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Selected Contributions in Data Analysis and Classification

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Table of contents

Part I. Analysis of Symbolic Data

1. Dependencies and Variation Components of Symbolic Interval-Valued Data
Lynne Billard

2. On the Analysis of Symbolic Data
Paula Brito

3. Symbolic Analysis to Learn Evolving CyberTraffic
Costantina Caruso, Donato Malerba

4. A Clustering Algorithm for Symbolic Interval Data Based on a Single Adaptive Hausdorff Distance
Francisco de A. T. Carvalho

5. An Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Improving Symbolic Object Retrieval
Floriana Esposito, Claudia d’Amato

6. 3WaySym-Scal: Three-Way Symbolic Multidimensional Scaling
Patrick J. F. Groenen, Suzanne Winsberg

7. Clustering and Validation of Interval Data
André Hardy, Joffray Baune

8. Building Symbolic Objects from Data Streams
Georges Hébrail, Yves Lechevallier

9. Feature Clustering Method to Detect Monotonic Chain Structures in Symbolic Data
Manabu Ichino

10. Symbolic Markov Chains
Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture, Etienne Cuvelier

11. Quality Issues in Symbolic Data Analysis
Haralambos Papageorgiou, Maria Vardaki

12. Dynamic Clustering of Histogram Data: Using the Right Metric
Rosanna Verde, Antonio Irpino

Part II. Clustering Methods

13. Beyond the Pyramids: Rigid Clustering Systems
Jean-Pierre Barthélemy, Gentian Gusho, Christophe Osswald

14. Indirect Blockmodeling of 3-Way Networks
Vladimir Batagelj, Anuška Ferligoj, Patrick Doreian

15. Clustering Methods: A History of k-Means Algorithms
Hans-Hermann Bock

16. Overlapping Clustering in a Graph Using k-Means and Application to Protein Interactions Networks
Irène Charon, Lucile Denoeud, Olivier Hudry

17. Species Clustering via Classical and Interval Data Representation
Marie Chavent

18. Looking for High Density Zones in a Graph
Tristan Colombo, Alain Guénoche

19. Block Bernoulli Parsimonious Clustering Models
Gérard Govaert, Mohamed Nadif

20. Cluster Analysis Based on Posets
Melvin F. Janowitz

21. Hybrid k-Means: Combining Regression-Wise and Centroid-Based Criteria for QSAR
Robert Stanforth, Evgueni Kolossov, Boris Mirkin

22. Partitioning by Particle Swarm Optimization
Javier Trejos-Zelaya, Mario Villalobos-Arias

Part III. Conceptual Analysis of Data

23. Concepts of a Discrete Random Variable
Richard Emilion

24. Mining Description Logics Concepts with Relational Concept Analysis
Marianne Huchard, Amedeo Napoli, Mohamed Rouane Hacene, Petko Valtchev

25. Representation of Concept Description by Multivalued Taxonomic Preordonance Variables
Israël-César Lerman, Philippe Peter

26. Recent Advances in Conceptual Clustering: CLUSTER3
Ryszard S. Michalski, William D. Seeman

27. Symbolic Dynamics in Text: Application to Automated Construction of Concept Hierarchies
Fionn Murtagh

Part IV. Consensus Methods

28. Average Consensus and Infinite Norm Consensus : Two Methods for Ultrametric Trees
Guy Cucumel

29. Consensus from Frequent Groupings
Bruno Leclerc

30. Consensus of Star Tree Hypergraphs
Fred R. McMorris, Robert C. Powers

Part V. Data Analysis, Data Mining, and KDD

31. Knowledge Management in Environmental Sciences with mathcal{I}mathcal{K}mathcal{B}mathcal{S}:: Application to Systematics of Corals of the Mascarene Archipelago
Noel Conruyt, David Grosser

32. Unsupervised Learning Informational Limit in Case of Sparsely Described Examples
Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Julien Velcin

33. Data Analysis and Operations Research
Wolfgang Gaul

34. Reduction of Redundant Rules in Statistical Implicative Analysis
Régis Gras, Pascale Kuntz

35. Mining Personal Banking Data to Detect Fraud
David J. Hand

36. Finding Rules in Data
Tu-Bao Ho

37. Mining Biological Data Using Pyramids
Géraldine Polaillon, Laure Vescovo, Magali Michaut, Jean-Christophe Aude

38. Association Rules for Categorical and Tree Data
Henri Ralambondrainy, Jean Diatta

39. Induction Graphs for Data Mining
Djamel Abdelkader Zighed

Part VI. Dissimilarities: Structures and Indices

40. Clustering of Molecules: Influence of the Similarity Measures
Samia Aci, Gilles Bisson, Sylvaine Roy, Samuel Wieczorek

41. Group Average Representations in Euclidean Distance Cones
Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley, John C. Gower

42. On Lower-Maximal Paired-Ultrametrics
Patrice Bertrand, François Brucker

43. A Note on Three-Way Dissimilarities and Their Relationship with Two-Way Dissimilarities
Victor Chepoi, Bernard Fichet

44. One-to-One Correspondence Between Indexed Cluster Structures and Weakly Indexed Closed Cluster Structures
Jean Diatta

45. Adaptive Dissimilarity Index for Gene Expression Profiles Classification
Ahlame Douzal Chouakria, Alpha Diallo, Françoise Giroud

46. Lower (Anti-)Robinson Rank Representations for Symmetric Proximity Matrices
Lawrence J. Hubert, Hans-Friedrich Köhn

47. Density-Based Distances: a New Approach for Evaluating Proximities Between Objects. Applications in Clustering and Discriminant Analysis
Jean-Paul Rasson, François Roland

48. Robinson Cubes
Matthijs J. Warrens, Willem J. Heiser

Part VII. Multivariate Statistics

49. Relative and Absolute Contributions to Aid Strata Interpretation
M. Carmen Bravo, José M. García-Santesmases

50. Classification and Generalized Principal Component Analysis
Henri Caussinus, Anne Ruiz-Gazen

51. Locally Linear Regression and the Calibration Problem for Micro-Array Analysis
Antonio Ciampi, Benjamin Rich, Alina Dyachenko, Isadora Antoniano Villalobos, Carl Murie, Robert Nadon

52. Sanskrit Manuscript Comparison for Critical Edition and Classification
Marc Csernel, Patrice Bertrand

53. Divided Switzerland
Yadolah Dodge, Gérard Geiser, Valentin Rousson

54. Prediction with Confidence
Alexander Gammerman

55. Which Bootstrap for Principal Axes Methods?
Ludovic Lebart

56. PCR and PLS for Clusterwise Regression on Functional Data
Cristian Preda, Gilbert Saporta

57. A New Method for Ranking n Statistical Units
Alfredo Rizzi

58. About Relational Correlations
Yves Schektman

59. Dynamic Features Extraction in Soybean Futures Market of China
Huiwen Wang, Jie Meng


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