacts to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) for Application in Thin Film Solar Cell
Mohammadi Gheidari, E. Asl Soleimani

222. Ivestigations of Random Pyramid Texture on the Surface of Single-Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells
Xin Zhu, Lei Wang, Deren Yang

223. Measurements of Back Reflectivity from IQE of AL Back Field Silicon Solar Cells
Xue Yongsheng, Wang Liangxing, Li Hongbo, Chen Mingbo

224. Optimization of Pecvd Sinx on P-Type N+ Emitter Solar Cells
Jianqiang Wang, Tietun Sun, Mi Wu, Hui Zhu, Jing An, Chen Tian, Dunyi Tang, Shuquan Lin, Xiuqing Xu, Rongqiang Cui, Jingxiao Wang, Jiabing Du, Jianhua Huang, Xiang Li, Chunjian Wu

225. Over 14% Efficient Mc-Si Solar Cells from 100% Solar Grade Silicon in a Metallurgical Process Route
Shi Yang, Yang Le, Hu Yu, Xu Xiuqin, Cui Rongqiang, Huang Jianhua, Li Xiang, Wu Chunjian, Wang Jingxiao, Du Jiabin

226. Silicon Hetero Junction Solar Cells by Hot-Wire CVD
Qi Wang, M. R. Page, E. Iwaniczko, Y. Q. Xu, L. Roybal, R. Bauer, D. Levi, Y. F. Yan, D. Meier, T. H. Wang, H. M. Branz

227. Boron Diffusion of the Silicon Solar Cell with BBr3
Le Yang, Jing Yang, Xin Fang, Yang Shi, Jingxiao Wang, Qinghao Ye, Jianhua Huang, Xiang Li, Chunjian Wu

228. The Influence of the Character of Laser Source on the Minority Carrier Lifetime in Silicon Lifetime Measurement
Chen Fengxiang, Wang Lisheng

229. The Investigation of Al-BSF Passivation Quality
Chen Tian, Rongqiang Cui, Meizhen Huang, Jianqiang Wang, Jing An, Jingxiao Wang, Jianhua Huang, Xiang Li, Chunjian Wu, Jiabin Du

230. Simulation and Optimization of A-Si:H/C-Si Hetero-Junction Solar Cells
Peng Gang, Wang Xiaojing, Tang Pengju, Zhou Wenli, Yu Jun

231. Electrical Characterization and Measurements of Sin Thin Films On Crystalline Silicon Substrates By Pecvd
Bingyan Ren, Bei Guo, Yan Zhang, Bing Zhang, Hongyuan Li, Xudong Li

232. Fabrication of Large-Area Boron Backfield Silicon Solar Cells
Yu Tiantian, Li Hongbo, Zhang Mengyan, Chen Mingbo

233. Microwave Pecvd Deposited Sinx:H Films for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Application
Liu Cui, Yuan Xiao, Gong Tieyu, Wang Le

234. New Methods for the Production of Solar Grade Silicon
Zhang Taisheng, Chen Mingbo, Li Hongbo

235. Influence of Intrinsic Lifetime on Silicon Solar Cell Efficiencies
Yu Tang, Chunlan Zhou, Wenjing Wang

236. STructure and Optical Characterization of Silicon Nitride Films Deposited Byr.F. Magnetron Sputtering
Jia Xiaoyun, Xu Zheng, Tang Yu, Zhou Chunlan, Wang Wenjing, Zhao Suling

237. Study on the Recycle of Solar Grade Silicon from Waste IC Wafers
Zongcun Liang, Hui Shen, Huabi Xu, Qingsong Li, Zhongji Li

238. Research on Surface Passivation of Tio2 and Sio2 Thin Films for Cz Silicon Wafers
Bingyan Ren, Bing Zhang, Bei Guo, Yan Zhang, Hongyuan Li, Xudong Li

239. Amps Modeling of Interfaces Influence in A-Si Nip Solar Cells
Zhigang Li, Xiaojun Ye, Mingbo Chen

240. Homogeniety of Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon P-Layers on Glass Substrate
Qun Ban, Dietmar Borchert, Martin Hanker, Hui Shen

