Zhuang, F. G.

New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research

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Table of contents

1. Biomechanics of Aquatic Micro-Organisms
T. J. Pedley

2. An Investigation of Scalar Dispersion in Grid Turbulence
P. E. Dimotakis, D. B. Lang, S. Lombeyda, J. Lindheim

3. Flow Control and Hydro dynamic Instability
V. V. Kozlov

4. Recent Progress on Understanding and Modelling Ocean Wave Breaking
M. L. Banner, W. L. Peirson, R. P. Morison

5. Recent Progress on Understanding and Modeling Sediment Transport in Coastal Environment
P. L. F. Liu, L. O. Amoudry

6. Turbulent Drag Reduction with Surfactant Additives — Basic Research and Application to an Air Conditioning System
Y. Kawaguchi, F. C. Li, B. Yu, J. J. Wei

7. Research Progress on High-Enthalpy and Hypersonic Flows
Z. Jiang, H. R. Yu, Z. B. Lin

8. Numerical and Experimental Research on Cavitating Flows
C. J. Lu, Y. S. He, X. Chen, Y. Chen

9. Modeling Flow Transition in Hypersonic Boundary Layer
S. Fu, L. Wang

10. Three Important Theorems for Flow Stability
H. S. Dou

11. Voltage-Induced Flow Instability and Turbulence in Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystal
Y. M. Huang, L. L. Chen, F. F. Zhou, B. G. Zhai

12. Stability Analysis of Boundary-Layer Transition Using Accurate Velocity Profiles Obtained by an Advanced LES
T. Atobe, T. Kurotaki, T. Sumi, J. Hiyama

13. Convection in a Fluid Layer Heated from below and Subjected to Time Periodic Horizontal Accelerations
J. Tao, W. Pesch, F. H. Busse

14. Numerical Studies of Flow Past Two Side-by-Side Circular Cylinders
J. Shao, C. Zhang

15. Essence of Inviscid Shear Instability: a Point View of Vortex Dynamics
L. Sun

16. Three-dimensional Evolution of the Flow Through a Curved Square Duct
T. Watanabe, S. Yanase

17. Numerical Estimation of the Critical Reynolds Number for Flow Past one Square Cylinder with Symmetric Geometry Boundary Condition
X. H. Wang, W. F. Zhu, Z. Y. He

18. Turbulent Transition in Plane Couette Flows
H. S. Dou, B. C. Khoo, K. S. Yeo

19. Solution to Stability Analysis in Stratified Liquid Film Flowing down an Inclined Heated Plate
Y. L. Cheng, Y. Tian

20. Overview of Detached-Eddy Simulation for External and Internal Turbulent Flow Applications
C. Mockett, F. Thiele

21. Computation of Turbulence-Generated Noise by Large-Eddy Simulation
H. D. Yao, G. W. He, X. Zhang

22. The Vortex Breakdown of a Columnar Vortex with Axial Flow
N. Takahashi, T. Miyazaki

23. Statistical Characteristics of Elastic Turbulence in a Free-Surface Swirling Flow
F. C. Li, M. Oishi, Y. Kawaguchi, N. Oshima, M. Oshima

24. Large Eddy Simulation of a Self-Preserving Turbulent Jet Using High-Order Schemes
C. Bogey, C. Bailly

25. Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Combustion Using SOM and EBU SGS Combustion Models
L. X. Zhou, L. Y. Hu, F. Wang

26. Large-Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Buoyant Flame Interacting with Droplets
J. Xia, K. H. Luo, S. Kumar

27. Large Eddy Simulation of Heavy Gas Dispersion around an Obstacle
T. X. Qin, Y. C. Guo, W. Y. Lin

28. Multiscale Large Eddy Simulation of Scalar Transport in Turbulent Channel Flow
C. X. Xu, Z. Y. Wang, G. X. Cui, Z. S. Zhang

29. Large Eddy Simulation of Urban Heat Island Phenomenon
M. Y. Yin, G. X. Cui, C. X. Xu, Z. S. Zhang, Z. S. Wang

30. LES Modeling of a Swirling Diffusion Flame and Validation of Different SGS Stress and Combustion Models
L. Y. Hu, L. X. Zhou, Y. H. Luo

31. Experimental and Large-Eddy Simulation Studies on Three-Dimensional Vortices Produced by an Impinging Transverse Jet
J. Y. Fan, Y. Zhang, D. Z. Wang

32. Prediction of Particle Distribution in Isotropic Turbulence by Large-Eddy Simulation
Y. Yang, G. W. He, G. D. Jin

33. Large Eddy Simulation of Re’s Influence on the Quasi-Periodic Motions of the Turbulent Flow Over a Backward-Facing Step
W. F. Zhu, X. H. Wang

