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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Introduction
A. Spink, M. Zimmer

II. Social, Cultural, and Philosophical Perspectives

2. Through the Google Goggles: Sociopolitical Bias in Search Engine Design
A. Diaz

3. Reconsidering the Rhizome: A Textual Analysis of Web Search Engines as Gatekeepers of the Internet
A. Hess

4. Exploring Gendered Notions: Gender, Job Hunting and Web Searches
R. M. Martey

5. Searching Ethics: The Role of Search Engines in the Construction and Distribution of Knowledge
L. M. Hinman

6. The Gaze of the Perfect Search Engine: Google as an Infrastructure of Dataveillance
M. Zimmer

III. Political, Legal, and Economic Perspectives

7. Search Engine Liability for Copyright Infringement
B. Fitzgerald, D. O’Brien, A. Fitzgerald

8. Search Engine Bias and the Demise of Search Engine Utopianism
E. Goldman

9. The Democratizing Effects of Search Engine Use: On Chance Exposures and Organizational Hubs
A. Lev-On

10. ‘Googling’ Terrorists: Are Northern Irish Terrorists Visible on Internet Search Engines?
P. Reilly

11. The History of the Internet Search Engine: Navigational Media and the Traffic Commodity
E. Couvering

IV. Information Behavior Perspectives

12. Toward a Web Search Information Behavior Model
S. A. Knight, A. Spink

13. Web Searching for Health: Theoretical Foundations and Connections to Health Related Outcomes
M. J. Dutta, G. D. Bodie

14. Search Engines and Expertise about Global Issues: Well-defined Landscape or Undomesticated Wilderness?
J. Fry, S. Virkar, R. Schroeder

15. Conceptual Models for Search Engines
D. G. Hendry, E. N. Efthimiadis

16. Web Searching: A Quality Measurement Perspective
D. Lewandowski, N. Höchstötter

V. Conclusion

17. Conclusions and Further Research
A. Spink, M. Zimmer


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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