Erol, Ayşe

Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material Systems

Erol, Ayşe - Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Energetic Beam Synthesis of Dilute Nitrides and Related Alloys
K. M. Yu, M. A. Scarpulla, W. Shan, J. Wu, J. W. Beeman, J. Jasinski, Z. Liliental-Weber, O. D. Dubon, W. Walukiewicz

2. Impact of Nitrogen Ion Density on the Optical and Structural Properties of MBE Grown GaInNAs/GaAs (100) and (111)B Quantum Wells
J. Miguel-Sánchez, Á. Guzmán, A. Hierro, E. Muñoz, U. Jahn, A. Trampert

3. Electronic Band Structure of Highly Mismatched Semiconductor Alloys
W. Walukiewicz, K. Alberi, J. Wu, W. Shan, K. M. Yu, J. W. Ager

4. Electronic Structure of GaNxAs1-x Under Pressure
I. Gorczyca, P. Boguslawski, A. Svane, N. E. Christensen

5. Experimental Studies of GaInNAs Conduction Band Structure
C. Skierbiszewski

6. Electromodulation Spectroscopy of GaInNAsSb/GaAs Quantum Wells: The Conduction Band Offset and the Electron Effective Mass Issues
J. Misiewicz, R. Kudrawiec, M. Gladysiewicz, J. S. Harris

7. The Effects of Nitrogen Incorporation on Photogenerated Carrier Dynamics in Dilute Nitrides
S. Mazzucato, R. J. Potter

8. Influence of the Growth Temperature on the Composition Fluctuations of GaInNAs/GaAs Quantum Wells
M. Herrera, D. Gonzalez, M. Hopkinson, H. Y. Liu, R. Garcia

9. Assessing the Preferential Chemical Bonding of Nitrogen in Novel Dilute III–As–N Alloys
D. N. Talwar

10. The Hall Mobility in Dilute Nitrides
M. P. Vaughan, B. K. Ridley

11. Spin Dynamics in Dilute Nitride
X. Marie, D. Lagarde, V. Kalevich, T. Amand

12. Optical and Electronic Properties of GaInNP Alloys: A New Material for Lattice Matching to GaAs
I. A. Buyanova, W. M. Chen

13. Properties and Laser Applications of the GaP-Based (GaNAsP)-Material System for Integration to Si Substrates
B. Kunert, K. Volz, W. Stolz

14. Comparison of the Electronic Band Formation and Band Structure of GaNAs and GaNP
M. Güngerich, P. J. Klar, W. Heimbrodt, G. Weiser, A. Lindsay, C. Harris, E. P. O'Reilly

15. Doping, Electrical Properties and Solar Cell Application of GaInNAs
K. Volz, W. Stolz, J. Teubert, P. J. Klar, W. Heimbrodt, F. Dimroth, C. Baur, A. W. Bett

16. Elemental Devices and Circuits for Monolithic Optoelectronic-Integrated Circuit Fabricated in Dislocation-Free Si/III–V-N Alloy Layers Grown on Si Substrate
H. Yonezu

17. Analysis of GaInNAs-Based Devices: Lasers and Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
D. Alexandropoulos, M. J. Adams, J. Rorison

18. Dilute Nitride Quantum Well Lasers by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
N. Tansu, L. J. Mawst

19. Interdiffused GaInNAsSb Quantum Well on GaAs for 1,300–1,550 nm Diode Lasers
R. A. Arif, N. Tansu

20. Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Based on Dilute Nitrides
S. Calvez, N. Laurand

21. Dilute Nitride Photodetector and Modulator Devices
J. B. Héroux, W. I. Wang


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Chemistry / General SCI013000

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Natural Sciences

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