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New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics VI

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Table of contents

1. An Airbrake Design Methodology for Steep Approaches
B. Anil Mertol

2. High-Reynolds-Number Design of a Wing Section Including Control of Boundary Layer Properties
K. Richter, S. Koch, H. Rosemann

3. Numerical Analysis of Wing Vortices
Frank Zurheide, Wolfgang Schröder

4. Studies on Tailplane Stall for a Generic Transport Aircraft Wind Tunnel Model
Arne Grote, Rolf Radespiel

5. URANS and DES Simulation of Flow Around a Rectangular Cylinder
Claudio Mannini, Ante Soda, Ralph Voß, Günter Schewe

6. Active Manipulation of a Rectangular Wing Vortex Wake with Oscillating Ailerons and Winglet-Integrated Rudders
Ralf Hörnschemeyer, Christoph Rixen, Sebastian Kauertz, Günther Neuwerth, Rolf Henke

7. A New Actuator Disk Model for the TAU Code and Application to a Sailplaine with a Folding Engine
Axel Raichle, Stefan Melber-Wilkending, Jan Himisch

8. Design of a Retrofit Winglet for a Transport Aircraft with Assessment of Cruise and Ultimate Structural Loads
Th. Streit, J. Himisch, R. Heinrich, B. Nagel, K.H. Horstmann, C. Liersch

9. Numerical Simulation of a Wing with a Gapless High-Lift System Using Circulation Control
K.-C. Pfingsten, R. Radespiel

10. Shock Control Bumps on Flexible and Trimmed Transport Aircraft in Transonic Flow
Benedikt König, Martin Pätzold, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

11. A Flat Plate Experiment for Investigations of Vortex Generator Jets at High Reynolds Number
Jens Ortmanns, Christian J. Kähler, Rolf Radespiel

12. Measurement of Unsteady Surface Forces by Means of Piezoelectrical Copolymer Coatings
J. Domhardt, J. Leuckert, I. Peltzer, W. Nitsche

13. Studies of Reynolds Number Effects on Wing Tip Vortex Positions by Means of Laser Light Sheet (LLS) and Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) Technique Under Cryogenic Conditions
D. Pallek, F. Klinge

14. Project ForMEx — A New CFD Approach for Transposition of Wind Tunnel Data Towards Flight Conditions
Stefan Melber-Wilkending, Georg Wichmann

15. Pressure and Heat Flux Measurements on the Surface of a Low-Aspect-Ratio Circular Cylinder Mounted on a Ground Plate
T. Rödiger, H. Knauss, U. Gaisbauer, E. Krämer

16. An Investigation into Internal and External Force Balance Configurations for Short Duration Wind Tunnels
Matthew Robinson, Jan Martinez Schramm, Klaus Hannemann

17. Multiple Discipline Take-Off Weight Minimization for a Supersonic Transport Aircraft
U. Herrmann

18. Three-Dimensional Discontinuous Galerkin Codes to Simulate Viscous Flow by Spatial Discretization of High Order and Curved Elements on Unstructured Grids
Christian Lühon, Siegfried Wagner

19. The Space-Time Expansion DG Method
Frieder Lörcher, Gregor Gassner, Claus-Dieter Münz

20. The Parallel Mesh Deformation of the DLR TAU-Code
Thomas Gerhold, Jens Neumann

21. Simulation of Oscillating Airfoils and Moving Flaps Employing the DLR-TAU Unsteady Grid Adaptation
A.D. Gardner, K. Richter, H. Rosemann

22. RANS Simulations with One and Six Degrees of Freedom Rigid Body Motions
Thorsten Schwarz

23. Improvement of the Automatic Grid Adaptation for Vortex Dominated Flows Using Advanced Vortex Indicators with the DLR-Tau Code
M. Widhalm, Andreas Schütte, Thomas Alrutz, Matthias Orlt

24. Adjoint Algorithms for the Optimization of 3d Turbulent Configurations
Richard P. Dwight, Joël Brezillon

25. Enhanced Runge-Kutta/Implicit Methods for Solving the Navier-Stokes Equations
C.-C. Rossow

26. Navier-Stokes High-Lift Airfoil Computations with Automatic Transition Prediction Using the DLR TAU Code
A. Krumbein, N. Krimmelbein

27. Manipulation of Attachment Line Transition by Geometry Modification at the Slat of a Multi-element Airfoil
Jochen Wild, Holger Dettmar

28. Using CryoTSP as a Tool for Transition Detection and Instability Examination at High Reynolds Numbers
U. Fey, Y. Egami, C. Klein

