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Recent Advances in Mechatronics

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Table of contents

1. Dynamical behaviors of the C axis multibody mass system with the worm gear
J. K?epela, V. Singule

2. Control unit architecture for biped robot
D. Vlachý, P. Zezula, R. Grepl

3. Quantifying the amount of spatial and temporal information in video test sequences
A. Ostaszewska, R. K?oda

4. Genetic Identification of Parameters the Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducers for Cleaning System
Pawe? Fabija?ski, Ryszard ?agoda

5. Simulation Modeling and Control of a Mobile Robot with Omnidirectional Wheels
T. Kubela, A. Pochylý

6. Environment detection and recognition system of a mobile robot for inspecting ventilation ducts
A. Timofiejczuk, M. Adamczyk, A. Bzymek, P. Przysta?ka

7. Calculation of robot model using feed-forward neural nets
C. Wildner, J. E. Kurek

8. EmAmigo framework for developing behavior-based control systems of inspection robots
P. Przysta?ka, M. Adamczyk

9. Simulation of Stirling engine working cycle
M. Sikora, R. Vlach

10. Mobile robot for inspecting ventilation ducts
W. Moczulski, M. Adamczyk, P. Przysta?ka, A. Timofiejczuk

11. Applications of augmented reality in machinery design, maintenance and diagnostics
W. Moczulski, W. Panfil, M. Januszka, G. Mikulski

12. Approach to Early Boiler Tube Leak Detection with Artificial Neural Networks
A. Jankowska

13. Behavior-based control system of a mobile robot for the visual inspection of ventilation ducts
W. Panfil, P. Przysta?ka, M. Adamczyk

14. Simulation and Realization of Combined Snake Robot
V. Racek, J. Sitar, D. Maga

15. Design of Combined Snake Robot
V. Racek, J. Sitar, D. Maga

16. Design of small-outline robot - simulator of gait of an amphibian
M. Bodnicki, M. S?klewski

17. The necessary condition for information usefulness in signal parameter estimation
Grzegorz Smo?alski

18. Grammar Based Automatic Speech Recognition System for the Polish Language
Danijel Koržinek, ?ukasz Brocki

19. State Controller of Active Magnetic Bearing
M. Turek, T. B?ezina

20. Fuzzy set approach to signal detection
M. Šeda

21. The robot for practical verifying of artificial intelligence methods: Micro-mouse task
T. Marada

22. The enhancement of PCSM method by motion history analysis
S. V?chet, J. Krejsa, P. Houška

23. Mathematical Model for the Multi-attribute Control of the air-conditioning in green houses
Wojciech Tarnowski, Bui Bach Lam

24. Kohonen Self-Organizing Map for the Traveling Salesperson Problem
?ukasz Brocki, Danijel Koržinek

25. Simulation modeling, optimalization and stabilisation of biped robot
P. Zezula, D. Vlachý, R. Grepl

26. Extended kinematics for control of quadruped robot
R. Grepl

27. Application of the image processing methods for analysis of two-phase flow in turbomachinery
M. ?leziak

28. Optoelectronic Sensor with Quadrant Diode Patterns Used in the Mobile Robots Navigation
D. Bacescu, H. Panaitopol, D. M. Bacescu, L. Bogatu, S. Petrache

29. Mathematical Analysis of Stability for Inverter Fed Synchronous Motor with Fuzzy Logic Control
P. Fabija?ski, R. ?agoda

30. The influence of active control strategy on working machines seat suspension behavior
I. Maciejewski

31. Verification of the walking gait generation algorithms using branch and bound methods
V. Ondroušek, S. V?chet, J. Krejsa, P. Houška

32. Control of a Stewart platform with fuzzy logic and artificial neural network compensation
F. Serrano, A. Caballero, K. Yen, T. Brezina

33. Mechanical carrier of a mobile robot for inspecting ventilation ducts
M. Adamczyk

34. The issue of symptoms based diagnostic reasoning
J. M. Ko?cielny, M. Syfert

35. The idea and the realization of the virtual laboratory based on the AMandD system
P. St?pie?, M. Syfert

36. The discrete methods for solutions of continuous-time systems
I. Svarc

37. Control units for small electric drives with universal software interface
P. Houška, V. Ondroušek, S. V?chet, T. B?ezina

