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Adaptive and Integrated Water Management

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Table of contents

1. Requirements for Adaptive Water Management
Claudia Pahl-Wostl

2. Eco-Complexity and Sustainability in China’s Water Management
Rusong Wang, Feng Li

3. Integrated, adaptive and domanial water resources management
Bruce A. Lankford

4. Can adaptive management help us embrace the Murray-Darling Basin’s wicked problems?
Catherine Allan

5. The NeWater Management and Transition Framework — state and development process —
Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Jörn Möltgen, Eva Ebenhoeh, Georg Holtz

6. Groundwater protection in urban areas incorporating adaptive groundwater monitoring and management — Reconciliation of water engineering measures along rivers
Jannis Epting, Christian Regli, Peter Huggenberger

7. Adaptability of International River Basin Regimes: Linkage Problems in the Rhine
Tun Myint

8. Institutional elements for adaptive water management regimes. Comparing two regional water management regimes in the Rhine basin
Sabine Möllenkamp, Machiel Lamers, Eva Ebenhöh

9. Intellectual history and current status of Integrated Water Resources Management: A global perspective
Farhad G. Mukhtarov

10. A broadened view on the role for models in natural resource management: Implications for model development
Marcela Brugnach, Claudia Pahl-Wostl

11. Deliberation, negotiation and scale in the governance of water resources in the Mekong region
Louis Lebel, Po Garden

12. Enhancing the Potential for Integrated Water Management in New Zealand Throughthrough Adaptive Governance
Brett Painter, Ali Memon

13. How Social Networks Enable Adaptation to System Complexity and Extreme Weather Events
Raul Lejano, Helen Ingram

14. Managing flood risk in the urban environment: linking spatial planning, risk assessment, communication and policy
Berry Gersonius, Chris Zevenbergen, Sebastian Herk

15. Benchmarking in Dutch Urban Water Management: An Assessment
Pieter W. G. Bots

16. Adapting scale use for successful implementation of Cyclic Floodplain Rejuvenation in the Netherlands
Heleen Vreugdenhil, Jill Slinger, Emiel Kater

17. Current and future impacts of climate change on river runoff in the Central Asian river basins
Andre G. Savitskiy, Maja Schlüter, Raisa V. Taryannikova, Natalya A. Agaltseva, Viktor E. Chub

18. Adaptive and Integrated Management of Wastewater and Storm Water Drainage in Kolkata — Case Study of a Mega City
Shivashish Bose

19. About Ways for Improvement of Water Use in Irrigation of Uzbekistan
Yulia I. Shirokova, Alexander N. Morozov

20. Participatory assessment of water developments in an atoll town
Magnus Moglia, Pascal Perez

21. Criteria for the Assessment of Planning Processes for Sustainable River Basin Management — Illustration by two cases: the EU Water Framework Directive and ongoing water planning processes in Sweden
Beatrice Hedelin

22. Portfolio optimisation of water management investments
Oswald Marinoni, Andrew Higgins, Stefan Hajkowicz


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