Fuchs, Armin

Coordination: Neural, Behavioral and Social Dynamics

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Table of contents

Part I. Behavioral Dynamics

1. Imperfect Symmetry and the Elementary Coordination Law
Hyeongsaeng Park, Michael T. Turvey

2. Landscapes Beyond the HKB Model
Karl M. Newell, Yeou-Teh Liu, Gottfried Mayer-Kress

3. Behavioral Dynamics of Visually Guided Locomotion
William H. Warren, Brett R. Fajen

4. Human Trajectory Formation: Taxonomy of Movement Based on Phase Flow Topology
Raoul Huys, Viktor K. Jirsa, Breanna E. Studenka, Nicole Rheaume, Howard N. Zelaznik

5. Dynamical Systems and Internal Models
James R. Lackner, Betty Tuller

6. Towards a Unified Theory of Rhythmic and Discrete Movements — Behavioral, Modeling and Imaging Results
Dagmar Sternad

Part II. Neural Dynamics

7. Imaging the Neural Control of Voluntary Movement using MEG
Douglas Cheyne

8. Nonlinear and Cooperative Dynamics in the Human Brain: Evidence from Multimodal Neuroimaging
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Danielle S. Bassett

9. Large-Scale Network Dynamics in Neurocognitive Function
Anthony R. McIntosh

10. Neural Indices of Behavioral Instability in Coordination Dynamics
Olivier Oullier, Kelly J. Jantzen

11. Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI): Restoration of Movement and Thought from Neuroelectric and Metabolic Brain Activity
Surjo R. Soekadar, Klaus Haagen, Niels Birbaumer

12. Sleep, Consciousness and the Brain: A Perturbational Approach
Giulio Tononi, Marcello Massimini

Part III. Social Dynamics

13. Language Use, Coordination, and the Emergence of Cooperative Action
Carol A. Fowler, Michael J. Richardson, Kerry L. Marsh, Kevin D. Shockley

14. Dynamics of Interpersonal Coordination
Richard C. Schmidt, Michael J. Richardson

15. EEG Coordination Dynamics: Neuromarkers of Social Coordination
Emmanuelle Tognoli

Part IV. Coordination: Neural, Behavioral and Social Dynamics

16. J.A. Scott Kelso’s Contributions to Our Understanding of Coordination
Armin Fuchs, Viktor K. Jirsa


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