34. Numerical Simulation of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in a Two-Layer System
B. I. Myznikova, V. A. Kazaryan, E. L. Tarunin, I. I. Wertgeim

35. Modeling and Simulation of Coaxial Jet Flow
J. Yan, D. Eschricht, F. Thiele, X. Li

36. Particle Settling Behavior in Turbulent Flow Generated by Oscillating Grid
Q. Zhou, N. S. Cheng

37. Analysis on Turbulent Flow in the Impeller of Chemical Pump
M. G. Yang, D. Liu, H. F. Gu, C. Kang, H. Li

38. Mixing Enhancement of a 2D Supersonic Mixing Layer Induced by Inflow Periodic Temperature Excitation
M. B. Sun, Z. G. Wang, J. H. Liang

39. Computational Prediction of Local Distorted Flow in Turbocharger
J. Yao, Y. F. Yao, P. J. Manson, T. Zhang, F. J. G. Heyes, P. E. Roach

40. Analytical Calculations of Eulerian and Lagrangian Time Correlations in Turbulent Shear Flows
X. Zhao, G. W. He

41. Near-Field Mixing Characteristics of Turbulent Jet Issuing from a Notched-Rectangular Orifice Plate
J. Mi, P. Kalt, G. J. Nathan

42. Vertical 2D Algebraic-Stress Turbulence Model of Shallow Water Flow in σ-Coordinates
S. M. Wong, T. S. Li, X. G. Wul, Y. M. Shen

43. Large Eddy Simulation of Flow around a Square Cylinder
Z. G. Xie, C. X. Xu, G. X. Cui, Z. S. Zhang

44. Large Eddy Simulation of the Wind Field and Pollution Dispersion in Building Array
R. F. Shi, G. X. Cui, C. X. Xu, Z. S. Zhang, Z. S. Wang

45. Experimental Investigation on Drag Reduction of Vessel Model by Microbubbles
W. Luo, J. M. Wang

46. Reynolds Number Effects on the Flow Around Square Cylinder Based on Lattice Boltzmann Method
T. C. Liu, Y. J. Ge, F. C. Cao, Z. Y. Zhou, W. Zhang

47. DNS and LES of Turbulent Channel Flow with Hydrophobic Surface
X. L. Yang, G. W. He, X. Zhang

48. Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Channel Flows with Moving Wall
X. Wan, S. W. Ma, J. B. Zhang, C. H. Li

49. Experimental Investigations of Forerunners at the Fronts of Localized Disturbances of a Straight Wing Boundary Layer
V. N. Gorev, M. M. Katasonov, V. V. Kozlov

50. The Relaxation Oscillation of Turbulent Convection in Rotating Cylindrical Annulus
J. Tao

51. Study on the Flow Structures and Pollutant Dispersion of a Moving Car
Z. Q. Yin, J. Z. Lin, K. Zhou

52. Correction on Drag Coefficient in Simulation of Fast Fluidized Beds
L. M. Zou, Y. C. Guo

53. Numerical Simulation of the Scalar Dissipation Rate in the Non-Premixed Turbulent Combustion
Y. F. Liu, Y. T. Zhang, H. S. Tian, J. J. Qin

54. The Study of Reynolds Number Effect on the Behaviors of Asymmetric Vortices Flow
X. Y. Deng, N. Bo, Y. Chen, Y. K. Wang

55. Mixing Intensification by Electrical Discharge in High-Speed Flow
Y. I. Isaenkov, S. B. Leonov, M. N. Shneider

56. Measurement on Asymmetric Transition of a Hypersonic Boundary Layer Using a High Frequency Thin-Film Sensor System
Z. X. Bi, Q. Shen, Z. F. Zhang, C. H. Wu

57. Supersonic Rupture’s Shock Control by Electrical Discharge
S. B. Leonov, V. N. Sermanov, V. R. Soloviev, D. A. Yarantsev

58. Formula for Upstream Pressure, Nozzle Geometry and Frequency Correlation in Shedding/Discharging Cavitation Clouds Determined by Visualization of Submerged Cavitating Jet
E. A. F. Hutli, M. S. Nedeljkovic

59. The Numerical Research on the Transition of the Three-Dimensional Supersonic Spatial Developing Mixing Layer when Mc=0.5
Q. Li, X. B. Deng, H. X. Zhang

60. The Study of Determinacy of Asymmetric Vortices over Slender Body at Post-Critical Reynolds Numbers
W. Tian, X. Y. Deng, B. Wu, Y. K. Wang