241. Research of the Amorphous Silicon Layers in Hit Solar Cells
Song Peike, Zeng Xiangbin, Wang Huijuan, Zhang Rui

242. The Effect of Interposing Nanocrystalline Si(B) P+ Layer on the Photovoltaic Properties of A-Si: H Tandem Solar Cells
Shi Mingji, Wang Zhanguo, Zhang Changsha, Peng Wenbo, Zeng Xiangbo, Diao Hongwei, Kong Guanglin, Liao Xianbo

243. The Research of Annealing Characteristics of Transparent Zno Thin Film
Wang Huijuan, Zeng Xiangbin, Song Peike, Zhang Xia, Pan Tao, Chen Yu

244. End-To-End Turn-Key Large Scale Mass Production Solution for Generation 1 & 2 Thin Film Silicon Solar Module
H. Sun, A. Widl, J. Meier, U. Kroll, J. Steinmann, D. Koch-Ospelt

245. A Novel ß-Fesi2 Thin Film Prepared by Sputtering for Solar Cell Application
Honglie Shen, Linfeng Lu, Lihua Zhou

246. Study of Low-Cost Silicon Based Thin Film Solar Cells
Xinhua Geng, Jianjun Zhang

247. Several Problems of A-Si Pv System in Design and Application
Zhou Xiang, Yu Dongan, Yang Lianhua, Liu Junliang, Hu Xun, Dong Guiyuan, Wang Zongpan

248. Study on the Sin Anti-Reflective Coating for Nanocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Wu Meiling, Zhang Weijia, Zhang Xinqiang, Liu Hao, Jia Shiliang, Qiu Nan

249. Computer Simulation of P-A-Si:H/N-C-Si Heterojunction Solar Cells
Bingyan Ren, Yan Zhang, Bei Guo, Bing Zhang, Hongyuan Li, Wenjing Wang, Lei Zhao

250. Microcrystalline Silicon Materials and Solar Cells with High Deposition Rate
Xiaoyan Han, Xiaodan Zhang, Guofu Hou, Qunchao Guo, Yujie Yuan, Changchun Wei, Jian Sun, Junming Xue, Ying Zhao, Xinhua Geng

251. Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon Single-Junction Nip Solar Cells
Yujie Yuan, Guofu Hou, Junming Xue, Jianjun Zhang, Xiaoyan Han, Yunzhou Liu, Ying Zhao, Xinhua Geng

252. Sige:H Thin Films Prepared by Plasma Assisted Reactive Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
Liping Zhang, Jianjun Zhang, Zeren Shang, Zengxin Hu, Jian Sun, Yin Zhao, Xinhua Geng

253. Study of P-µC-Si1-XGex:H Thin Film by Vhf-Pecvd
Z. R. Shang, J. J. Zhang, L. P. Zhang, Z. X. Hu, J. M. Xue, Y. Zhao, X. H. Geng

254. Theoretical Study of Nc-Si: H Thin Film by Dft Method and Phonon Confine Model
Zhanxia Zhao, Min Li, Zhongquan Ma

255. Alumina Post-Modification After Dye-Sensitization: Effect on the Performance of Quasi-Solid State Solar Cells
Fen Luo, Liduo Wang, Beibei Ma, Yong Qiu

256. Co-Existence off and Sb Dopants in Transparent Conducting Sno2 Thin Films Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis Method
Ngamnit Wongcharoen, Thitinai Gaewdang

257. Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Amphiphilic Bipyridyl Ruthenium (II) Sensitizers
Fantai Kong, Songyuan Dai, Linhua Hu, Xu Pan, Kongjia Wang

258. Fabrication of ZNO/SNS Heterostructures by the Electrodeposition Method for Solar Cell Application
Masaya Ichimura, Hiroshi Takagi

259. Improved Performance of Low-Temperature Selenized Cuinse2 Solar Cells by Na Supply
Chuanming Xu, Hongbo Li, Xiaojun Ye, Mingbo Chen

260. Influences of Flux of Carrier Gas on Microstructure and Morphologies of Cigs Films
Donglin Han, Gong Zhang, Daming Zhuang, Jinshi Yuan, Jun Song

261. Modification of Tio2 Electrode with a Series of Alkaline-Earth Carbonates: Performance Improvement of Quasi-Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Chun Zhan, Liduo Wang, Xueming Wu, Yong Qiu