38. Predictor for Control of Stator Winding Water Cooling of Synchronous Machine
R. Vlach, R. Grepl, P. Krejci

39. The Design of the Device for Cord Implants Tuning
T. B?ezina, M. Z. Florian, A. A. Caballero

40. Time Series Analysis of Nonstationary Data in Encephalography and Related Noise Modelling
L. Kipi?ski

41. Ambient dose equivalent meter for neutron dosimetry around medical accelerators
N. Golnik

42. External Fixation and Osteogenesis Progress Tracking Out in Use to Control Condition and Mechanical Environment of the Broken Bone Adhesion Zone
D. Ko?odziej, D. Jasi?ska-Choroma?ska

43. Evaluation of PSG sleep parameters applied to alcohol addiction detection
R. ?lubowski, K. Lewenstein, E. ?lubowska

44. Drive and control system for TAH application
P. Huták, J. Lap?ík, T. Lání?ek

45. Acoustic schwannoma detection algorithm supporting stereoscopic visualization of MRI and CT head data in pre-operational stage
T. Kucharski, M. Kujawinska, K. Niemczyk

46. Computer gait diagnostics for people with hips implants
D. Korzeniowski, D. Jasi?ska-Choroma?ska

47. Time Series Analysis of Nonstationary Data in Encephalography and Related Noise Modelling
L. Kipi?ski

48. Precision Electrodischarge Machining of High Silicon P/M Aluminium Alloys for Electronic Application
D. Bia?o, J. Pero?czyk, J. Tomasik, R. Konarski

49. Modeling of drive system with vector controlled induction machine coupled with elastic mechanical system
A. M??yk, T. Trawi?ski

50. Method of increasing performance of stepper actuators
K. Szykiedans

51. Methods of image processing in vision system for assessing welded joints quality
A. Bzymek, M. Fidali, A. Timofiejczuk

52. Application of analysis of thermographic images to machine state assessment
M. Fidali

53. The use of nonlinear optimisation algorithms in multiple view geometry
Maciej Ja?wi?ski, Barbara Putz

54. Modeling and Simulation Method of Precision Grinding Processes
B. Ba?asz, T. Królikowski

55. Determination of DC micro-motor characteristics by electrical measurements
P. Horváth, A. Nagy

56. Poly-optimization of coil in electromagnetic linear actuator
Pawe? Piskur, Wojciech Tarnowski

57. Characterization of Fabrication Errors in Structure Geometry for Microtextured Surfaces
D. Duminica, G. Ionascu, L. Bogatu, E. Manea, I. Cernica

58. Accelerated Fatigue Tests of Lead — free soldered SMT Joints
Z. Drozd, M. Szwech, R. Kisiel

59. Early Failure Detection in Fatigue Tests of BGA Packages
R. Wrona, Z. Drozd

60. Design and Fabrication of Tools for Microcutting Processes
L. Kud?a

61. Ultra capacitors — new source of power
Miros?aw Miecielica, Marcin Demianiuk

62. Implementation of RoHS Technology in Electronic Industry
R. Kisiel, K. Bukat, Z. Drozd, M. Szwech, P. Syryczyk, A. Girulska

63. Simulation of Unilateral Constraint in MBS software SimMechanics
R. Grepl

64. Fast prototyping approach in design of new type high speed injection moulding machine
K. Janiszowski, P. Wnuk

65. Ultra-precision machine feedback-controlled using hexapod-type measurement device for six-degree-of-freedom relative motions between tool and workpiece
T. Oiwa

66. Mechatronics aspects of in-pipe minimachine on screw-nut principle design
M. Dovica, M. Gorzás

67. Assembly and soldering process in Lead-free Technology
J. Sitek, Z. Drozd, K. Bukat

68. Applying Mechatronic Strategies in Forming Technology Using the Example of Retrofitting a Cross Rolling Machine
R. Neugebauer, D. Klug, M. Hoffmann, T. Koch

69. Simulation of Vibration Power Generator
Z. Hadaš, V. Singule, ?. Ondr?šek, M. Kluge

70. An Integrated Mechatronics Approach to Ultra-Precision Devices for Applications in Micro and Nanotechnology
S. Zelenika, S. Balemi, B. Roncevic

