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E-business and Telecommunication Networks

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Table of contents

I. Global Communication Information Systems and Services

1. Sharing Service Resource Information for Application Integration in a Virtual Enterprise – Modeling the Communication Protocol for Exchanging Service Resource Information
Hiroshi Yamada, Akira Kawaguchi

2. Advertising Via Mobile Terminals – Delivering Context Sensitive and Personalized Advertising While Guaranteeing Privacy
Rebecca Bulander, Michael Decker, Gunther Schiefer, Bernhard Kölmel

3. On Digital Cash-Like Payment Systems
Daniel A. Nagy

4. In-Depth Analysis of Selected Topics Related to the Quality Assessment of E-Commerce Systems
Antonia Stefani, Dimitris Stavrinoudis, Michalis Xenos

5. A Novel Real-Time Self-similar Traffic Detector/Filter to Improve the Reliability of a TCP Based End-to-End Client/Server Interaction Path for Shorter Roundtrip Time
Wilfred W. K. Lin, Allan K. Y. Wong, Richard S. L. Wu, Tharam S. Dillon

6. Strategies for Service Composition in P2P Networks
Jan Gerke, Peter Reichl, Burkhard Stiller

7. End to End Adaptation for the Web: Matching Content to Client Connections
Kristoffer Getchell, Martin Bateman, Colin Allison, Alan Miller

II. Security and Reliability in Information Systems and Networks

8. Voice Biometrics Within the Family: Trust, Privacy and Personalisation
Delphine Charlet, Victor Peral Lecha

9. Secret Locking: Exploring New Approaches to Biometric Key Encapsulation
Seny Kamara, Breno Medeiros, Susanne Wetzel

10. Adaptive Real-Time Network Monitoring System: Detecting Anomalous Activity with Evolving Connectionist System
Muhammad Fermi Pasha, Rahmat Budiarto, Mohammad Syukur, Masashi Yamada

11. Host Identity Protocol Proxy
Patrik Salmela, Jan Melén

12. Guaranteerring Security of Financial Transaction by Using Quantum Cryptography in Banking Environment
Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie, Mohamed Ali Sfaxi

13. Optimal Trade-Off for Merkle Tree Traversal
Piotr Berman, Marek Karpinski, Yakov Nekrich

14. Supporting the Cybercrime Investigation Process: Effective Discrimination of Source Code Authors Based on Byte-Level Information
Georgia Frantzeskou, Efstathios Stamatatos, Stefanos Gritzalis

III. Wireless Communication Systems and Networks

15. Iterative MMSE Detection for MIMO/BLAST DS-CDMA Systems in Frequency Selective Fading Channels – Achieving High Performance in Fully Loaded Systems
João Carlos Silva, Nuno Souto, Francisco Cercas, Rui Dinis

16. Flooding Attack on the Binding Cache in Mobile IPv6
Christian Veigner, Chunming Rong

17. Performance of VoIP over IEEE 802.11G DSSS-OFDM Mode with IEEE 802.11E QOS Support
Gráinne Hanley, Seán Murphy, Liam Murphy

18. The Robustness of Blocking Probability in a Loss System with Repeated Customers
Akira Takahashi, Yoshitaka Takahashi, Shigeru Kaneda, Yoshikazu Akinaga, Noriteru Shinagawa

19. On the Evaluation of a Secure Solution to Access 802.11 Networks
Fernando Costa, Luciano Gaspary, Jorge Barbosa, Gerson Cavalheiro, Luciano Pfitscher, José Dirceu G. Ramos

20. Searching for Resources in MANETs – A Cluster Based Flooding Approach
Rodolfo Oliveira, Luis Bernardo, Paulo Pinto

21. A Comparative Study of IEEE 802.11 MAC Access Mechanisms for Different Traffic Types
Mohammad Saraireh, Reza Saatchi, Samir Al-khayatt, Rebecca Strachan

22. An Automatic Blind Modulation Recognition Algorithm for M-PSK Signals Based on MSE Criterion
M. Vastram Naik, A. Mahanta, R. Bhattacharjee, H. B. Nemade

IV. Multimedia Signal Processing

23. Properties of Dominant Color Temperature Descriptor
Karol Wnukowicz, Wladyslaw Skarbek

24. Test Environment for Performance Evaluation of an Internet Radio
David Melendi, Manuel Vilas, Xabiel G. Pañeda, Roberto García, Víctor G. García


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