Heise, Michael

50 Years of EU Economic Dynamics

Heise, Michael - 50 Years of EU Economic Dynamics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Paul J. J. Welfens, Richard Tilly, Michael Heise

2. The European Union 50 Years On: Some Comments on Its Early History
Richard Tilly

3. Global Shift – The European Union, the United States, and the Emergence of China
Thomas Gries

4. Growth and Competitiveness in Euro Area Economies
Lucas Papademos

5. Financial Market Integration and Monetary Policy
Hans-Helmut Kotz

6. Instability of the Eurozone? On Monetary Policy, House Prices and Structural Reforms
Ansgar Belke, Daniel Gros

7. Financial Markets and Global Integration
David Dickinson

8. Banking, Financial Market Dynamics and Growth in the EU Single Market
Michael Heise

9. Banking, Financial Market Structures and Growth in the EU Single Market
Freddy van den Spiegel

10. Information and Communication Technology: Dynamics, Integration and Economic Stability
Paul J. J. Welfens

11. The Role of Information and Communications Technology in Improving Productivity and Economic Growth in Europe: Empirical Evidence and an Industry View of Policy Challenges
Axel Pols

12. Growth, Jobs and Structural Reform in France
Alain Chappert

13. Growth, Jobs and Structural Reform in the Netherlands
Kees van Paridon

14. Growth, Jobs and Structural Reforms in Greece
Daphne Nicolitsas

15. Economic Catching-Up, Price Levels and Inflation Rates in Central and Eastern Europe
Balázs Égert

16. On the Value and Need for Revising the Economic Policy Framework in the Union
Andrew Hughes Hallett

17. An Alternative Route to Europe – An Alternative for Europe?
Christian Müller

18. Remarks on the Future Challenges of the European Union
András Inotai

19. Applying a Comprehensive Neo-Schumpeterian Approach to Europe and Its Lisbon Agenda
Horst Hanusch, Andreas Pyka

20. Ageing and Economic Growth in Europe Assessing the Impact of Systemic Pension Reforms
Werner Roeger

21. The EU Emissions Trading System and Its Sustainability Impact on European Industry
Raimund Bleischwitz, Katrin Fuhrmann

22. Is a European Constitution for an Enlarged European Union Necessary? Some Thoughts Using Public Choice Analysis
Friedrich Schneider


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