262. Optical and Electrical Properties of Chemical Bath Co-Deposited CDS-ZNS Thin Films
Thitinai Gaewdang, Ngamnit Wongcharoen

263. P3HT/TiO2 Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell Sensitized by Copper Phthalocyanine
Wang Mingqing, Wang Xiaogong

264. P-Type CuInSe2 Thin Films and Solar Cells Prepared by One-Step Electrodeposition
Lei Wan, Zhizhong Bai, Bo Chen, Renliang Sun, Guoshun Jiang, Changfei Zhu, Deliang Wang

265. Structure and Morphology of Quantum Dots Modifying Tio2 Nanoporous Film in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Beibei Ma, Liduo Wang, Fen Luo, Xueming Wu, Yong Qiu

266. Preparation of Chalcopyrite Cuinse2 Thin Films by Pulse-Plating Electrodeposition and Annealing Treatment
Liu Fangyang, Lv Ying, Zhang Zhian, Lai Yanqing, Li Jie, Liu Yexiang

267. The Transportand Recombination Kinetics in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Different Nanoporous Films
Linhua Hu, Songyuan Dai, Linyun Liang, Jun Dai, Weiqing Liu, Kongjia Wang

268. Zinc Phthalocyanine (ZNPC) Incorporated into Silicon Matrix Grown by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
C. S. Zhang, Z. G. Wang, M. J. Shi, W. B. Peng, H. W. Diao, X. B. Liao, G. L. Kong, X. B. Zeng

269. A Novel Type of Solar Cell Based on Visible-Light Responsive Photocatalyst Films
Shouichi Somekawa, Yoshihumi Kusumoto, Yuji Horie, Katsuichi Miyamae, Takaomi Kamiwaki

270. Influence of Air Flow Rate on Physical Properties of Zinc Oxide
S. M. Rozati, S. Golshahi, S. Moradi

271. Electrical Properties of Doped Sns Thin Films Prepared by Vacuum Evaporation
Guo Yuying, Shi Weimin, Wei Guangpu

272. Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Ru (II) Complex Black Dye Sensitizers
Chunchi Lai, Sejung Lee, Yuchou Chao

273. New Type High Efficient Quasi-Solid-State Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Pan Xu, Dai Songyuan, Wang Kongjia

274. The Interface Recombination Current of the CDS/CDTE Heterojunction Solar Cell
Zhang Lei, Wu Wei, Li Min, Zhao Zhanxia, Zhang Yuhong, Z.Q. Ma

275. A New Approach to Alternative Counter Electrode for a Novel Type of Solar Cell
Bashir Ahmmad, Yoshihumi Kusumoto

276. Study on the New Structure of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells for Receiving Sunlight from 3-Dimensional Space
Yong Liu, Hui Shen, Youjun Deng, Yufang Chu

277. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Using a Tio2 Nanocrystalline Film Electrode Prepared by Solution Combustion Synthesis
C. M. Wang, S. L. Chung

278. Dispersion in Tailored Fresnel Lens Concentrators
Ralf Leutz, Ling Fu

279. Reliable Concentrated Photovoltaic System with Compound Concentrator
Nuofu Chen, Yiming Bai, Jinliang Wu, Yanshuo Wang, Xiaohui Wang, Tianmao Huang

280. Analysis of the Maximum Power Point Tracking in the Photovoltaic Grid Inverters Lower than 5 kW
V. Salas, E. Olías, M. Alonso-Abellá, F. Chenlo

281. Accelerated Ultraviolet Test and High Temperature Test on Dielectric Liquid for Immersing Solar Cells
Yiping Wang, Zhiying Zhang, Li Zhu, Lijun Han, Qunwu Huang, Zhenlei Fang

282. Analysis of a Concentrating Photovoltaic/Thermal Solar System
Cheng Xuetao, Xu Xianghua, Liang Xingang

283. Monitoring and Assessment on SDDX Power Supply Systems
Dong Wenjuan, Ma Shenghong, David M. Kline

284. Sizing of a Photovoltaic System for Water Chlorination
Kame Y. Khouzam, Joseph Appelbaum

285. Solar Photo Voltaics Powered Seawater Desalination Plants and their Techno-Economics
M. Kumaravel, K. Sulochana, R. Gopalaswami, G. Saravanan

