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37th Hemophilia Symposium

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Table of contents

1. Johann Lukas Schoenlein Prize 2006
I. Scharrer

I.. Epidemiology

2. HIV Infection and Causes of Death in Patients with Hemophilia in Germany (Year 2005/2006 Survey)
W. Schramm, H. Krebs

3. Hemophilia Registry of the Medical Committee of the Swiss Hemophilia Association — Update and Annual Survey 2006
S. Hartmann, K. Locher

II.. Treatment of Inhibitors in Hemophiliacs

4. Detection of Factor VIII-Specific Memory B Cells in Patients with Hemophilia A and Factor VIII Inhibitors
I. Lang, J. Windyga, A. Klukowska, J. Ilas, H. P. Schwarz, B. M. Reipert

5. Novel Strategies for FVIII: Half-life Prolongation
P. L. Turecek, J. Siekmann, K. Varadi, H. P. Matthiessen, A. Weber, H. Gritsch, F. Scheiflinger, E. -M. Muchitsch, H. P. Schwarz

III.. Hemophilic Arthropathy and Synovitis

6. Predictive Parameters of Fitness in Hemophiliac Children
A. Seuser, P. Böhm, A. Kurme, K. Kurnik

7. Hemophilia and Exercise Project (HEP) Conception and Contents of a “Programmed Sports Therapy” for Hemophilic Patients
M. Herbsleb, Ch. Puta, Th. Hilberg

8. Results of German Hemophiliacs Self-Assessment of Health and Social Status: With Emphasis on Orthopedic Function
W. Kalnins, W. Mondorf

IV.. Relevant Hemophilia Treatment 2006

9. Developing a German Hemophilia Register
B. Haschberger, J. Hesse, M. Heiden, R. Seitz

V.. Pediatric Hemostasiology

10. Thrombin Generation in Children with Hemophilia and VWD — Comparing a Fluorimetric Method and ROTEM
A. Siegemund, S. Saile, T. Siegemund, R. Schobess

11. Thrombin Generation in Severely Obese Children
C. Cimenti, H. Mangge, B. Leschnik, H. Haidl, M. Hiden, A. Rosenkranz, D. Zach, S. Pilz, W. Muntean

12. Protein C Promoter Genotypes Associate with Susceptibility, Development of Sepsis, and Lower Blood Pressure in Young Children with Systemic Meningococcemia
A. Binder, G. Endler Georg, G. Geishofer, B. Resch, Ch. Mannhalter, W. Zenz

13. Life of Teenage Hemophiliacs
G. Giersdorf

VI.. Free Lectures

14. Monocytes Enhance rVIIa Induced Thrombin Generation in Absence of Platelets and Microparticles
M. Hiden, H. Haidl, A. Rosenkranz, C. Cimenti, B. Leschnik, W. Muntean

15. Mutation Detection Rate in Female Patients with Reduced Factor VIII Activity and Negative Family History for Hemophilia A
N. Bogdanova, A. Markoff, U. Antkowiak, U. Nowak-Göttl, R. Eisert, C. Wermes, H. Pollmann, A. Todorova, J. Horst

16. Investigation of Underlying Reasons of Factor VIII Deficiency in Hemophilia A Patients with Undetectable Mutations in the F8 Gene
O. El-Maarri, C. Klein, J. Schröder, A. Pavlova, J. Junen, J. Müller, M. Watzka, R. Schwaab, A. Goodeve, C. Negrier, A. R. Thompson, A. Srivastava, J. Oldenburg

17. Monitoring of Antiplatelet Therapy Using Whole Blood Aggregometry: Experiences and Approaches to Dose Adaptation
A. Calatzis, V. Klauss, F. Theisen, W. Schramm, M. Spannagl

VII.. Poster

18. No Complications in Switching from Recombinate to Advate — a Prospective Surveillance in 22 Children
C. Bidlingmaier, M. M. Deml, S. Jenkins, K. Kurnik

19. Epidemiology and Treatment of Hemophilia A, B and von Willebrand Disease of Type 3 in the Eastern Part of German
R. Klamroth

20. Database Management System for a Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Center
Ch. Auer, W. Rohlfing, I. Scharrer

21. Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Hemophilia and Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
Ch. Auer, S. Heinsdorf, M. Krause, W. Miesbach, I. Scharrer

22. Elucidation of Gross Genomic Rearrangements Involving Large Deletions in the Clotting Factor VIII Gene
Ch. Mühle, G. Lischetzki, J. Schröder, J. Oldenburg, H. Schneider

