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Modern Anesthetics

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Table of contents

I. Molecular Mechanisms of Anesthetic Action

1. The Site of Anesthetic Action
B. W. Urban

2. Inhibitory Ligand-Gated Ion Channels as Substrates for General Anesthetic Actions
A. Zeller, R. Jurd, S. Lambert, M. Arras, B. Drexler, C. Grashoff, B. Antkowiak, U. Rudolph

3. Actions of Anesthetics on Excitatory Transmitter-Gated Channels
G. Akk, S. Mennerick, J. H. Steinbach

4. Voltage-Gated Ion Channels
C. Nau

5. G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
R. D. Sanders, D. Brian, M. Maze

II. Modern Inhalation Anesthetics

6. Inhalation Anaesthesia: From Diethyl Ether to Xenon
J. G. Bovill

7. General Anesthetics and Long-Term Neurotoxicity
M. Perouansky

8. Special Aspects of Pharmacokinetics of Inhalation Anesthesia
J. F. A. Hendrickx, A. Wolf

9. Inhalational Anaesthetics and Cardioprotection
N. C. Weber, W. Schlack

10. Non-Immobilizing Inhalational Anesthetic-Like Compounds
M. Perouansky

III. Modern Intravenous Anesthetics

11. Propofol
C. Vanlersberghe, F. Camu

12. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of GPI 15715 or Fospropofol (Aquavan Injection) — A Water-Soluble Propofol Prodrug
J. Fechner, H. Schwilden, J. Schüttler

13. Etomidate and Other Non-Barbiturates
C. Vanlersberghe, F. Camu

14. Remifentanil and Other Opioids
F. S. Servin, V. Billard

15. Ketamine
B. Sinner, B. M. Graf

16. Midazolam and Other Benzodiazepines
K. T. Olkkola, J. Ahonen

IV. Pharmacokinetics-Pharmacodynamics Based Administration of Anesthetics

17. The Effect of Altered Physiological States on Intravenous Anesthetics
T. K. Henthorn

18. Anesthetics Drug Pharmacodynamics
P. Bischoff, G. Schneider, E. Kochs

19. Defining Depth of Anesthesia
S. L. Shafer, D. R. Stanski

20. Target Controlled Anaesthetic Drug Dosing
H. Schwilden, J. Schüttler

21. Advanced Technologies and Devices for Inhalational Anesthetic Drug Dosing
J. -U. Meyer, G. Kullik, N. Wruck, K. Kück, J. Manigel

22. Hypnotic and Opioid Anesthetic Drug Interactions on the CNS, Focus on Response Surface Modeling
T. W. Bouillon


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