286. Performance Evaluation of Solar Photo Voltaic Modules Under Field Conditions Through a Quick Diagnostic Tool
M. Kumaravel, C. R. Jeevandoss, G. Amutha, S. Veeraraghavan

287. PV-Diesel Power Supply Monitor System for Base Station of Telecommunication at Remote Area
Le Yang, Wenxin Chen, Jingxiao Wang, Qinghao Ye, Jianchun Cheng

288. Evaluation of the Solar Photovoltaic Energy Potential in Six Climatic Areas of the Madeira Archipelago (Portugal)
Vazquez M, P. Izquierdo, C. Magro, J. Sousa

289. Optimization of Hybrid PV-Wind Systems in Six Climatic Areas of the Madeira Archipelago (Portugal)
Magro C., Vazquez M., Izquierdo P.

290. Improving the Effectiveness of a Photovoltaic Water Pump System by Applying Water Flow Over Photovoltaic Cells
M. Abdolzadeh, M. Ameri

291. A DC Brushless PM Motor Driven Phptovoltaic Water Pumping System
Yu Shijie, Xie Lei, He Huiruo, Zhang Hualin, Zhou Longhua, Liu Wen

292. Optical and Thermal Analysis of Different Asymmetric Compound Parabolic Photovoltaic Concentrators (ACPPVC) Systems for Building Integration
Yupeng Wu, Mervyn Smyth, Philip Eames, Tapas Mallick

293. The Effect of Non-Uniform Illumination on the Performance of Conventional Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell
Z. H. Lu, Q. Song, S. Q. Li, Q. Yao, A. Othman

294. Design of Solar PV Power System of Ourdoor High-Brightness Led Large-Screen Display
Jin Buping, Ding Shendong, Chen Zhegen

295. Modelling of PV Systems
Emil Dvorsky, Pavla Hejtmankova, Eduard Scerba, Jan Skorpil

296. Monintoring & Analysis on the Status of Stand-Alone PV Stations in Qinghai
Liu Hong, Li Zhiming, Ge Hui, Li Tianzhen

297. Performance Measurement Technologies for High-Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Yoshihiro Hishikawa

298. Performance Evaluation of Small Photovoltaic Stand-Alone Systems
Xinjing Zou, Li Bian, Yonghui Zhai, Haitao Liu

299. A Portable Solar Power Supply Device with High-Efficiency Inverter
Lu Jianxiang, Zhang Qiangsheng, Cao Huimin

300. Comparing the Efficiency of Fixed Solar Cell Panels in a Tropical Location
Pattanapong Jumrusprasert, Geoff Smith, Leslie Kirkup

301. Modelling the Effect of Device Geometry on Concentration Ratios of Quantum Dot Solar Concentrators
M. Kennedy, S. J. McCormack, J. Doran, B. Norton

302. One Optimal Sizing Method for Designing Hybrid Solar-Wind-Diesel Power Generation Systems
Zhou Wei, Yang Hongxing

303. PV Hybrid System Optimization for an Island Community
N. Phuangpornpitak, S. Kumar

304. Optical and Thermal Performance Predictions for a High Concentration Point Focus Photovoltaic System
Tapas K Mallick, Philip C Eames

305. Efficient Organic Solar Cells Based on a Stacked Bulk Heterojunction Structure
Zhang Xinfang, Xu Zheng, Chen Yuening, Hao Ning

306. Study and Investigation about Operating and Applying of Installed PV Village Power System
Chen Dongbing, Ma Shenghong, Zhang Yabin, Chen Guangming, Dong Wenjuan

307. A Solar Cell Module with Internal Independent Bypass Diodes
Bao Danwen, Gu Zhiyan, Zhang Jingbing, Shao Shuji

308. Testing and Analyzing of off-Grid Domestic PV Systems’ Utilization in Inner Mongolia Remote Area of China
Mingzhi Zhao, Zhizhang Liu