61. Receptivity to Free-stream Disturbance Waves for Blunt Cone Axial Symmetry Hypersonic Boundary Layer
Y. D. Zhang, D. X. Fu, Y. W. Ma, X. L. Li

62. Theoretical and Numerical Study of Vortex-Wake Flow Phenomenon Generated from Stack of Elliptical and Cylindrical Bodies
K. Alhussan

63. Some Remarks on CFD Drag Prediction of an Aircraft Model
S. H. Peng, P. Eliasson

64. Numerical Simulation of Transonic Buffet and Flow Bifurcation over Airfoils
A. Kuz’min

65. Decaying of Flow Separation from a Low Reynolds Number Airfoil with High Frequency Perturbations
H. J. Zhang, X. Y. Shi, Y. Zhou, L. Cheng, Z. D. Su

66. Experimental Investigation on the Longitudinal Aerodynamic Performance of Common Swift’s Wing
J. X. Zhan, J. J. Wang

67. Inception of Asymmetric Vortex Flow over Slender Body
B. C. Cao, B. Wang, X. Y. Deng

68. Oil Flow Visualization of Reynolds Number Effect on Asymmetric Vortices at Forebody
N. Bo, X. Y. Deng, Y. K. Wang, C. Dong

69. Method Research for Flow and Mixing Process of HYLTE Nozzle of DF Chemical Laser
J. Lei, L. Lai, Z. G. Wang

70. Effect of Hydrodynamic Development on Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in an Axisymmetric Sudden Expansion
K. N. Alammar

71. Three-Dimensional Simulation of Detonation Waves
H. S. Dou, B. C. Khoo, H. M. Tsai

72. Study on Icing Test Scaling Law
X. Yi, G. L. Zhu

73. Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation of Scalar Transport of Slot Injection into a Supersonic Stream
M. B. Sun, J. H. Liang, Z. G. Wang

74. Effect of Wire Trips on the Flow over Slender Body at High Angle of Attack
Y. Chen, X. Y. Deng, Y. K. Wang

75. A Numerical Study on Internal and External flow fields of Synthetic Jet Actuator
J. Ding, P. F. Weng, Q. Li

76. Measurements of the Optical Phase Distortion Across a Supersonic Flow Field
Z. Q. Chen, S. Fu, L. D. Guo, W. M. Xie

77. A New Efficient High-Resolution Method for Non-Linear Problems in Fluid Mechanics
S. A. Karabasov, V. M. Goloviznin

78. Direct Numerical Simulation of Stability of a Supersonic Mixing Layer Flow
Q. Shen, F. M., F. G., Q. Wang

79. Effect of Ablation on Heat Transfer & Performance of an Axisymmetric Supersonic Nozzle
M. A. Raza

80. Computation of Flow over a Rotating Body on Unstructured Chimera Mesh
X. Zhang, G. W. He, S. Z. Ni

81. Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of the Flow over Wavy Surface
W. P. Shi, L. X. Ding, H. C. Zheng

82. Propagation and Reflection of Gas Waves in a Close Tube
S. T. Chen, D. P. Hu, Z. Z. Chen, C. Zhu, R. J. Liu, Y. Q. Dai

83. A Novel Design: Porous Boundary Condition for Drag Reduction of Three Dimensional Rotating Body of Revolution—Slender Body
K. Alhussan

84. Laminar Gas Jets in High-Temperature Atmospheres
M. Sánchez-Sanz, A. L. Sánchez, A. Liñán

85. Numerical Research on Unsteady aerodynamics of a WIG Airfoil Flying over Wavy Water Surface
P. Q. Liu, X. G. Qin, Q. L. Qu

86. Conceptual Design and Numerical Simulations of Hypersonic Waverider Vehicle
D. Y. Cao, J. B. Zhang, C. H. Lee

87. Computational Study of Aerodynamics of Low Aspect Ratio Wings
J. Liu, P. F. Weng

88. Effect of End Plates on the Surface Pressure Distribution of a Given Cambered Airfoil: Experimental Study
K. S. V. Reddy, D. M. Sharma, K. Poddar

89. Research on Nozzle Performance in Scramjet
J. P. Li, W. Y. Song, Y. Xing

90. Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Heating Reduction due to Opposing Jet in Supersonic Flow
H. Y. Li, Q. T. Eri

91. Issues on Grid Convergence
T. Wang, Q. S. Guo

92. Investigation of the Flow in a Diffusive S-Duct Inlet with and without Secondary Flow Control
L. F. Zhang, Z. X. Liu, D. M. Guo, X. F. Wang

93. Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Flow-Field in Rotating Rectangular Passage
X. L. Wei