29. Direct Numerical Simulation of a Short Laminar Separation Bubble and Early Stages of the Bursting Process
Olaf Marxen, Dan Henningson

30. Experimental Investigations of Controlled Transition in a Laminar Separation Bubble at an Axisymmetric Diffuser
L. Hoefener, W. Nitsche

31. Development of a Sensor-Actuator-System for Active Control of Boundary Layer Instabilities in Compressible Flows
Marcus Engert, Andreas Pätzold, W. Nitsche

32. Evaluation of Initial Amplitudes of Free-Stream Excited Tollmien-Schlichting Waves from Flight-Test Data
Arne Seitz

33. The Role of Turbulent Dissipation for Flow Control of Near-Wall Turbulence
Bettina Frohnapfel, Peter Lammers, Jovan Jovanović

34. Radical Farming in Scramjets
J. Odam, A. Paull

35. Aerothermodynamic Investigation of the Pre-X Configuration in HEG
Jan Martinez Schramm, Bodo Reimann

36. SHEFEX — A First Aerodynamic Post-flight Analysis
Tarik Barth, Thino Eggers

37. Simulation of Magnetohydrodynamic Effects on an Ionised Hypersonic Flow by Using the TAU Code
Carmen Böttcher, Volker Hannemann, Heinrich Lüdeke

38. Heat Fluxes Inside a Cavity Placed at the Nose of a Projectile Measured in a Shock Tunnel at Mach 4.5
F. Seiler, J. Srulijes, M. Gimenez Pastor, P. Mangold

39. Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation on a Missile Radome at Mach 6
Carl Dankert, Hannes Otto

40. Control of Flow Separation in Adverse Pressure Gradients by Means of Crosswise Grooved Surfaces for Turbo Machine Applications
W. Hage, R. Meyer, C.O. Paschereit

41. Wave Drag Reduction Approach for Lattice Wings at High Speeds
E. Schülein, D. Guyot

42. Forces and Velocity Measurements in Ship Propulsion Systems
João Pêgo, Hermann Lienhart, Franz Durst, Kay Tigges

43. Numerical Simulation of the Flow Around a Finite Cylinder with Ground Plate in Comparison to Experimental Measurements
Octavian Frederich, Erik Wassen, Frank Thiele, Mario Jensch, Martin Brede, Frank Hüttmann, Alfred Leder

44. Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Problems with the SSG/LRR-ω Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model Using the Unstructured TAU Code
Bernhard Eisfeld

45. Numerical Simulation of the Flow Field Around the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
S. Schmid, T. Lutz, E. Krämer

46. DNS of Compressible Inert and Infinitely Fast Reacting Mixing Layers
Inga Mahle, Jörn Sesterhenn, Rainer Friedrich

47. Developement of a Numerical Procedure for Direct Simulations of Turbulent Convection in a Closed Rectangular Cell
Matthias Kaczorowski, Andrei Shishkin, Olga Shishkina, Claus Wagner

48. Computation of Supersonic Base Flow Using Detached Eddy Simulation
V.K. Togiti, H. Lüdeke

49. Large-Eddy Simulation of Tundish Flows Using Preconditioning
Nouri A. Alkishriwi, M. Meinke, W. Schröder

50. Numerical Investigations of Effusion Cooling in Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Flow
Jens Linn, Markus J. Kloker

51. Numerical Investigation of Flow-Induced Noise Generation at the Nozzle End of Jet Engines
Andreas Babucke, Markus Kloker, Ulrich Rist

52. Numerical Analysis of Sound Generating Mechanisms of a High-Lift Device
Daniel König, Wolfgang Schröder, Matthias Meinke

53. On the Design of Silent Trailing-Edges
M. Herr

54. Investigation of Flow Induced Sound Radiated by a Forward Facing Step
C. Hahn, S. Becker, I. Ali, M. Escobar, M. Kaltenbacher

55. Application of PIV Techniques for Rotor Blade Tip Vortex Characterization
H. Richard, B.G. Wall, M. Raffel, M. Thimm

56. Automatic Differentiation of an Entire Design Chain for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
Nicolas R. Gauger, Andrea Walther, Carsten Moldenhauer, Markus Widhalm

57. Computational Study of Mean Flow and Turbulence Structure in Inflow System of a Swirl Combustor
Sanjin Šarić, Suad Jakirlić, Dalibor Čavar, Björn Kniesner, Paul Altenhöfer, Cameron Tropea

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering, Traffic, Fluids, Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

Publication year
Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design (NNFM)
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486 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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