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Unifying Themes in Complex Systems IV

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Table of contents

Part I:. Methods

1. A Complex Systems Perspective on Collaborative Design
Mark Klein, Peyman Faratin, Hiroki Sayama, Yaneer Bar-Yam

2. RAn (Robustness Analyser)
Fabrice Saffre

3. Invariant Subsets of the Search Space, and the Universality of a Generalized Genetic Algorithm
Boris Mitavskiy

Part II:. Models

4. Cell-like space charge configurations formed by self-organization in laboratory
Erzilia Lozneanu, Mircea Sanduloviciu

5. Local Complexity and Global Nonlinear Modes in Large Arrays of Elastic Rods in an Air Cross-Flow
Masaharu Kuroda, Francis C. Moon

6. Self-organization in Navier-Stokes turbulence
Jacques Lewalle

The Game (Introduction to Digital Physics)
Plamen Petrov

8. Epsilon-Pseudo-Orbits and Applications
Douglas E. Norton

9. On the “mystery” of differential negative resistance
Sebastian Popescu, Erzilia Lozneanu, Mircea Sanduloviciu

10. Dissipative Structures and the Origins of Life
Robert Melamede

11. Reverse Engineering Neurological Disease
Christopher A. Shaw, Jason M. B. Wilson, Iraj Khabazian

12. A Multi-Level Synthesis of Dyslexia
Chris Phoenix

13. Emergent computation in CA: A matter of visual efficiency?
Mathieu S. Capcarrere

14. Emergent Probability
Michael Bretz

15. Virtual Stability: A Principle of Complex Systems
Burton Voorhees

16. Fungal Colony Patterning as an Example of Biological Self-Organization
Elena Bystrova, Evgenia Bogomolova, Ludmila Panina, Anton Bulianitsa, Vladimir Kurochkin

17. Production-rule complexity of recursive structures
Konstantin L Kouptsov

18. Iterons: the emergent coherent structures of IAMs
Pawe? Siwak

19. Criticality of the Brain and Criticality of Art
Igor Yevin

20. The Visual Complexity of Pollock’s Dripped Fractals
R. P. Taylor, B. Spehar, C. W. G. Clifford, B. R. Newell

21. Emergent Patterns in Dance Improvisation and Choreography
Ivar Hagendoorn

22. A Stochastic Dynamics for the Popularity of Websites
Chang-Yong Lee

23. Design Patterns for the Generation and the Analysis of Chemical Reaction Networks
Hugues Bersini

24. On the adaptive value of Sex
Klaus Jaffe

25. Optimal Sampling for Complexity in Soil Ecosystems
Arturo H. Ariño, Carlos Belascoáin, Rafael Jordana

26. Predator-Prey Dynamics for Rabbits, Trees, and Romance
Julien Clinton Sprott

27. The Evolution of an Ecosystem: Pleistocene Extinctions
Elin Whitney-Smith

28. The Accuracy of Auto-adaptive Models for Estimating Romanian Firms’ Cost of Equity
Irina Manolescu, Claudia-Gabriela Cior?scu

29. Self-Organizing Geography
Gary G. Nelson, Peter M. Allen

30. City of Slums: self-organisation across scales
Joana Barros, Fabiano Sobreira

Part III:. Applications

31. Programmable Pattern-Formation and Scale-Independence
Radhika Nagpal

32. Amorphous Predictive Nets
Regina Estkowski, Michael Howard, David Payton

33. Multidimensional Network Monitoring for Intrusion Detection
Vladimir Gudkov, Joseph E. Johnson

34. Co-operative Agents in Network Defence
Robert Ghanea-Hercock

35. An Algorithm for Bootstrapping Communications
Jacob Beal

36. Intelligent Broadcast For Large-Scale Sensor Networks
Rajkumar Arumugam, Vinod Subramanian, Ali A Minai

37. Self-Organization of Connectivity and Geographical Routing in Large-Scale Sensor Networks
Vinod Subramanian, Rajkumar Arumugam, Ali A. Minai

38. Managed Complexity in An Agent-based Vent Fan Control System Based on Dynamic Re-configuration
Fred M. Discenzo, Francisco P. Maturana, Dukki Chung

39. Neural Net Model for Featured Word Extraction
A. Das, M. Marko, A. Probst, M. A. Porter, C. Gershenson

40. The distribution of agents to resources in a networked multi-player environment
Robert L. Goldstone, Benjamin C. Ashpole

41. Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector and A Model Design for Banking Performance Enhancement
Semih Onut, Ibrahim Erdem, Bora Hosver

42. How Complex Systems Studies Could Help in Identification of Threats of Terrorism?
Czeslaw Mesjasz

Keywords: Physics, Complexity, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Operations Research/Decision Theory, Game Theory, Economics, Social and Behav. Sciences

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