Berberan-Santos, M. N.

Fluorescence of Supermolecules, Polymers, and Nanosystems

Berberan-Santos, M. N. - Fluorescence of Supermolecules, Polymers, and Nanosystems, ebook


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Table of contents

Part A. History and Fundamental Aspects

1. Early History of Solution Fluorescence: The Lignum nephriticum of Nicolás Monardes
A. U. Acuña, F. Amat-Guerri

2. From Well-Known to Underrated Applications of Fluorescence
Bernard Valeur

3. Principles of Directed Electronic Energy Transfer
David L. Andrews, Richard G. Crisp

4. Luminescence Decays with Underlying Distributions of Rate Constants: General Properties and Selected Cases
Mário N. Berberan-Santos, Evgeny N. Bodunov, Bernard Valeur

5. Fluorescence as the Choice Method for Single-Molecule Detection
Michel Orrit

Part B. Molecular and Supramolecular Systems

6. Water-soluble Fluorescent Chemosensors: in Tune with Protons
A. Jorge Parola, João C. Lima, Carlos Lodeiro, Fernando Pina

7. Fluorescence of Fullerenes
Susana Nascimento, Carlos Baleizão, Mário N. Berberan-Santos

8. Squeezing Fluorescent Dyes into Nanoscale Containers—The Supramolecular Approach to Radiative Decay Engineering
Werner M. Nau, Andreas Hennig, Apurba L. Koner

Part C. Polymers, Semiconductors, Model Membranes and Cells

9. Resonance Energy Transfer in Polymer Interfaces
J. P. S. Farinha, J. M. G. Martinho

10. Defocused Imaging in Wide-field Fluorescence Microscopy
Hiroshi Uji-i, Ania Deres, Benoit Muls, Sergey Melnikov, Jörg Enderlein, Johan Hofkens

11. Dynamics of Excited States and Charge Photogeneration in Organic Semiconductor Materials
Kim G. Jespersen, Yuri Zaushitsyn, Sebastian Westenhoff, T. Pullerits, Arkady Yartsev, Olle Inganäs, Villy Sundström

12. Resonance Energy Transfer in Biophysics: Formalisms and Application to Membrane Model Systems
Luís M.S. Loura, Manuel Prieto

13. Measuring Diffusion in a Living Cell Using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy. A Closer Look at Anomalous Diffusion Using HIV-1 Integrase and its Interactions as a Probe
Jo Vercammen, Goedele Maertens, Yves Engelborghs

14. Pushing the Complexity of Model Bilayers: Novel Prospects for Membrane Biophysics
Nicoletta Kahya, Dennis Merkle, Petra Schwille

Part D. Nanotubes, Microparticles and Nanoparticles

15. Photoluminescence Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
Bing Zhou, Yi Lin, Barbara A. Harruff, Ya-Ping Sun

16. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopic Studies of aSingle Lipopolyamine–DNA Nanoparticle
Noppadon Adjimatera, Aleš Benda, Ian S. Blagbrough, Marek Langner, Martin Hof, Teresa Kral

17. Morphology-Dependent Resonance Emission from Individual Micron-Sized Particles
Trevor A. Smith, Adam J. Trevitt, Philip J. Wearne, Evan J. Bieske, Lachlan J. McKimmie, Damian K. Bird

18. New Plastic Microparticles and Nanoparticles for Fluorescent Sensing and Encoding
Sergey M. Borisov, Torsten Mayr, Alexander A. Karasyov, Ingo Klimant, Pawel Chojnacki, Christoph Moser, Stefan Nagl, Michael Schaeferling, Matthias I. Stich, Anna S. Kocincova, Otto S. Wolfbeis


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