94. Fully-Nonlinear Computation of Water Surface Impact of Axisymmetric Bodies
H. M. Yan, Y. M. Liu, D. K. P. Yue

95. Analysis of Wave Passing a Submerged Breakwater by a Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method
F. S. Cao, B. Teng

96. Relationship between Pressure Fluctuations on the Bed Wall and Free Surface Fluctuations in Weak Hydraulic Jump
K. Onitsuka, J. Akiyama, M. Shige-eda, H. Ozeki, S. Gotoh, T. Shiraishi

97. Wave Loading on Floating Platforms by Internal Solitary Waves
H. Q. Zhang, J. C. Li

98. Laboratory Measurements and Numerical Simulations of Internal Solitary Waves in a Shear Flow
D. P. Delisi, R. E. Robins, D. Y. Lai

99. Steady Ship Waves due to a Simple Source in a Viscous Fluid
D. Q. Lu, X. B. Chen, A. T. Chwang

100. The Effect of Curvature on the Slamming Force in Water Impact of a WIG Craft
A. Rastegari, A. H. Nikseresht

101. Experimental Studies of Groupiness Variations of Waves Propagating over a Submerged Curvilinear Sill
Y. X. Ma, X. Z. Ma, G. H. Dong

102. Numerical Analysis of Incompressible Viscous Flows Interacting with Flexible Structures
D. C. Wan

103. Development of a 3D Free Surface Capturing Code for Coastal Engineering Flow Problems
L. Qian, D. M., C. Mingham

104. Experimental Study on Response of Submarine Pipeline over Flat Beds in Steady Flow
Y. Sha, Y. X. Wang, G. Y. Wang, G. W. Li, Z. J. Chen

105. Simulation of Surface Pressure Induced by Vortex/Body Interaction
M. He, M. Islam, B. Veitch, N. Bose, M. B. Colbourne, P. Liu

106. Investigation of Supercavitating Multiphase Flow Structures
X. B. Li, G. Y. Wang, M. D. Zhang

107. Analysis of Monitoring Data for the Safety Control of Dams Using Neural Networks
A. Panizzo, A. Petaccia

108. Experimental Research on Character of Ventilated Supercavity
Y. J. Wei, W. Cao, C. Wang, J. Z. Zhang, Z. Z. Zou

109. Validation of HEM Based Cavitation for Cavitation Flows Around Disk
Y. Chen, C. J. Lu, L. P. Xue

110. An Efficient Boundary Fitted Non-Hydrostatic Model for Free-Surface Flows
A. Ahmadi, P. Badiei, M. M. Namin

111. Nonlinear Analysis of Ship’s Large Amplitude Roll with Zero Speed in Beam Waves
Cai F., H. C. Shen, Q. M. Miao, D. C. Zhou

112. Two-Dimension Numerical Internal Wave Tank for Navier-Stokes Equation Model in the Stratified Fluid
G. Wei, Y. X. You, X. B. Su

113. Characteristics of Flow Fields Induced by Interfacial Waves in Two-Layer Fluid
Y. T. Yuan

114. Numerical Simulation of Circular Disk Entering Water by an Axisymmetrical SPH Model in Cylindrical Coordinates
K. Gong, H. Liu

115. Numerical Simulation of Air Bubble Characteristics in Stationary Water
C. X. Zhang, Y. X. Wang

116. Action of Ship Waves on a Verticial Cylinder in front of a Vertical Wall
L. Sun, Z. Zong, G. H. Dong

117. Nonlinear Analysis of Airship Envelop Aerolasticity
J. M. Liu, C. J. Lu, L. P. Xue

118. Experimental Study of the Surface Wave around Hydrofoils
C. Kang, M. G. Yang

119. The Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Vertical Jet in Waves
L. R. Yuan

120. Numerical Study of Flow Characteristics with Free Surface Using Turbulence Model
Y. L. Liu, J. S. Wang, H. C. Dai

121. Effect of River Training Project on Hydrodynamics Flow Circumstances by 2D Finite Element Numerical Model
B. Zou, D. F. Li, H. J. Hu, H. W. Zhang, L. H. Lou, M. Chen, Z. Y. Lv

122. Natural Boundary Element Method for Stokes Problem of Exterior Circular Domain
W. H. Peng, Z. Z. Dong, G. H. Cao, H. M. Zhao

123. Large Eddy Simulation of Flows near a Groin in a Straight Open Channel
W. L. Wei, J. S. Wang, H. C. Dai

124. A New Constitutive Equation of Reynolds Stress
Q. Y. Chen, H. G. Kang

125. Shape Design and Experiment Research of the Supercavitating Underwater High-Speed Projectile
W. J. Ying, J. Hou, P. Wei

