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Computer Network Security

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Table of contents

1. Surreptitious Software: Models from Biology and History
Christian Collberg, Jasvir Nagra, Fei-Yue Wang

2. Characterizing Software Self-healing Systems
Angelos D. Keromytis

3. Assumptions: The Trojan Horses of Secure Protocols
Paulo Verissimo

4. Smart Cards and Digital Security
Jean-Daniel Aussel

5. Virus Throttle as Basis for ProActive Defense
Mauricio Sanchez

6. Technologies for Protection Against Insider Attacks on Computer Systems
Victor Serdiouk

7. Access Control and Declassification
Gérard Boudol, Marija Kolundžija

8. Reasoning About Delegation and Account Access in Retail Payment Systems
Shiu-Kai Chin, Susan Older

9. Performance Evaluation of Keyless Authentication Based on Noisy Channel
Valery Korzhik, Viktor Yakovlev, Guillermo Morales-Luna, Roman Chesnokov

10. Avoiding Key Redistribution in Key Assignment Schemes
Harry Rowe, Jason Crampton

11. Fern: An Updatable Authenticated Dictionary Suitable for Distributed Caching
E. Freudenthal, D. Herrera, S. Gutstein, R. Spring, L. Longpré

12. Class of Provably Secure Information Authentication Systems
N.A. Moldovyan, A.A. Moldovyan

13. A New Modeling Paradigm for Dynamic Authorization in Multi-domain Systems
Manoj Sastry, Ram Krishnan

14. Synthesis of Non-interferent Distributed Systems
Franck Cassez, John Mullins, Olivier H. Roux

15. Privacy-Preserving Credential Verification for Non-monotonic Trust Management Systems
Changyu Dong, Giovanni Russello, Naranker Dulay

16. Covert Channel Invisibility Theorem
Alexander Grusho, Nick Grebnev, Elena Timonina

17. Policy-Based Proactive Monitoring of Security Policy Performance
Vitaly Bogdanov, Igor Kotenko

18. Comparing Electronic Battlefields: Using Mean Time-To-Compromise as a Comparative Security Metric
David John Leversage, Eric James Byres

19. Abstraction Based Verification of a Parameterised Policy Controlled System
Peter Ochsenschläger, Roland Rieke

20. Algebraic Models to Detect and Solve Policy Conflicts
Cataldo Basile, Alberto Cappadonia, Antonio Lioy

21. Event Calcululus Based Checking of Filtering Policies
Artem Tishkov, Ekaterina Sidelnikova, Igor Kotenko

22. A New Approach to Security Evaluation of Operating Systems
Peter D. Zegzhda, Dmitry P. Zegzhda, Maxim O. Kalinin

23. Multi-agent Peer-to-Peer Intrusion Detection
Vladimir Gorodetsky, Oleg Karsaev, Vladimir Samoylov, Sergey Serebryakov

24. An Interval Temporal Logic-Based Matching Framework for Finding Occurrences of Multi-event Attack Signatures
Elzbieta Nowicka, Marcin Zawada

25. Towards Fully Automatic Defense Mechanism for a Computer Network Emulating Active Immune Response
V. Skormin, O. Shiryayeva, A. Tokhtabayev, J. Moronski

26. Mathematical Models of Intrusion Detection by an Intelligent Immunochip
Alexander O. Tarakanov

27. A Novel Intrusion Detection System for a Local Computer Network
A. Tokhtabayev, A. Altaibek, V. Skormin, U. Tukeyev

28. Investigation of the Effectiveness of Alert Correlation Methods in a Policy-Based Security Framework
Bartlomiej Balcerek, Piotr Dragan, Bogdan Trawinski, Marcin Wojtkicwicz

29. Host-Based Intrusion Detection System: Model and Design Features
Pyotr Zegzhda, Semyon Kort

30. Interval Approach to Preserving Privacy in Statistical Databases: Related Challenges and Algorithms of Computational Statistics
Luc Longpré, Gang Xiang, Vladik Kreinovich, Eric Freudenthal

31. Fast Service Restoration Under Shared Protection at Lightpath Level in Survivable WDM Mesh Grooming Networks
Jacek Rak, Wojciech Molisz

32. Anycast Communication—A New Approach to Survivability of Connection-Oriented Networks
Krzysztof Walkowiak

33. Privacy Preserving Context Transfer in All-IP Networks
Giorgos Karopoulos, Georgios Kambourakis, Stefanos Gritzalis

34. Environment-A ware Trusted Data Delivery in Multipath Wireless Protocols
Mohit Virendra, Arunn Krishnamurthy, Krishnan Narayaman, Shambhu Upadhyaya, Kevin Kwiat

35. A Spatial Watermarking Algorithm for Video Images
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Liana Stanescu, Anca Ion, Cristian Marian Mihaescu

36. Watermarking Software to Signal Copy Protection
Erno Jeges, Zoltán Hornák, Gergely Eberhardt, Zoltán Nagy


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Keywords: COMPUTERS / Computer Science COM014000

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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