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Table of contents

Part A. Medical Technology Basics

1. Technology in Medicine: Its Role and Significance in Terms of Health Policy
Rüdiger Kramme, Heike Kramme

2. Medicine Is More Than Applied Technology for Human Beings
Giovanni Maio

3. Hygiene in Medical Technology
Heinz-Michael Just, Eckhard Roggenkamp, Annette Reinhardt

4. Technical Safety of Electrical Medical Technology Equipment and Systems
Rüdiger Kramme, Hans-Peter Uhlig

5. Quality Management in Medical Technology
Albrecht Malkmus

6. Usability of Medical Devices
Ulrich Matern, Dirk Büchel

Part B. Functional Diagnostics Devices

7. Basic Diagnostics in Cardiology
Rüdiger Kramme

8. Pulmonary Function Testing
Rolf M. Schlegelmilch, Rüdiger Kramme

9. Devices and Methods in Clinical Neurophysiology
Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Ursula Krechel

10. Sleep Diagnostic Systems
Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Robert S. Pozos

11. Nystagmography
Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Eduardo Fernandez

12. Audiometry
Sebastian Hoth

13. Measurement Techniques in Ophthalmology
Albert J. Augustin

14. Functional Force Assessment of Skeletal Muscles
Paul A. Iaizzo, William K. Durfee

Part C. Medical Imaging

15. Digital Radiography
Lothar Heuser

16. Computed Tomography
Thorsten M. Buzug

17. Ultrasound Diagnostics
Rudolf Götz, Frank Schön

18. Medical Infrared Imaging
Gerald C. Holst, Thorsten M. Buzug

19. Endoscopy
Martin Leonhard, Klaus-Martin Irion

20. Cone-Beam Computed Tomography and Navigation
Dirk Schulze, Gerhard Hoffmann

21. Interventional Radiology – Angiography
Doris Pommi

22. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
John McNulty, Michael Born, Robert S. Pozos

23. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Wolfgang R. Nitz

24. Magnetic Particle Imaging
Jörn Borgert, Bernhard Gleich, Thorsten M. Buzug

25. MR-Guided Interventions and Surgery
Andreas Melzer, Erwin Immel, Rachel Toomey, Fabiola Fernandez-Gutierrez

26. Devices and Materials in MRI
Gregor Schaefers, Andreas Melzer

Part D. Therapeutic Devices

27. Long-Term Ventilators for Intensive Therapy
Thomas Peyn

28. Defibrillators and ICD Systems
Rüdiger Kramme

29. Laser Systems
Frank Zgoda

30. Inhalational Anesthesia Devices
Erich Siegel

31. Extracorporeal Blood Purification Systems
Jörg Vienken

32. Heart–Lung Machines
Ulrich Böckler, Andreas Hahn

33. Application of Shock Waves and Pressure Pulses in Medicine
Friedrich Ueberle

34. High-Frequency Surgery
Bernhard Hug, Reiner Haag

35. Medical Radiation Therapy
Peter H. Cossmann

36. Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems
Roland Hetzer, Ewald Hennig

37. Neural Interfaces for Implanted Stimulators
Xiao Liu, Andreas Demosthenous, Nick Donaldson

38. Cardiac Pacemaker Systems
Armin Bolz

39. Introduction to Neuroprosthetics
Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Silvestro Micera

40. Implantable Microsystems
Prashant Tathireddy, Florian Solzbacher, Robert Hitchcock, Klaus-Peter Hoffmann

41. Visual Prostheses
Eduardo Fernandez, Klaus-Peter Hoffmann

42. Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Robotics
Loredana Zollo, Dino Accoto, Silvia Sterzi, Eugenio Guglielmelli

43. Cardiac Devices and Testing
Michael Bateman, Stephen A. Howard, Christopher Rolfes, Timothy G. Laske, Paul A. Iaizzo

44. Functional Electrical Stimulation in Rehabilitation and Neurorehabilitation
Kei Masani, Milos R. Popovic

45. Treatment Planning and Patient Treatment
Golam Abu Zakaria, Wilhelm Schütte, Stephan Garbe

Part E. Monitoring

46. Recording and Processing of Biosignals
Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Florian Solzbacher

47. Monitoring Systems
Ullrich Hieronymi, Rüdiger Kramme

48. Cardiovascular Monitoring
Ullrich Hieronymi, Rüdiger Kramme

49. Respiratory Monitoring and Pulse Oximetry
Ullrich Hieronymi, Rüdiger Kramme, Harald Kronberg

50. Temperature Monitoring
Rüdiger Kramme, Ullrich Hieronymi

51. Cerebral Monitoring
Barbara Schultz, Arthur Schultz, Harald Kronberg

52. Brain Computer Interface
Günter Edlinger, Cristiano Rizzo, Christoph Guger

53. Fetal Monitoring
Birgit Wacker, Martin Maier

54. Neonatal Monitoring
Roland Hentschel

55. Intraoperative Neuromonitoring
Werner Kneist, Daniel W. Kauff

56. Ionic Neural Sensing
Iasonas F. Triantis, Anna Radomska-Botelho Moniz, Kostis Michelakis, Sanjiv Sharma, Jakub Trzebinski, Belinda Garner, Amir Eftekhar

Part F. Medical Information Processing and Communication

57. Fusing Medical Engineering and Information Technology – Structure, Integration and Process Optimization
Hajo Tanck, Michael Heinlein

58. Communicating Medical Systems and Networks
Armin Gärtner

59. Hospital Information Systems
Peter Haas, Klaus A. Kuhn

60. Telemedicine in Germany
Rüdiger Klar, Ernst Pelikan

61. Telemedicine Using Active Implants
Klaus P. Koch, Oliver Scholz

62. Fundamentals of Medical Image Processing
Thomas M. Deserno

63. Virtual Reality in Medicine
Wolfgang Müller-Wittig

64. Computer-Supported Teaching and Learning Systems in Medicine
Martin Haag, Martin R. Fischer

65. PACS and RIS
Christian Zapf, Andreas Bermann, Dirk Sunderbrink

66. 3-D Postprocessing in Virtual Endoscopy
Georg-Friedemann Rust

67. e-Health – Ambient Assisted Living and Personal Health Systems
Natasha Avila, Christina Sampogna

68. Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System
Stanisa Raspopovic, Marco Capogrosso, Silvestro Micera

Part G. Equipment and Tools

69. Operating Tables – the Surgeonʼs Workplace
Bernhard Kulik

70. Medical Robotics
Harald Fischer, Udo Voges

71. Incubators
Guenther Braun, Roland Hentschel

72. Surgical Scissors
Reiner Haag, Wilfried Storz

73. Intelligent Textiles and Trends
Christian Rotsch, Sibylle Hanus, Danny Schwabe, Heike Oschatz, Andreas Neudeck, Uwe Möhring

74. Electronics in Medicine
Paulo M. Mendes, Celso P. Figueiredo, Mariana Fernandes, Óscar S. Gama

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Imaging / Radiology, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Human Physiology

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