126. Vortex-Wave Interaction on a Sphere
R. B. Nelson, N. R. McDonald

127. Numerical Simulation of Partial-Penetrating Flow in Horizontal Convection
L. Sun, D. J. Sun

128. Statistical Mechanics of Quasi-geostrophic Mono- and Poly-Disperse Point Vortex Systems
S. Hoshi, Y. Li, N. Takahshi, T. Miyazaki

129. Numerical Investigation of Fire Plume in a Homogeneous Shear Flow
Y. Y. Liu, S. Fu

130. Spatial Variability of the Surface Wave Field along the Washington State Coast Derived from Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
D. Y. Lai, D. P. Delisi

131. Computational Modeling of Aerosol Hazard Arising from the Opening of an Anthrax Letter in an Open-Office Complex
F. S. Lien, H. Ji, E. Yee

132. Numerical Simulations of Tsunami Generation by Using Boussinesq Equations
X. Zhao, B. L., H. Liu

133. Baroclinic Structure of Oceanic Rings
L. Zhang, C. Sun

134. Solution of Two-Dimensional Free Surface Problems Based on Finite Element Program Generator
B. X. Wu, S. Wan, N. N. Chen

135. Application of the Three-Dimensional Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code Model in Manwan Reservoir
L. Li, J. Wu, X. Wang, H. L. Zhou, B. Fang

136. The Role of Flood Surge Plays in Shaping Tidal Flat
X. Q. Du

137. Numerical Simulation of Laminar Circular and Noncircular Jets in Cross-Flow
M. Maidi, Y. Yao, J. Yao

138. Numerical Simulation of Three-dimensional Flow Field in Quadrate Stirred Tanks
Y. B. Wu, W. Feng

139. Tubular-Type Hydroturbine Performance for Variable Guide Vane Opening by CFD
Y. T. Kim, S. H. Nam, Y. J. Cho, Y. C. Hwang, Y. D. Choi, C. D. Nam, Y. H. Lee

140. CFD Analysis for the Performance of Cross-Flow Hydraulic Turbine with the Variation of Blade Angle
Y. D. Choi, J.. I. Lim, C. G. Kim, Y. T. Kim, Y. H. Lee

141. An Algorithm for Coarse Particle Sedimentation Simulation by Stokesian Dynamics
L. Wang, J. C. Li, J. F. Zhou

142. Numerical Simulation of Steady and Filling Process of Low Temperature Liquid Propellants Pipeline
F. Gao, Y. Chen, Z. P. Zhang

143. Effects of Geometrical Parameters and Physical Properties Variation on Transient Natural. Convection and Conduction of High Prandtl Number Fluid in Enclosures
O. Younis, J. Pallares, F. X. Grau

144. Nonlinear Aerodynamic Forces on Bridge Decks due to Transverse Sinusoidal Fluctuation of Wind
F. C. Cao, Y. J. Ge, L. D. Zhu, H. F. Xiang

145. Numerical Investigation of the Circumferential Grooved Casing Treatment as well as Analyzing the Mechanism of Improve Stall Margin
H. G. Zhang, W. L. Chu, Y. H. Wu

146. TBCC Engine Inlet Design and Ramp Angle Optimization
J. D. Zhang, Y. H. Cai, Z. X. Wang

147. Experimental Study of a Fractal Flowmeter in a Pipe
C. H. A. Chong, S. B. M. Beck, F. C. G. A. Nicolleau

148. Effects of Rainfall Infiltration on the Stability of Soil Slopes
J. P. Sun, Q. Q. Liu, J. C. Li

149. Flow Characteristics of Butterfly Valve by PIV and CFD
S. W. Kim, J. H. Kim, Y. D. Choi, Y. H. Lee

150. Experimental Investigation on Momentumless Wake and its Application in Reduction of Unsteady Stator-Rotor Interaction
Y. D. Wu, X. C. Zhu, Z. H. Du

151. Dynamic Voids Measurement during Geysering Phenomenon in a Natural Circulation Loop
S. Paruya, P. Bhattacharya

152. Experimental Investigation on the Property of High-Speed Ventilated Supercavitation
W. G. Yang, Y. W. Zhang, L. Kan, F. Deng

153. Bionic Concept Applied to Flow Slab Design of PEMFC
C. T. Wang, C. P. Chang

154. The Mechanism of Stall Margin Improvement in a Centrifugal Compressor with the Air Bleeding Circumferential Grooves Casing Treatment
P. Gao, W. L. Chu, Y. H. Wu

