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Advances in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision

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Table of contents

1. Mesh Editing Based on Discrete Laplace and Poisson Models
Marc Alexa, Andrew Nealen

2. Efficient Rendering of High-Detailed Objects Using a Reduced Multi-resolution Hierarchy
Mathias Holst, Heidrun Schumann

3. Mesh Retrieval by Components
Ayellet Tal, Emanuel Zuckerberger

4. Terrain Synthesis By-Example
John Brosz, Faramarz F. Samavati, Mario Costa Sousa

5. Collaboration on Scene Graph Based 3D Data
Lorenz Ammon, Hanspeter Bieri

6. A Progressive Refinement Approach for the Visualisation of Implicit Surfaces
Manuel N. Gamito, Steve C. Maddock

7. Diffusion Based Photon Mapping
Lars Schjøth, Ole Fogh Olsen, Jon Sporring

8. An Incremental Weighted Least Squares Approach to Surface Lights Fields
Greg Coombe, Anselmo Lastra

9. Motion Map Generation for Maintaining the Temporal Coherence of Brush Strokes
Youngsup Park, KyungHyun Yoon

10. Distributed 3D Information Visualization – Towards Integration of the Dynamic 3D Graphics and Web Services
Dean Vucinic, Danny Deen, Emil Oanta, Zvonimir Batarilo, Chris Lacor

11. Interactive Editing of Live Visuals
Pascal Müller, Stefan Müller Arisona, Simon Schubiger-Banz, Matthias Specht

12. Tolerance-Based Feature Transforms
Dennie Reniers, Alexandru Telea

13. A Unified Theory for Steerable and Quadrature Filters
Kai Krajsek, Rudolf Mester

14. Generalised Principal Component Analysis: Exploiting Inherent Parameter Constraints
Wojciech Chojnacki, Anton Hengel, Michael J. Brooks

15. Ellipse Detection in Digital Image Data Using Geometric Features
Lars Libuda, Ingo Grothues, Karl-Friedrich Kraiss

16. A Comparison of Wavelet-Based and Ridgelet-Based Texture Classification of Tissues in Computed Tomography
Lindsay Semler, Lucia Dettori

17. Color Segmentation of Complex Document Images
N. Nikolaou, N. Papamarkos

18. Improved Reconstruction of Images Distorted by Water Waves
Arturo Donate, Eraldo Ribeiro

19. Pose Estimation Using Structured Light and Harmonic Shape Contexts
Thomas B. Moeslund, Jakob Kirkegaard

20. Cognitive Vision and Perceptual Grouping by Production Systems with Blackboard Control – An Example for High-Resolution SAR-Images
Eckart Michaelsen, Wolfgang Middelmann, Uwe Sörgel

21. Occlusion Invariant Face Recognition Using Two-Dimensional PCA
Tae Young Kim, Kyoung Mu Lee, Sang Uk Lee, Chung-Hyuk Yim

22. Multidirectional Face Tracking with 3D Face Model and Learning Half-Face Template
Jun’ya Matsuyama, Kuniaki Uehara

23. Representing Directions for Hough Transforms
Fabian Wenzel, Rolf-Rainer Grigat

24. Dense Stereo Matching with Growing Aggregation and Neural Learning
Ignazio Gallo, Elisabetta Binaghi

25. Improving Appearance-Based 3D Face Tracking Using Sparse Stereo Data
Fadi Dornaika, Angel D. Sappa

26. 3D Tracking Using 2D-3D Line Segment Correspondence and 2D Point Motion
Woobum Kang, Shigeru Eiho

27. Vision-Based Tracking System for Head Motion Correction in FMRI Images
Tali Lerner, Ehud Rivlin, Moshe Gur

28. Learning Nonlinear Manifolds of Dynamic Textures
Ishan Awasthi, Ahmed Elgammal

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Simulation and Modeling, Pattern Recognition

Publication year
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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