71. Conductive silver thick films filled with carbon nanotubes
Marcin Sloma, Malgorzata Jakubowska, Anna Mlozniak, Ryszard Jezior

72. Perspectives of applications of micro-machining utilizing water jet guided laser
Z. Soko?owski, I. Malinowski

73. Selected Problems of Micro Injection Moulding of Microelements
D. Bia?o, A. Skalski, L. Paszkowski

74. Estimation of a geometrical structure surface in the polishing process of flexible grinding tools with zone differentiation flexibility of a grinding tool
S. Makuch, W. Kacalak

75. Fast Prototyping of Wireless Smart Sensor
T. Bojko, T. Uhl

76. Microscopic and macroscopic modelling of polymerization shrinkage
P. Kowalczyk

77. Study of Friction on Microtextured Surfaces
G. Ionascu, C. Rizescu, L. Bogatu, A. Sandu, S. Sorohan, I. Cernica, E. Manea

78. Design of the magnetic levitation suspension for the linear stepping motor
Krzysztof Just, Wojciech Tarnowski

79. Analyze of Image Quality of Ink Jet Printouts
L. Buczy?ski, B. Kabzi?ski, D. Jasi?ska Choroma?ska

80. Development of Braille’s Printers
R. Barczyk, L. Buczynski, D. Jasinska-Choromanska

81. The influence of Ga initial boundaries on the identification of nonlinear damping characteristics of shock absorber
J. Krejsa, L. Houfek, S. V?chet

82. Digital diagnostics of combustion process in piston engine
F. Rasch

83. Superplasticity properties of magnesium alloys
M. Greger, R. Kocich

84. Technological Process Identification in Non-Continuous Materials
J. Malášek

85. Problems in Derivation of Abrasive Tools Cutting Properties with Use of Computer Vision
A. Bernat, W. Kacalak

86. Mechatronic stand for gas aerostatic bearing measurement
P. Steinbauer, J. Kozánek, Z. Neusser, Z. Šika, V. Bauma

87. Compression strength of injection moulded dielectromagnets
L. Paszkowski, W. Wi?niewski

88. Over-crossing test to evaluation of shock absorber condition
I. Maz?rek, F. Pražák, M. Klapka

89. Laboratory Verification of the Active Vibration Isolation of the Driver Seat
L. Kupka, B. Jane?ek, J. Šklíba

90. Variants of Mechatronic Vibration Suppression of Machine Tools
M. Valasek, Z. Sika, J. Sveda, M. B. Necas, J. Bohm

91. Flexible Rotor with the System of Automatic Compensation of Dynamic Forces
T. Majewski, R. Soko?owska

92. Properties of High Porosity Structures Made of Metal Fibers
D. Bia?o, L. Paszkowski, W. Wi?niewski, Z. Soko?owski

93. Fast prototyping approach in developing low air consumption pneumatic system
K. Janiszowski, M. Kuczy?ski

94. Chip card for communicating with the telephone line using DTMF tones
Igor Malinowski

95. CFD Tools in Stirling Engine Virtual Design
V. Pistek, P. Novotny

96. Analysis of viscous-elastic model in vibratory processing
R. Soko?owska, T. Majewski

97. Improvement of performance of precision drive systems by means of additional feedback loop employed
J. Wierciak

98. “Manipulation of single-electrons in Si nanodevices
M. Tabe, R. Nuryadi, Z. A. Burhanudin, D. Moraru, K. Yokoi, H. Ikeda

99. Calibration of normal force in atomic force microscope
M. Ekwi?ska, G. Ekwi?ski, Z. Rymuza

100. Advanced Algorithm for Measuring Tilt with MEMS Accelerometers
S. ?uczak

101. Theoretical and Constructive Aspects Regarding Small Dimension Parts Manufacturing by Stereophotolithography
L. Bogatu, D. Besnea, N. Alexandrescu, G. Ionascu, D. Bacescu, H. Panaitopol

102. Comparative Studies of Advantages of Integrated Monolithic versus Hybrid Microsystems
M. Pustan, Z. Rymuza

103. New thermally actuated microscnner — design, analysis and simulations
A. Zarzycki, W. L. Gambin

104. Influence study of thermal effects on MEMS cantilever behavior
K. Krupa, M. Józwik, A. Andrei, ?. Nieradko, C. Gorecki, L. Hirsinger, P. Delobelle