155. Un-pairing and Pairing Mechanisms of Cylinder’s Wakes at Low Reynolds Number
W. W. Ma, S. R. Xu, A. Yang, X. L. Xie

156. Thermal Efficiency of Well Bore during Steaming with Bare Tubing without Packer
B. K. Gao, L. Qiao

157. Research on Optimizing Design for Diffuser-Tower Structure of Primary Fan in Shaft
S. Q. Chen, H. Q. Wang, Y. C. Li

158. Application of Hydrodynamics in Design of Flotation Deinking Cell
R. G. Li, X. F. Xie, A. L. Wang, K. F. Chen

159. Effect of Mixing Chamber Structure on a Steam Ejector Performance
H. J. Li, S. Q. Shen

160. Force Control of a Square Cylinder in Cross Flow
Z. D. Su, Y. Liu, H. J. Zhang, D. F. Zhang

161. Study on the Thermodynamic Characteristics of the High-Pressure Gas in Reciprocating Mechanism
C. Wang, P. L. Zhang, J. P. Fu, X. D. Zhang

162. Study on Supercharging Effect in Artillery Recoil Mechanism and the Effects
C. Wang, P. L. Zhang, G. Q. Ren, Z. F. Gu

163. Characterization by Proper-Orthogonal-Decomposition of Flow Field around Bridge Slotted Decks
W. Zhang, Y. J. Ge, T. C. Liu

164. Local Loss Coefficient of Laminar Flow through Sudden Enlargement in Circular Pipes
Y. B. Wu, B. Zhang, J. W. Xiao

165. Numerical Prediction of Flow and Heat Transfer on lubricant Supplying and Scavenging Flow Path of an Aero-Engine Lubrication System
S. Q. Huang, Z. X. Liu, Y. G. Lv, L. F. Zhang, T. Xu

166. Experimental Investigation and Analysis of an Axial Compressor Stage with 45° Circumferential Inlet Flow Pressure Distortion
J. Huang, H. Wu, W. H. Du

167. Off-design Performance Analysis of Multi-Stage Transonic Axial Compressors
W. H. Du, H. Wu, L. Zhang

168. An Investigation on the Effect of the Hot End Plugs on the Efficiency of the Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube
M. Arjomandi, Y. P. Xue

169. Analysis of Fractional Element of Viscoelastic Fluids Using Heaviside Operational Calculus
K. Q. Zhu, K. X. Hu, D. Yang

170. Discussion of the Problems of Nonlinear Water Wave Diffraction around Porous Vertical Circular Cylinder
H. Huang, Q. Y. Zhu, J. Fu

171. Numerical Modelling of Wave Interaction with Porous Structures
F. Gao, D. M., D. M., C. G.

172. Fluid Flow Simulation in Random Porous Media at Pore Level Using Lattice Boltzmann Method
A. Nabovati, A. C. M. Sousa

173. Absorption of Microdrops: Effect of Multi-Layer Porous Media Structure Parameters
Y. D., Y. P., M. R.

174. Research on Flow Shift Law of Porous Media in Goaf Base on the Unsteady Airflow Theory
Y. C. Li, A. H. Lin, H. Q. Wang, S. H. Zou

175. Comparisons of Static, Quasi-Static and Dynamic 3D Porous Media Scale Network Models for Two-Phase Immiscible Flow in Porous Media
X. H. Zhang, Q. J., X. B.

176. Experiment and Mathematical Model of Gas Flow in Low Permeability Porous Media
G. Y. Zhu, L. Liu, Z. M. Yang, X. G. Liu, Y. G. Guo, Y. T. Cui

177. Resolving Chemically Reacting Flow Using Moving Mesh Method
Y. Li, T. Fei, W. Liu

178. Droplet Interactions in an Imposed Thermal Gradient
R. Sun

179. Study on Mixing Field of Salt Tolerant Polymer Solution
L. H. Zhang, M. G. Zhang, X. G. Li, D. Zhang, B. Jiang

180. Lateral Motion and Departure of Vapor Bubbles in Nucleate Pool Boiling on Thin Wires in Microgravity
J. F. Zhao, S. X. Wan, G. Liu, Z. D. Li, Y. H. Lu, N. Yan

181. Modeling of Dynamic Extrusion Swelling Using Cross Model
S. X. Huang, X. Chen, C. J. Lu

182. The Numerical Simulation on Cooling Effect of Microcapsulated Phase Change Material Suspension in Laminar Thermal Developing Section
P. Q. Liu, J. Jin, G. P. Lin

183. PIV Experiment of the Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow within the Membrane Micropore Aeration Bioreactor
D. Liu, M. G. Yang, Z. Wang

