Konaté, Dialla

Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and e-Learning

Konaté, Dialla - Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and e-Learning, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Numerical Methods and Problem Solving

1. Quasi-Analytical Computation of Energy Levels and Wave Functions in a Class of Chaotic Cavities with Inserted Objects
F. Seydou, O. M. Ramahi, T. Seppänen

2. Existence Results and Open Problems in the Kinetic Theory of Dense Gases
W. Greenberg

3. The High Performance Asymptotic Method in Numerical Simulation
D. Konaté

4. Modelling the Thermal Operation in a Catalytic Converter of an Automobile's Exhaust
O. D. Makinde

5. Modelling Transmission Dynamics of Childhood Diseases in the Presence of a Preventive Vaccine: Application of Adomian Decomposition Technique
O. D. Makinde

6. A New MPFA Formulation for Subsurface Flow Problems on Unstructured Grids: Derivation of the Discrete Problem
A. Njifenjou, I. M. Nguena

7. Analysis of a New MPFA Formulation for Flow Problems in Geologically Complex Media
A. Njifenjou, M. Mbehou

8. A Small Eddy Correction Algorithm for the Primitive Equations of the Ocean
T. Tachim Medjo, R. Temam

2. Modeling and Control of Phenomena

9. Aspects of Modeling Transport in Small Systems with a Look at Motor Proteins
D. Kinderlehrer

10. Optimal Control of Ill-Posed Parabolic Distributed Systems
A. Omrane

11. A Parametric Study of Low Reynolds Number Blood Flow in a Porous, Slowly Varying, Stenotic Artery with Heat Transfer
A. Ogulu

12. Stability of Generalized Convexity and Monotonicity
P. T. An

13. Are Viscoelastic Flows Under Control or Out of Control?
M. Renardy

14. On Topological Optimization and Pollution in Porous Media
I. Faye, A. Sy, D. Seck

15. Dynamical Analysis of Infectious Diseases in Spatially Heterogeneous Environments
J. M. Tchuenche

16. Approximate Scale-Invariant Random Fields: Review and Current Developments
O. I. Yordanov

3. Simulation and Visualization

17. Non-Stationary Vibrations of Viscoelastic Circular Cylindrical Thick Shell Under the Influence of Temperature
F. A. Amirkulova

18. Mathematical Vibration Modelling of the Pre-Stressed Viscoelastic Thick-Walled Cylindrical Shell
Feruza Abdukadirovna Amirkulova

19. Viscoelastic Fluids in a Thin Domain: A Mathematical Study for a Non-Newtonian Lubrication Problem
G. Bayada, L. Chupin, S. Martin

20. From the African sona Tradition to New Types of Designs and Matrices
Paulus Gerdes

21. Finite Dynamical Systems: A Mathematical Framework for Computer Simulation
A. S. Jarrah, R. Laubenbacher

4. e-Learning

22. New Pedagogical Models for Instruction in Mathematics
W. Greenberg, M. Williams


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Natural Sciences

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