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The Silver Market Phenomenon

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Table of contents

I. The Demographic Shift: Challenges, Chances, Perspectives

1. Demographic Change and Economic Growth
T. Fent, B. Mahlberg, A. Prskawetz

2. Talking Politics: Demographic Variables and Policy Measures in Japan
G. Vogt

3. The Silver Markets in Japan Through Regulatory Reform
N. Yashiro

4. Matching Demand and Supply: Future Technologies for Active Ageing in Europe
N. Malanowski

5. How Baby-Boomers in the United States Anticipate Their Aging Future: Implications for the Silver Market
M. Silverstein, A. Abramson

6. Japan’s Demographic Changes, Social Implications, and Business Opportunities
C. Usui

II. Innovation, Design and Product Development for the Silver Market

7. Disabled Persons as Lead Users for Silver Market Customers
P. Helminen

8. Integration of the Elderly in the Design Process
K. Schmidt-Ruhland, M. Knigge

9. Universal Design – Innovations for All Ages
O. Gassmann, G. Reepmeyer

10. Transgenerational Design: A Heart Transplant for Housing
J. J. Pirkl

11. Service Innovation: Towards Designing New Business Models for Aging Societies
P. Reinmoeller

III. Marketing for the Silver Market

12. Current Strategies in the Retail Industry for Best-Agers
G. Arnold, S. Krancioch

13. Silver Pricing: Satisfying Needs is Not Enough Balancing Value Delivery and Value Extraction is Key
S. Lippert

14. Macro-Structural Bases of Consumption in an Aging Low Birth-Rate Society
T. Yamashita, T. Nakamura

15. Changing Consumer Values and Behavior in Japan: Adaptation of Keio Department Store Shinjuku
N. Enomoto

16. Grey Power: Older Workers as Older Customers
S. Tempest, C. Barnatt, C. Coupland

17. Older Consumers’ Customer Service Preferences
S. Pettigrew

18. Silver Advertising: Elderly People in Japanese TV Ads
M. Prieler

19. Advertising Agencies: The Most Calcified Part of the Process
C. Nyren

20. The Importance of Web 2.0 to the 50-Plus
D. Stroud

IV. Industry Challenges and Solutions

21. The Business of Aging: Ten Successful Strategies for a Diverse Market
H. Murata

22. The Discovery and Development of the Silver Market in Germany
P. Enste, G. Naegele, V. Leve

23. India: Emerging Opportunities in a Market in Transition
S. P. Antony, P. C. Purwar, N. Kinra, J. Moorthy

24. Silver Markets and Business Customers: Opportunities for Industrial Markets?
P. Mertens, S. Russell, I. Steinke

25. Business Chances in Personal Transportation: Traffic Safety for Older Adults
K. Mitobe

26. In-Vehicle Telematic Systems and the Older Driver
J. Meyer

27. Taking Advantage of Adversarial Demographic Changes to Innovate Your Own Business
E. Osono

28. The Golden Opportunity of Silver Marketing: The Case of Housing and Financial Services
K. A. Grossberg

29. Medical System Reforms and Medical Information Systems in Japan
N. Kishida

30. The End of Mass Media: Aging and the US Newspaper Industry
M. Miller

31. Material Innovation in the Japanese Silver Market
J. Tomita

32. Potholes in the Road to Efficient Gerontechnology Use in Elderly Care Work
H. Melkas

33. Senior Educational Programs for Compensating Future Student Decline in German Universities
D. Schwarz, J. Lentzy, C. Hipp

34. Lessons Learned and the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
C. Herstatt, F. Kohlbacher


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Keywords: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management Science BUS042000

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