184. A Pressure Based Multi-Fluid Algorithm for Multiphase Flow
P. J. Ming, W. P. Zhang, G. D. Lei, M. G. Zhu

185. Analytical Solutions of G-Jitter Induced Double-Diffusive Convection with Boundary Collocation Method
Z. H. He, H. Z. Cao, Z. Y. He

186. Numerical Study on the Optimization of Flow and Temputre Field in the Desulphurization Spray Tower
F. Zeng, L. Q. Yin, Q. Chen, Y. Wang

187. Numerical Simulations for Stochastic Convection-Diffusion Processes in the Concentration Field
X. A. Ren, W. Q. Wu

188. A Numerical Study on the Characteristics of Gaseous Pollutant Absorbed by a Moving Liquid Aerosol
J. J. Deng, J. Ding, P. F. Weng

189. Simulation of Two Phase Viscous Flows in a Solid Rocket Motor
Y. Yu, S. Y. Liu

190. The Boundary Layer Flows of a Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid
K. Sadeghy, N. Khabazi, S. M. Taghavi

191. Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Gas-Solid Turbulence Flow in a Precalciner
S. X. Mei, J. L. Xie

192. Application of Fluid-Solid Coupling Theory in Casing Damage Forecast
J. J. Liu, G. H. Pei, X. He, X. G. Liu

193. Research and Test on the Principle of Oil Temperature Rise of Pumps with Single and Double Valve Plate
D. S. Wen, J. Wen, X. J. Zhu

194. Simulation of Gravity Feed Oil for Areoplane Fuel Transfer System
Y. G. Lv, Z. X. Liu, S. Q. Huang, T. Xu

195. Simulation on Flow Behaviors of Viscoelastic Polymer Solution in a Channel with Sudden Contraction
X. G. Sui, H. J. Yin, H. Y. Zhong, L. Wang, J. Song, Z. P. Li

196. Analysis for Transient Deliverability of Horizontal Wells
Y. M. Pang, M. F. Li, Z. H. Luo, G. L. Zhang

197. Boundary Element Method for Calculating the Pressure of Heterogeneous Reservoir
Y. A. Zhang, J. F. Jia, H. W. Wang, B. S. Li, Y. R. Xu

198. 3-D Numerical Simulation for Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Aeration Tank
R. Xue, R. Tian, S. Y. Yan, S. Li

199. Simulation of Indoor Fine Suspension Particle Deposition
K. Q. Li, G. C. Gong, S. H. Zou

200. Axial Wind-Borne Electrostatic Spray Research
Z. T. Wang, J. L. Wen, X. Y. Wang, T. Q. Luo, X. N. Song

201. Permeability Coefficient Inversion Method Based on Hybrid Algorithm
X. G. Liu, G. H. Pei

202. Modeling the Interface Instability and Mixing Flow During the Process of Liquid Explosion Dissemination
L. Li, S. L. Xu, Y. J. Ren, G. R. Liu, X. B. Ren, W. J. Xie, Y. C. Li, Z. L. Wang

203. Impact of Wall Shear Stress and Pressure Variation on the Stability of Atherosclerotic Plaque
V. Taviani, Z. Y. Li, M. Sutcliffe, J. Gillard

204. EECP Induced Instant Shear Stress Variation-Experiment and Math Modeling
J. H. Du, C. L. Wu, Z. S. Zheng, G. Dai

205. Flow in Idealised Compliant Human Cystic Duct Models
M. Al-Atabi, S. B. Chin, S. Beck, X. Y. Luo

206. Analysis and Comparison of 2-D Hemodynamic Numerical Simulation of Elastic Aneurysm and Rigid Aneurysm
J. W. Zhao, G. H. Ding, W. Y. Yin, X. J. Yang, W. C. Shi, X. L. Zhang

207. Numerical Simulations of Blood Flow through a Permeable Curved Vessel in a Solid Tumour
Q. Sun, G. X. Wu, N. Ovenden

208. Experimental Investigation of Blood Flow in the Brain by Means of Particle Image Velocimetry — A Preliminary Study
N. A. Buchmann, M. C. Jermy, T. David

209. Dynamic Flight Stability of a Hovering Hoverfly
M. Sun, Y. P. Liu, J. K. Wang

210. Experimental Hydrodynamics of Turning Maneuvers in Koi Carps
G. H. Wu, Y. Yang, L. J. Zeng

211. Numerical Simulations for Insect ‘Clap and Fling’ with Unsteady Incompressible Solver on Dynamic Hybrid Grids
L. P. Zhang, X. H. Chang, X. P. Duan, H. X. Zhang

