Breckle, Siegmar-W.

Arid Dune Ecosystems

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Table of contents

A. The North-Western Negev

1. Geological Background of the Nizzana Area
R. Ben-David, A. Yair

2. Geo-Ecology of the North-Western Negev Sand Field
A. Yair, M. Veste, S. -W. Breckle

3. Formation and Geomorphology of the North-Western Negev Sand Dunes
H. Tsoar, D. G. Blumberg, R. Wenkart

4. The Regional Climatic Setting
T. Littmann, S. M. Berkowicz

5. Soil Characteristicsand Pattern of the Nizzana Research Site
H. -P. Blume, L. Beyer, U. Pfisterer, P. Felix-Henningsen

6. Land Use and its Effect on the Mobilization and Stabilization of the North-Western Negev Sand Dunes
H. Tsoar

B. Ecosystem Patterns

7. The Flora of the Nizzana Research Site
K. Tielbörger, R. Prasse, H. Leschner

8. The Vegetation of the Nizzana Research Site
K. Tielbörger, R. Prasse, R. Bornkammz

9. A Glance on the Fauna of Nizzana
J. Filser, R. Prasse

10. Biological Crusts
B. Büdel, M. Veste

11. Land Cover in the Nizzana Sandy Arid Ecosystem. Mapping Surface Properties with Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing Data
J. Hill, T. Udelhoven, T. Jarmer, A. Yair

C. Ecosystem Processes

12. Topoclimate and Microclimate
T. Littmann

13. Evapotranspiration, Transpiration and Dewfall
T. Littmann, M. Veste

14. Morphological Changes at Active Dune Crests
A. Allgaier

15. Aeolian Sand Transport and Vegetation Cover
A. Allgaier

16. Soil Processes and Salt Dynamics in Dune Soils
P. Felix-Henningsen, B. Rummel, H. -P. Blume

17. Runoff and Erosion Processes Within a Dune System
G. J. Kidron, A. Yair

18. Effects of Surface Runoff and Subsurface Flow on the Spatial Variability of Water Resources in Longitudinal Dunes
A. Yair

19. Atmospheric Input of Nutrient Elements and Dust into the Sand Dune Field of the North-Western Negev
T. Littmann, A. Schultz

20. Succession Stages in the Recovery Processes of the Topsoil Crust in a Disturbed Sandy Arid Area
A. Yair

21. Dew Formation and Activity of Biological Soil Crusts
M. Veste, B. G. Heusinkveld, S. M. Berkowicz, S. -W. Breckle, T. Littmann, A. F. G. Jacobs

22. Nitrogen Input Pathways into Sand Dunes: Biological Fixation and Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition
R. Russow, M. Veste, S. -W. Breckle, T. Littmann, F. Böhme

23. Vascular Plant Response to Microbiotic Soil Surface Crusts
R. Prasse, R. Bornkamm

24. Ion Relations of Plants and Soil Patterns
M. Veste, U. Sartorius, S. -W. Breckle

25. Temporal and Spatial Variability of Plant Water Status and Leaf Gas Exchange
M. Veste

26. Standing Biomass and its Modelling
M. Veste, C. Sommer, S. -W. Breckle, T. Littmann

27. Effects of Shrubs on Annual Plant Populations
K. Tielbörger, R. Kadmon

28. Demography of Annual Plants: The Role of Habitat Heterogeneity and Competition
R. Kadmon

D. Research Perspectives / Synthesis and General Conclusions

29. Sensitivity of a Sandy Area to Climate Change Along a Rainfall Gradient at a Desert Fringe
A. Yair, M. Veste, R. Almog, S. -W. Breckle

30. General Conclusions – Sand Dune Deserts, Desertification, Rehabilitation and Conservation
S. -W. Breckle, A. Yair, M. Veste

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Soil Science & Conservation, Biogeosciences, Climate Change, Geoecology/Natural Processes, Environmental Management

Publication year
Ecological Studies
Page amount
507 pages
Natural Sciences

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