309. Research of Commercial Bifacial Silicon Solar Cells
Yu Tiantian, Li Hongbo, Li Wennan, Guo Wenlin, Chen Mingbo

310. Solar Energy Photovoltaic Lamp Application Discussion
Yulei Zhao, Jie Wang

311. A Small Grid-Connected PV System Controlled by the PLC
Dan Zhou, Zhijian Jiang, Yingzhi Li, Qing Fan

312. A New Type of Linear Concentrator PV System
Jianwei Sun, Hui Shen, Bifen Shu

313. Design and Implementation of Data Acquisition, Communication and Monitoring System for Photovoltaic Power Station in Microgrid
Wei Deng, Wei Pei, Zhiping Qi, Li Kong

314. A PV System for Road Lighting
Guangjun Dong, Jianqing Dou, Xiao Chen

315. Research on Control Strategies for Small-Scale Wind-Solar Hybrid Generation Systems by Modelling and Simulation
Mao Meiqin, Wang Xiaogang, Su Jianhui, Zhang Guorong

316. Minimisation of Power Loss from Partially Shaded Solar Cell Arrays
Tony Maine, Stewart Martin, John Bell

317. An Automatic PV Solar Fountain
Xie Lei, Yu Shijie, He Huiruo, Zhang Hualin, Zhou Longhua

318. Experimental Research on Photovoltaic Module for Asymmetrical Compound Parabolic Concentrator
Yuan Jinshe, Wang Mingyue, Yang Changmin

319. Reliable Heating in Spite of Power Failure-Development of a Unique Emergency Package for Solar Heating Systems and Storage Tanks
Timo Leukefeld

320. PV Generators in the Czech Republic and at the WBU in Pilsen — Application, Research, Education, Perspective
Jan Skorpil, Eduard Scerba, Emil Dvorsky, Pavla Hejtmankova

321. The Research on MPPT Intelligent Solar Charging System
Wang Xiaocong, Shen Qiang

322. Experimental Evaluation of Solar Cells in Concentrating Solar Collectors with Heat Extraction by Forced Air Flow
Du Bin, Zhang Yaoming, Sun Liguo

323. How to Design the System of Off-Grid Better
Jianning Wang

324. Solar PV Power Station for Telecom in Tibet
Ting Lei, Xihai Zhang, Shenghua Yang

325. Prospect of Solar PV Led Lighting for Home System in Xinjiang
Shenghua Yang, Fang Wang

326. Photovoltaic for Rural Electrification in Xinjiang
Ting Lei, Shenghua Yang

327. Analysis Between Energy Efficiency and European Efficiency
V. Salas, E. Olías, M. Alonso-Abellá, F. Chenlo

328. Building Integration of Thin-Film Photovoltaics — New Architectural Possibilities and Future Perspectives
Silke Krawietz

329. Experimental Investigation of Proper Tilt Angles for Stand-Alone, Irrigation PV Pumping and Grid Connected Application in Tehran
Shahrokh Farhangi, Ebrahim Asl-Soleimani, Alireza Khodayari, Babak Farhangi

330. Performance Assessment and Distributed Generation Benefits of the First Grid-Connected, Building-Integrated PV System After 10 Years of Continuous Operation in Brazil
Ricardo Rüther, Isabel Salamoni, Carolina Silva Jardim

331. Power Control Strategy of a Photovoltaic Power Plant for Microgrid Applications
Peng Li, Bruno François, Philippe Degobert, Benoît Robyns

332. Optimized Simulation for PV-TW System Using DC Fan
Hua Yi, Ji Jie, He Hanfeng, Jiang Aiguo, Han Chongwei, Luo Chenglong

333. Steady-State Model of Large-Scale Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System
Wang Yibo, Wu Chunsheng, Liao Hua, Xu Honghua

334. An Analysis of Reliability for Photovoltaic Systems on the Field Test Project for Photovoltaic in Japan
Takashi Oozeki, Takao Yamada, Kazuhiko Kato, Taiji Yamamoto

335. A Remote Control System for Scattered Grid-Connected Inverters of Photovoltaic System
Yimin Lu, Gang Wang, Hai Zhou, Qiang Wang, Guohua Huang, Yingge Yang

336. Control Algorithm Research on Seamless Transfer for PV System During Intentional Islanding
Huang Shengli, Pei Wei, Kong Li

337. Current Controller Design for Three-Phase Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter
Dou Wei, Xu Zhengguo, Peng Yanchang, Xu Honghua

