Dion, Patrice

Molecular Mechanisms of Plant and Microbe Coexistence

Dion, Patrice - Molecular Mechanisms of Plant and Microbe Coexistence, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Coexistence Between Populations

1. Plant Associated Soil Micro-organisms
Mika Tarkka, Silvia Schrey, Rüdiger Hampp

2. Role of Microbial Diversity for Soil, Health and Plant Nutrition
C. R. Bhatia

3. Reconstructing Soil Biology
Patrice Dion

4. Rhizosphere Colonization: Molecular Determinants from Plant-Microbe Coexistence Perspective
Chandra Shekhar Nautiyal, Suchi Srivastava, Puneet Singh Chauhan

5. Belowground Mycorrhizal Endosymbiosis and Aboveground Insects: Can Multilevel Interactions be Exploited for a Sustainable Control of Pests?
Emilio Guerrieri, Maria Cristina Digilio

II. Coexistence Between Genomes

6. Evolutionary Genomics: Linking Macromolecular Structure, Genomes and Biological Networks
Gustavo Caetano-Anollés

7. Evolutionary Genomics of the Nitrogen-Fixing Symbiotic Bacteria
Víctor González, Luis Lozano, Santiago Castillo-Ramírez, Ismael Hernández González, Patricia Bustos, Rosa I. Santamaría, José L. Fernández, José L. Acosta, Guillermo Dávila

8. Genetic and Epigenetic Nature of Transgenerational Changes in Pathogen Exposed Plants
Alex Boyko, Igor Kovalchuk

9. Recent Advances in Functional Genomics and Proteomics of Plant Associated Microbes
P. Nannipieri, J. Ascher, M. T. Ceccherini, G. Guerri, G. Renella, G. Pietramellara

10. Molecular Mechanisms of Biocontrol by Trichoderma spp.
P. K. Mukherjee, C. S. Nautiyal, A. N. Mukhopadhyay

III. Coexistence Between Molecules

11. Quorum Sensing in Bacteria-Plant Interactions
Kristien Braeken, Ruth Daniels, Maxime Ndayizeye, Jos Vanderleyden, Jan Michiels

12. Signals in the Underground: Microbial Signaling and Plant Productivity
Fazli Mabood, Woo Jin Jung, Donald L. Smith

13. Protein-Protein Interactions in Plant Virus Movement and Pathogenicity
Joachim F. Uhrig, Stuart A. MacFarlane

14. Effects of Root Exudates in Microbial Diversity and Activity in Rhizosphere Soils
P. Nannipieri, J. Ascher, M. T. Ceccherini, L. Landi, G. Pietramellara, G. Renella, F. Valori

IV. Methods to Study Plant and Microbe Coexistence

15. Siderotyping, a Straightforward Tool to Identify Soil and Plant-Related Pseudomonads
Jean-Marie Meyer, Christelle Gruffaz, Marion Fischer-LeSaux

16. Molecular Strategies for Identifying Determinants of Oomycete Pathogenicity
Howard S. Judelson, Audrey M. V. Ah-Fong

17. Molecular Methods for Studying Microbial Ecology in the Soil and Rhizosphere
Janice E. Thies

18. Morphotyping and Molecular Methods to Characterize Ectomycorrhizal Roots and Hyphae in Soil
Laura M. Suz, Anabela M. Azul, Melissa H. Morris, Caroline S. Bledsoe, María P. Martín


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