Blume, Hans-Peter

Ecosystem Organization of a Complex Landscape

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Table of contents

I. Research Programme and Study Area

1. General Concept of the Research Pogramme and Methodology of Investigations
Otto Fränzle, Ludger Kappen, Hans-Peter Blume, Klaus Dierssen, Ulrich Irmler, Winfrid Kluge, Uwe Schleuß, Joachim Schrautzer

2. Ecological Setting of the Study Area
Hans-Peter Blume, Otto Fränzle, Georg Hörmann, Ulrich Irmler, Winfrid Kluge, Uwe Schleuß, Joachim Schrautzer

II. Structure and Function of Ecosystems in a Complex Landscape

3. Ecophysiological Key Processes in Agricultural and Forest Ecosystems
Oliver Dilly, Christiane Eschenbach, Werner L. Kutsch, Ludger Kappen, Jean Charles Munch

4. Carbon and Energy Balances of Different Ecosystems and Ecosystem Complexes of the Bornhöved Lake District
Werner L. Kutsch, Georg Hörmann, Ludger Kappen

5. Water Relations at Different Scales
Georg Hörmann, Matthias Herbst, Christiane Eschenbach

6. Site-Related Biocoenotic Dynamics
Ulrich Irmler, Oliver Dilly, Joachim Schrautzer, Klaus Dierssen

7. Biocoenotic Interactions between Different Ecotopes
Ulrich Irmler, Franz Hölker, Hans-Werner Pfeiffer, Walter Nellen, Hauke Reuter

8. Element Fluxes in Atmosphere, Vegetation and Soil
Otto Fränzle, Claus-Georg Schimming

9. Transport Processes between Lake Belau and its Drainage Basin
Winfrid Kluge, Otto Fränzle

10. Lake Belau
Otto Fränzle, Gerald Schernewski

11. Ecological Gradients as Causes and Effects of Ecosystem Organization
Felix Müller, Otto Fränzle, Claus-Georg Schimming

III. From Research to Application

12. An Indicator-Based Characterization of the Bornhöved Key Ecosystems
Joachim Schrautzer, Felix Müller, Hans-Peter Blume, Uwe Heinrich, Ernst-Walter Reiche, Uwe Schleuß, Klaus Dierssen

13. Ecosystem Research and Sustainable Land Use Management
Jan Barkmann, Hans-Peter Blume, Ulrich Irmler, Winfrid Kluge, Werner L. Kutsch, Heinrich Reck, Ernst-Walter Reiche, Michael Trepel, Wilhelm Windhorst, Klaus Dierssen

14. Conclusions: Perspectives for Integrative Landscape Planning, Management and Monitoring
Klaus Dierssen, Jan Barkmann


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Natural Sciences

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