338. Design of the 13.2kWp Grid-Connected Tracking System
Wu Chunsheng, Liu Siyang, Liao Hua, Peng Yanchang, Xu Honghua

339. Development of A10 kWp Photovoltaic System — Efficiency Analysis
I. Seres, I. Farkas

340. PV System Influence on Electrical Power Quality in Point of Connection
Pavla Hejtmankova, Emil Dvorsky, Jan Skorpil, Eduard Scerba

341. Sizing Aspects of a Small Scale Grid Connected PV System
S. Bartha, D. I. Teodoreanu, M. Teodoreanu, I. Farkas, I. Seres, C. Negreanu

342. Increasing Efficiency of Solar Energy Plants by Weather Correction Technologies
M. A. Schakhramanyan, D. S. Strebkov, I. I. Tyukhov

343. Study on Unitized Inverter with Photovoltaic Grid-Connected and Stand-Alone Functions
Wang Haining, Su Jianhui, Ding Ming

344. The Grid-Connected PV Inverter Control Basing the Exponential Sliding Mode
Huo Qunhai, Kong Li, Pei Wei, Huang Shengli, Zhou Jing

345. The Influence of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Systems from the Different Types of Load
Qing Fan, Li Yingzi, Chen Yimin, Jang Zhijian

346. Application and Development of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics(BIPV) System in China
Guoqiang Hao, Xiaotong Yu, Yong Huang, Ying Xu, Xinkan Zhao, Hongbo Li, Mingbo Chen

347. A Study of DSC Using Ultrasonic and Thermal Treatment on Nano-Crystalline TiO2 Surface
Ji-Tae Hong, Hyun-Woong Seo, Ji-Young Sim, Hee-Je Kim

348. Testing System of Solar Cells Module with High Performance Based on Virtual Instrument
Zeng Xiangbin, Pan Tao, Zhang Rui, Chen Yu, Song Peike

5. Solar thermal systems and applications

349. Analysis of the turbulent heat transfer in solar power tower molten salt receiver tube
Chun Chang, Zhifeng Wang, Xin Li, Fengwu Bai, Yong-Heack Kang, Jong-Kyu Kim

350. Critical evaluation of heat transfer coefficients applicable to solar chimney power plant collectors
M. A. dos S. Bernardes, T. W. Backström, D. G. Kröger

351. Numerical Study of Natural Convection Heat Loss of Heat Pipe Receiver for Dish/Stirling System
Hui Xu, Hong Zhang, Jun Zhuang

352. Experimental Study on Heat Loss from Cavity Receiver for Solar Power Tower
Jong Kyu Kim, Hwan Ki Yoon, Yong Heack Kang

353. Feasibility and Potential of Concentrating Solar Power in China
Qu Hang, Zhao Jun

354. The Design of a 1mw Solar Thermal Tower Plant in Beijing, China
Zhifeng Wang, Zhihao Yao, Jun Dong, Hongguang Jin, Wei Han, Zhengwu Lu, Xiudong Wei

355. Theoretical Simulation Investigation of the Pioneer 1 Mw Solar Power Tower System In China
Zhihao Yao, Zhifeng Wang, Yong-Heack Kang, Jong-Kyu Kim, Xiudong Wei

356. Introduction of the First Solar Power Tower System in China
Wang Jun, Zhang Yaoming, Liu Deyou, Guo Su

357. Study on the Integrated Control System at Solar Power Tower Plants
Liu Deyou, Xu Chang, Wang Dingsheng, Bian Xingao, Guo Su

358. The Solar Power Tower Jülich — A Solar Thermal Power Plant for Test and Demonstration of Air Receiver Technology
K. Hennecke, P. Schwarzbözl, G. Koll, M. Beuter, B. Hoffschmidt, J. Göttsche, T. Hartz

359. Research and Application of Devices for Synchronously Tracking the Sun
Ming Wei, Youhong Sun, Qinghua Wang, Xiaohan Wu

360. A Pinhole Camera to Track the Sun Position
D. Fontani, P. Sansoni, F. Francini, L. Mercatelli, D. Jafrancesco

361. Research on Tracking Precision of the Heliostat
Wenfeng Liang, Zhifeng Wang

362. Several Experiences on Automatic Sun Tracking System
Wenfeng Liang, Zhifeng Wang

363. A 25m2 Target-Aligned Heliostat with Closed-Loop Control
Thomas Roos, Ndumiso Zwane, Eu’odia Kruger, Strinivasan Perumal, Robert Cathro