212. Preliminary Modeling of the Fluid-Structure Interaction on a Deformable Insect Wing in Flapping
L. Bao, Y. L. Yu

213. Effects of Local Configuration on the Flow in the Circle of Willis
J. H. Page, G. X. Wu, F. T. Smith

214. A Numerical Investigation of Controllably Flexible Hydrofoil in Laminar Flows
G. Y. He, X. Zhang, S. G. Zhang, G. W. He

215. Fish’s Muscles Distortion and Pectoral Fins Propulsion of Lift-Based Mode
S. B. Yang, X. Y. Han, J. Qiu

216. A Numerical Study on Hydrodynamics of Pectoral Fin Locomotion in Batoid Fishes
W. R. Hu

217. Effects of Temperature on the Threshold of Phosphorus for Algal Blooms
T. Yuan, J. C. Li, J. F. Zhou

218. CFD Analyses and Validation of Multiphase Flow in Micro-Fluidic System
C. M. Sewatkar, S. Dindorkar, S. Jadhao

219. Numerical Study on Electroosmotic Flow in Trapezoidal Microchannels
C. C. Zuo, F. Ji, L. F. Wang

220. Lattice Boltzmann Simulations for Microfluidics and Mesoscale Phenomena
E. Monaco, K. H. Luo, R. S. Qin

221. Mixing Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids in a Microchannel
Y. C. Lam, H. Y. Gan, N. T. Nguyen, H. Lie

222. Direct Numerical Simulation of Micro-Flow Resonators in the Presence of Grazing Flow
X. D. Li, X. T. Sun

223. Slip Flow Regime Past over a Microsphere
A. Anbarchian, H. Torabian

224. On the Early Development of Dispersion in Flow through a Tube with Wall Reactions
M. W. Lau, C. O. Ng

225. Fully-Developed Pulsating Liquid Flows in a Three-Dimensional Wavy Wall Microtube
H. L. Wang, Y. Wang

226. Microreactor System Using the Concept of Numbering-Up
S. Togashi, T. Miyamoto, T. Sano, M. Suzuki

227. Diagnosis of Frequency-Dependent Electrokinetic Flow in Microfluidic Channels
D. G. Yan, C. Yang, X. Y. Huang, Y. C. Lam

228. Numerical Study on Flow Focusing in Axisymmetric Microchannel
X. P. Chen

229. Outline of Mesoscopic Fluid Mechanics
G. W. Hu, X. S. Hu

230. Static Threshold Pressure Gradient of Micro-Channels
F. Q. Song

231. Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodynamics — Astrophysical Relevance and Engineering Applications
G. Gerbeth, I. Grants, T. Gundrum, F. Stefani

232. Axisymmetric Wave on the Charged Surface of a Viscous Liquid
F. Li, X. Y. Yin, X. Z. Yin

233. MHD Stability of Natural Convection in Rectangular Cavity
M. Maache, R. Bessaih

234. The Performance Analyse of the Pulsed Plasma Thruster
L. Yin, J. Zhou

235. Numerical Investigation of Hypersonic MHD Flows
G. Chen, J. B. Zhang, C. H. Lee

236. Three Dimensional Interactions between Solar Wind and Magnetopause
Y. Darvish, H. Far man

237. Characteristics of Flow Field in an Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Measuring Flowrate in Injection Polymer Well
G. B. Zheng, N. D. Jin, J. Y. Guo, Y. H. Zhang, J. Li

238. Control of a Magnetic Fluid Drop Moving inside a Cylinder
M. Shinohara

239. Hydrodynamic Analog for Electromagnetic Structures of Sprites
K. H. W. Chu

240. Stability and Numerical Simulation of the Liquid Metal Pinch Using the Shallow Water Approximation
B. W. Li, E. Zienicke, A. Thess, A. Kräzschmar, P. Terhoeven

241. Stability Analysis for the Immersed Boundary Method
Z. X. Gong, H. X. Huang, C. J. Lu

242. On Vorticity Decomposition
V. Kolá

243. Symplectic Analytical Solution for Stokes Flow in an Annular Cavity
Y. Wang, Z. C. Deng

244. A New Second Order Mimetic Finite Difference Scheme to Tackle Boundary Layers-Like Problems
S. Rojas, J. M. Guevara-Jordan

245. Dual Variational Principles for 3-D Navier-Stokes Equations
G. L. Liu

246. Experimental Investigation of Ventilated Supercavitating Flows Manipulated by a Pitching System
Q. T. Lee, Y. S. He, L. P. Xue

247. Simulation of the Flow Field Characteristics of a Downburst
S. Cao, Y. Zhao, H. Ozono, Y. Tamura, A. Kareem, Z. Duan

Keywords: Physics, Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics

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