105. Comparison of mechanical properties of thin films of SiNx deposited on silicon
M. Ekwi?ska, K. Wielgo, Z. Rymuza

106. Micro- and nanoscale testing of tribomechanical properties of surfaces
S. A. Chizhik, Z. Rymuza, V. V. Chikunov, T. A. Kuznetsova, D. Jarzabek

107. Novel design of silicon microstructure for evaluating mechanical properties of thin films under quasi axial tensile conditions
D. Denkiewicz, Z. Rymuza

108. Computer simulation of dynamic atomic force microscopy
S. O. Abetkovskaia, A. P. Pozdnyakov, S. V. Siroezkin, S. A. Chizhik

109. KFM measurements of an ultrathin SOI-FET channel surface
M. Ligowski, R. Nuryadi, A. Ichiraku, M. Anwar, R. Jablonski, M. Tabe

110. The improvement of pipeline mathematical model for the purposes of leak detection
A. Bratek, M. S?owikowski, M. Turkowski

111. Thermodynamic Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine
M. Sc. David Svída

112. Extraction and liniarization of information provided from the multi-sensorial systems
Eugenie Posdarascu, Anca Gheorghiu

113. Contact sensor for robotic applications - Design and verification of functionality
P. Krejci

114. Two-variable pressure and temperature measuring converter based on piezoresistive sensor
H. Urz?dniczok

115. Modelling the influence of temperature on the magnetic characteristics of Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 amorphous alloy for magnetoelastic sensors
R. Szewczyk

116. “Soft particles” scattering theory applied to the experiment with Kàrmàn vortex
J. Baszak, R. Jablonski

117. Measurement of cylinder diameter by laser scanning
R. Jab?o?ski, J. M?kowski

118. Tyre global characteristics of motorcycle
F. Pražák, I. Maz?rek

119. Magnetoelastic torque sensors with amorphous ring core
J. Salach

120. Subjective video quality evaluation: an influence of a number of subjects on the measurement stability
R. K?oda, A. Ostaszewska

121. The grating interferometry and the strain gauge sensors in the magnetostriction strain measurements
L. Sa?but, K. Kuczy?ski, A. Bie?kowski, G. Dymny

122. Micro-features measurement using meso-volume CMM
A. Wozniak, J. R. R. Mayer

123. Distance measuring interferometer with zerodur based light frequency stabilization
M. Dobosz

124. Application of CFD for the purposes of dust and mist measurements
M. Turkowski

125. Optomechatronics cameras for full-field, remote monitoring and measurements of mechanical parts
L. Salbut, M. Kujawi?ska, A. Micha?kiewicz, G. Dymny

126. The studies of the illumination/detection module in Integrated Microinterferometric Extensometer
J. Kr?šel, M. Kujawi?ska, L. Sa?but, K. Keränen

127. Analysis and design of a stationary Fourier-transform spectrometer using Wollaston prism array
L. Wawrzyniuk, M. Dwórska

128. Modeling and design of Microinterferometric Tomography
Tomasz Kozacki, Youri Meuret, Rafa? Krajewski, Ma?gorzata Kujawi?ska

129. Technology chain for production of low-cost high aspect ratio optical structures
R. Krajewski, J. Krezel, M. Kujawinska, O. Parriaux, S. Tonchev, M. Wissmann, M. Hartmann, J. Mohr

130. Automatic color calibration method for high fidelity color reproduction digital camera by spectral measurement of picture area with integrated fiber optic spectrometer
M. Kretkowski, H. Suzuki, Y. Shimodaira, R. Jab?o?ski

131. Coherent noise reduction in optical diffraction tomography
A. Paku?a, T. Kozacki

132. On micro hole geometry measurement applying polar co-ordinate laser scanning method
R. Jab?o?ski, P. Orzechowski

133. Silicon quantum detectors with large photosensitive surface
A. Baranouski, A. Zenevich, E. Novikov

134. Fizeau interferometry with automated fringe pattern analysis using temporal and spatial phase shifting
Adam Styk, Krzysztof Patorski

Keywords: Engineering, Automation and Robotics, Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Machinery and Machine Elements, Biomedical Engineering

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