364. Research of the Heliostat Cleaning Method
Xiliang Zhang, Xiaobin Liu, Zhifeng Wang

365. Development of the Experimental Bench for a Research on Solar-Dish Power Genaration
Yang Peiyao, Yao Laishun, Liu Yuhua, Ni Qiuya, Tong Jianzhong

366. Steam Generator Design for Solar Thermal Systems
Mohamed A. A. Siraj, E. A. Mohamed

367. Research on the Best Slope Gradient of Slope Solar Induced Convective Flows Power Generation System
Wei Jing, Wang Fenghao, Zhao Liang

368. Numerical Analysis of the Solar Chimney Power Plant with Energy Storage Layer
Ming Tingzhen, Liu Wei, Pan Yuan

369. Heat Transfer Fluids for Future Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Power Plants
Markus Eck, Klaus Hennecke

370. Development and Study on Vacuum Absorber Tubes
Wang Jun, Zhang Yaoming, Liu Deyou, An Cuicui

371. Development and Study on Heat-Pipe Type Vacuum Absorber Tube
Wang Jun, Zhang Yaoming, Liu Deyou, Guo Su

372. Investigation on Medium Temperature Heat Pipe Receiver used in Parabolic Trough Solar Collector
Dongdong Zhan, Hong Zhang, Yun Liu, Sihai Li, Jun Zhuang

373. Performance of Molten Salts Phase Change Materials
Qiang Peng, Jing Ding, Xiaoxi Yang, Xiaolan Wei, Jianping Yang

374. Study on a Thermoacoustic-Stirling Electrical Generator
E. C Luo, Z. H. Wu, W. Dai, S. F. Li

375. Experiments with Cavical in the Solar Furnace of the PSA
C. A. Estrada, C. Pérez-Rábago, J. Ballestrin, M. Rodríguez

376. The Potential of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the GCC Countries
W E Alnaser, F. Trieb, G Knies

377. Development of SS-Aln Cermet Solar Collector Tubes
Qi-Chu Zhang

378. Operation Results of Dish-Stirling Solar Power System
Jin-Soo Kim, Yong-Heack Kang, Sang-Nam Lee, Hwan-Ki Yoon, Chang-Kyun Yu, Jong-Kyu Kim, Dok-Ki Jo

379. The Power Performance Experiment of Dish-Stirling Solar Thermal Power System
Xin Li, Zhifeng Wang, Jian Yu, Xiaobing Liu, Jian Li, Xiaona Song

380. Thermal Efficiency Improvement for a Hydrogen-Air Fired Regenerative Micro Gas Turbine Cycle
A. A. Nasr, A. S. Jedi, A. O. Gringo, A. Y. Bennaser

381. Discussion of Mechanical Design for Pressured Cavity-Air-Receiver in Solar Power Tower System
Fan Zhilin, Zhang Yaoming, Liu Deyou, Wang Jun, Liu Wei

382. Heat Transfer Characteristics of High Temperature Molten Salt Storage for Solar Thermal Power Generation
Aiming Mao, Kiman Kim, Gui Young Han, Yong Heack Kang, Tae Beom Seo

383. The Optical Designing Method and the Concentrating Performance Analysis for a Toroidal Heliostat with Spinning-Elevation Sun Tracking
Minghuan Guo, Zhifeng Wang, Zhenwu Lu

384. Modelling a Directly Coupled Photovoltaic Pumping System in a Solar Domestic Hot Water System
Y. Bai, G. Fraisse

385. Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Pressure Loss of the Porous Materials for a Solar Volumetric Air Receiver
Ja Hyun Cho, Ju Han Lee, Yong Kim, Tae Beom Seo, Yong Heack Kang

386. Computer Programming to Calculate the Variations of Characteristic Angles of Heliostats as a Function of Time and Position in a Central Receiver Solar Power Plant
M. A. Mehrabian, R. D. Aseman

387. System Performance Estimation for a Solar Tower Power Plant
Myung-Hoon Moon, Yong Kim, Kyung-Moon Kang, Jo Han Ko, Tae Beom Seo

