Hammoud, Riad I.

Passive Eye Monitoring

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Eye Monitoring
Riad I. Hammoud, Jeffrey B. Mulligan

I. Low-Level Building-Blocks – Eye Region Modeling, Automatic Eye Position Detection, and Spatial Eye Position Tracking

2. Meticulously Detailed Eye Region Model
Tsuyoshi Moriyama, Takeo Kanade, Jing Xiao, Jeffrey F. Cohn

3. Advanced Off-Line Statistical Modeling of Eye and Non-Eye Patterns
Nizar Bouguila, Riad I. Hammoud, Djemel Ziou

4. Automatic Eye Position Detection and Tracking Under Natural Facial Movement
Yan Tong, Qiang Ji

II. Mid-Level Building-Blocks – Gaze Calibration, Gaze & Eye Pose Tracking, and Eye Images Interpretation

5. Simple-to-Calibrate Gaze Tracking Method
Takehiko Ohno, Kenji Hara, Hirohito Inagaki

6. Free Head Motion Eye Gaze Tracking Techniques
Carlos H. Morimoto, Flávio L. Coutinho

7. Extraction of Visual Information from Images of Eyes
Ko Nishino, Shree K. Nayar

III. Gaze-based Interactions

8. Gaze-based Interaction
Takehiko Ohno, Riad I. Hammoud

9. Gaze-Contingent Volume Rendering
Mike G. Jones, Stavri G. Nikolov

10. A Temporal Multiresolution Pyramid for Gaze-Contingent: Manipulation of Natural Video
Martin Böhme, Michael Dorr, Thomas Martinetz, Erhardt Barth

IV. Eye Monitoring in Military and Security Realms

11. Measuring the Eyes for Military Applications
Sandra P. Marshall

12. Passive Eye Monitoring in Information Security
Bogdan Hoanca, Kenrick Mock

V. Eye Monitoring in Automotive and Medicine

13. Driver Cognitive Distraction Detection Using Eye Movements
Yulan Liang, John D. Lee

14. Alertometer: Detecting and Mitigating Driver Drowsiness and Fatigue Using an Integrated Human Factors and Computer Vision Approach
Riad I. Hammoud, Harry Zhang

15. Eye Monitoring Applications in Medicine
M. Stella Atkins, Marios Nicolaou, Guang-Zhong Yang

VI. Eye Monitoring in Information Retrieval and Interface Design Assessment

16. Eye Monitoring in Online Search
Laura Granka, Matthew Feusner, Lori Lorigo

17. Studying Cognitive Processes in Computer Program Comprehension
Roman Bednarik, Justus Randolph

18. Eye Monitoring Studies on TV News and the Web Converge: A Tale of Two Screens
Sheree Josephson, Michael E. Holmes


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