Billingsley, John

Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice

Billingsley, John - Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Emergent Behaviour Real-time Programming of a Six-Legged Omni-Directional Mobile Robot Planning of Viennese Waltz Behaviour
Frank Nickols

2. The Hong Kong Underwater Robot Challenge
Robin Bradbeer

3. Dynamics and Control of a VTOL Quad-Thrust Aerial Robot
Joshua N. Portlock, Samuel N. Cubero

4. Project-oriented Low Cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Servo-visual Control for Mechatronics Curricula
C. A. Cruz-Villar, V. Parra-Vega, A. Rodriguez-Angeles

5. Coordination in Mechatronic Engineering Work
Janes Trevelyan

6. A Vision System for Depth Perception that Uses Inertial Sensing and Motion Parallax
Vlatko Becanovic, Xue-Bing Wang

7. Rate Shape Identification Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
P.W.M. Tsang, T.Y.Y. Yuen

8. Advanced 3D Imaging Technology for Autonomous Manufacturing Systems
A. Pichler, H. Bauer, C. Eberst, C. Heindl, J. Minichberger

9. Vision Based Person Tracking and Following in Unstructured Environments
Mahmoud Tarokh, John Kuo

10. Simple, Robust and Accurate Head-Pose Tracking Using a Single Camera
Simon Meers, Koren Ward, Ian Piper

11. Machine Vision for Beer Keg Asset Management
Michael Lees, Duncan Campbell, Andrew Keir

12. Millimetre Wave Radar Visualisation System: Practical Approach to Transforming Mining Operations
E. Widzyk-Capehart, G. Brooker, S. Scheding, A. Maclean, R. Hennessy, C. Lobsey, M. Sivadorai

13. An Underwater Camera and Instrumentation System for Monitoring the Undersea Environment
Kenneth K.K. Ku, Robin Bradbeer, Katherine Lam

14. Visual Position Estimation for Automatic Landing of a Tail-Sitter Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Air Vehicle
Allen C. Tsai, Peter W. Gibbens, R. Hugh Stone

15. Minutiae-based Fingerprint Alignment Using Phase Correlation
Weiping Chen, Yongsheng Gao

16. A Snake-like Robot for Inspection Tasks
Bin Li, Yang Wang, Li Chen

17. Modelling Pneumatic Muscles as Hydraulic Muscles for Use as an Underwater Actuator
Kenneth K.K. Ku, Robin Bradbeer

18. Automated Tactile Sensory Perception of Contact Using the Distributive Approach
X. Ma, P. Tongpadungrod, P.N. Brett

19. Blind Search Inverse Kinematics for Controlling All Types of Serial-link Robot Arms
Samuel N. Cubero

20. Distributive Tactile Sensing Applied to Discriminate Contact and Motion of a Flexible Digit in Invasive Clinical Environments
Betty Tam, Peter Brett, David Holding, Mansel Griffiths

21. Intelligent Approach to Cordblood Collection
S.L. Chen, K.K. Tan, S.N. Huang, K.Z. Tang

22. An Autonomous Surgical Robot Applied in Practice
P.N. Brett, R.P. Taylor, D. Proops, M.V. Griffiths

23. Development of an Intelligent Physiotherapy System
S.L. Chen, W.B. Lai, T.H. Lee, K.K. Tan

24. Visual Prostheses for the Blind: A Framework for Information Presentation
Jason Dowling, Wageeh Boles, Anthony Maeder

25. Computer-based Method of Determining the Path of a HIFU Beam Through Tissue Layers from Medical Images to Improve Cancer Treatment
E. McCarthy, S. Pather

26. On-the-go Machine Vision Sensing of Cotton Plant Geometric Parameters: First Results
Cheryl McCarthy, Nigel Hancock, Steven Raine

27. Robotics for Agricultural Systems
Mario M. Foglia, Angelo Gentile, Giulio Reina

28. More Machine Vision Applications in the NCEA
John Billingsley


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