388. Heat Transfer Characteristics of the Solar Chemical Reactor with the Fills and the Volume Flow Rates
SungMin Won, Yong Kim, YongHan Jeon, Tae Beom Seo, Gui Young Han, Yong Heack Kang

389. Design and Analysis of Heliostat Support Structure
Chuncheng Zang, Zhifeng Wang, Xiaobing Liu, Xiliang Zhang, Yanzhong Wang

390. Experimental Investigation on Thermoelectric Air Conditioner Driven by Solar Cells
Lizhen Xu, Yan Li, Feng Qin, Changhe Chen

391. A Study on Non-Metallic Structure of Heliostat
Xiaobin Liu, Chuncheng Zang, Xiliang Zhang, Yangzhong Wang, Fengli Du, Zhifeng Wang

392. A Pioneer System of Solar Water Desalination
Adel M. Abdel Dayem

393. Multilayer Reflective Coating for Solar Energy Concentrators
Perla Hernández, Hector Cruz-Manjarrez, Rafael Almanza

394. Wind Dynamics Testing on Dahan Heliostat
Zhifeng Wang, Zhiyong Wu, Xiaobin Liu, Zhengnong Li

395. The Solar Kettle-Thermos Flask (SK-TF) and Aolar Vacuum Tube Oven
Alex Kee Koo Yak

396. Study of Second Figure of Merit of Box Type Solar Cookers by Semi-Log Plot Method Using Instantaneous and Averaged Values of Climatic Variables
Basant Kumar Chourasia, S. C. Mullick

397. The “Solar Nest”-A Very Low Cost Solar Cooker
John E D Barker

398. A Small Scale Solar Agricultural Dryer with Biomass Burner and Heat Storage Back-Up Heater
Elieser Tarigan, Perapong Tekasakul

399. Desorption Isotherms, Drying Characteristics and Qualities of Glace Tropical Fruits Undergoing Forced Convection Solar Drying
Jindaporn Jamradloedluk, Songchai Wiriyaumpaiwong

400. Experimental Study of Pistachio Drying Behavior in a Mixed-Mode PV Operated Forced Convection Solar Dryer
B. Zangiabadi, M. Ameri, M.M. Mahmoudabadi

401. Sustainable Implementation of Solar Tunnel Dryers, Water Heaters and Cookers in Nepal
Peter Kovacs, Niraj Shrestha, Prajwal Raj Shakya, Govind Pokharel

402. Simplified Analysis of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in an Open Cycle Solar C/R
Li Yutong, Yang Hongxing

403. Investigation of the Solar Energy Utilization for Meeting Part of the Thermal Demands of Agricultural-Product Mechanical Dryers
Stamatios Babalis, Elias Papanikolaou, Vasilios Belessiotis

404. Novel Device to Harness Solar Hydrogen for an Economic Fuel and Power Generation
M. V. Bhaskara Rao, M. Pavan Kishore, M. Prabhakara Rao

405. Evaluation of a Solar-Biomass-Rock Bed Storage Drying System, and its Application for Chilli Drying
M. Augustus Leon, S. Kumar

406. Heat Losses from Pipes Connected to Hot Water Storage Tanks
Elsa Andersen, Jianhua Fan, Simon Furbo

407. Unsteady State Heat Efficiency Equation of Solar Water Heating System
Gao Yuanyun, Li Kaichun

408. Comparative Study of Various Cesi Optimization Criteria and Proposition of a Global Evaluation Approach
G. Fraisse, Y. Bai, N. Le-Pierres, T. Letz

409. Performance of Falling Film Heat Exchangers for Solar Water Heaters
Yen Chean Soo Too, Graham Morrison, Masud Behnia

410. Performance Model for Water-in-Glass Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters
Indra Budihardjo, Graham L Morrison

411. Development and Performance Analysis on a Photovoltaic-Thermal Integrated Heat Pump Water Heating System
Xu Guoying, Xu Xinjian, Zhang Xiaosong, Yang Lei

412. Annual Operating Characteristics of Solar Central Water Heater System Assisted by Heat Pump
Wei Hu, Zhaolin Gu, Shiyu Feng, Xiufeng Gao, Huiyu Wang, Cong Luo

413. Solar S

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