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Plant Surface Microbiology

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Table of contents

1. The State of the Art
Ajit Varma, Lynette Abbott, Dietrich Werner, Rüdiger Hampp

2. Root Colonisation Following Seed Inoculation
Thomas F. C. Chin-A-Woeng, Ben J. J. Lugtenberg

3. Methanogenic Microbial Communities Associated with Aquatic Plants
Ralf Conrad

4. Role of Functional Groups of Microorganisms on the Rhizosphere Microcosm Dynamics
Galdino Andrade

5. Diversity and Functions of Soil Microflora in Development of Plants
Ramesh Chander Kuhad, David Manohar Kothamasi, K. K. Tripathi, Ajay Singh

6. Signalling in the Rhizobia–Legumes Symbiosis
Dietrich Werner

7. The Functional Groups of Micro-organisms Used as Bio-indicator on Soil Disturbance Caused by Biotech Products such as Bacillus thuringiensis and Bt Transgenic Plants
Galdino Andrade

8. The Use of ACC Deaminase-Containing Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria to Protect Plants Against the Deleterious Effects of Ethylene
Bernard R. Glick, Donna M. Penrose

9. Interactions Between Epiphyllic Microorganisms and Leaf Cuticles
Lukas Schreiber, Ursula Krimm, Daniel Knoll

10. Developmental Interactions Between Clavicipitaleans and Their Host Plants
James F. White, Faith Belanger, Raymond Sullivan, Elizabeth Lewis, Melinda Moy, William Meyer, Charles W. Bacon

11. Interactions of Microbes with Genetically Modified Plants
Michael Kaldorf, Chi Zhang, Uwe Nehls, Rüdiger Hampp, François Buscot

12. Interaction Between Soil Bacteria and Ectomycorrhiza-Forming Fungi
Rüdiger Hampp, Andreas Maier

13. The Surface of Ectomycorrhizal Roots and the Interaction with Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
Ingrid Kottke

14. Cellular Ustilaginomycete–Plant Interactions
Robert Bauer, Franz Oberwinkler

15. Interaction of Piriformospora indica with Diverse Microorganisms and Plants
Giang Huong Pham, Anjana Singh, Rajani Malla, Rina Kumari, Ram Prasad, Minu Sachdev, Karl-Heinz Rexer, Gerhard Kost, Patricia Luis, Michael Kaldorf, François Buscot, Sylvie Herrmann, Tanja Peskan, Ralf Oelmüller, Anil Kumar Saxena, Stephané Declerck, Maria Mittag, Edith Stabentheiner, Solveig Hehl, Ajit Varma

16. Cellular Basidiomycete–Fungus Interactions
Robert Bauer, Franz Oberwinkler

17. Fungal Endophytes
Sita R. Ghimire, Kevin D. Hyde

18. Mycorrhizal Development and Cytoskeleton
Marjatta Raudaskoski, Mika Tarkka, Sara Niini

19. Functional Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Root Surfaces
M. Zakaria Solaiman, Lynette Abbott

20. Mycorrhizal Fungi and Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria
José-Miguel Barea, Rosario Azcón, Concepción Azcón-Aguilar

21. Carbohydrates and Nitrogen: Nutrients and Signals in Ectomycorrhizas
Uwe Nehls

22. Nitrogen Transport and Metabolism in Mycorrhizal Fungi and Mycorrhizas
Arnaud Javelle, Michel Chalot, Annick Brun, Bernard Botton

23. Visualisation of Rhizosphere Interactions of Pseudomonas and Bacillus Biocontrol Strains
Thomas F. C. Chin-A-Woeng, Anastasia L. Lagopodi, Ine H. M. Mulders, Guido V. Bloemberg, Ben J. J. Lugtenberg

24. Microbial Community Analysis in the Rhizosphere by in Situ and ex Situ Application of Molecular Probing, Biomarker and Cultivation Techniques
Anton Hartmann, Rüdiger Pukall, Michael Rothballer, Stephan Gantner, Sigrun Metz, Michael Schloter, Bernhard Mogge

25. Methods for Analysing the Interactions Between Epiphyllic Microorganisms and Leaf Cuticles
Daniel Knoll, Lukas Schreiber

26. Quantifying the Impact of ACC Deaminase-Containing Bacteria on Plants
Donna M. Penrose, Bernard R. Glick

27. Applications of Quantitative Microscopy in Studies of Plant Surface Microbiology
Frank B. Dazzo

28. Analysis of Microbial Population Genetics
Emanuele G. Biondi, Alessio Mengoni, Marco Bazzicalupo

29. Functional Genomic Approaches for Studies of Mycorrhizal Symbiosis
Gopi K. Podila, Luisa Lanfranco

30. Axenic Culture of Symbiotic Fungus Piriformospora indica
Giang Huong Pham, Rina Kumari, Anjana Singh, Rajani Malla, Ram Prasad, Minu Sachdev, Michael Kaldorf, François Buscot, Ralf Oelmüller, Rüdiger Hampp, Anil Kumar Saxena, Karl-Heinz Rexer, Gerhard Kost, Ajit Varma

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Agriculture, Microbial Ecology, Eukaryotic Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology

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