23. The Centro American Hemophilia Registry, of the CARS Hemophilia Group — Update September 2006
L. Salazar-Sanchez, G. Mancia de Reyes, B. Moreno, S. Torselli, M. J. Lopez, R. Berrios, O. J. Perez, G. Jiménez-Cruz, M. Cartin, M. Navarrete, V. Ramos

24. Two Examples of the Influence of Psychological Stress on the von Willebrand Factor Activity
I. Wieland, C. Wermes, K. Welte, K. -W. Sykora

25. Efficacy of Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment in Hemophilic Patients During the Last 10 Years: a Single Center Experience
P. Smejkal, P. Husa, M. Matyskova, M. Penka

26. Dynamic of Thrombin Generation in Patients with Severe Hemophilia A
F. Wenzel, H. H. Brackmann, J. Oldenburg

27. Hemophilia and Exercise Project (HEP): Effects of a Two-Year Sports Therapy on Physical Activity Behavior and Bleeding Frequency by Persons with Hemophilia
D. Czepa, M. Herbsleb, R. Ziezio, E. Kurz, J. Koch, Th. Hilberg

28. Hemophilia Summer Camp in Germany, 1996–2005
C. Lühr, N. Lühr, A. Tiede, O. Bolte, R. Eisert

29. Impact of Hemophilia on the Psychological Health of Hemophilia Patients in Romania
D. Mihailov, M. Serban, K. Schramm, A. Lacatusu, D. Lighezan, W. Schramm

30. Starter-Kit for Patients Suffering from Hemophilia — A Project Initiated by the German Hemophilia Assistant Committee
K. Andritschke

31. Documentation in Hemophilia Treatment

32. Short-time Prophylaxis with FEIBA in Three Patients with Hemophilia A and High Titer Inhibitors
S. Zupan?i?-Šalek

33. Successful Treatment of a Patient with High Titer Acquired Factor VIII Inhibitor (114 BU) with Rituximab
Ch. Schubert, M. Herold

34. Preoperative Arterial Embolization of a Hemophilic Pseudo Tumor before Osteosynthesis in a Patient with Hemophilia A and Pathological Femoral Fracture
P. Lages, J. Findeklee, A. Huth-Kühne, R. Bitsch, M. Thomsen, G. M. Richter, R. Zimmermann

35. Successful Liver Transplantation in Two Patients with Severe Hemophilia A
W. Miesbach, C. Zapletal, G. Asmelash, A. Vogel, B. Llugalio, W. O. Bechstein, I. Scharrer, R. Grossmann

36. Out from the Cold: Severe Erythema and Clumped Red Cells
T. Kauke, A. J. Reininger

37. Acquired Glanzmann Thrombasthenia in a Patient with Myelodysplastic Syndrome
A. Trummer, A. Tiede, R. Eisert

38. Case Report of an Acquired Inhibitor Against Factor XIII
R. Klamroth, S. Weiher, M. Kuhlmann, S. Gottstein, J. Oldenburg

39. Elbow Endoprosthesis in Hemophilic Arthropathy
R. Scholz, A. Siegemund, U. Scholz

40. Pseudohomozygous APC Resistance Report on Two Patients and a Novel Mutation in the Factor V Gene
B. Maak, L. Kochhan, P. Heuchel, F. H. Herrmann

41. Pseudo-Homozygous APC Resistance Due to Coinheritance of Heterozygous Factor V — R506Q and Type I Deficiency Associated with Thrombosis
A. Pavlova, R. Loreth, D. Delev, J. Oldenburg

42. Three Cases of In-stent Thrombosis in Patients with Clopidogrel Non-response
A. Calatzis, M. Spannagl, F. Theisen, V. Klauss

43. Thrombin Generation in Pregnancy
A. Rosenkranz, M. Hiden, B. Leschnik, E. Weiss, R. Hofer, D. Schlembach, U. Lang, W. Muntean

44. Thrombin Generation — Comparison of ROTEM and Technothrombin TGA
A. Siegemund, S. Saile, T. Siegemund, U. Scholz, R. Schobess

45. Multiple Electrode Aggregometry in Patients on Chronic Aspirin and/or Clopidogrel Treatment
A. Calatzis, M. Spannagl, F. Theisen

46. Endogenous Thrombin Potential in Women with Recurrent Miscarriage and/or Repeated In-Vitro-Fertilization Failure
W. -M. Halbmayer, W. Feichtinger, C. Kindermann, M. Rankine, H. Strohmer, A. Obruca, A. Siegemund, M. Böhm

47. One Year TTP Diagnosis in the Central Laboratory of the University of Mainz
Th. Vigh, I. Scharrer, D. Peetz, K. J. Lackner

48. Venous Thromboembolism — A Metabolic Disease?
C. Ay, Th. Tengler, R. Simanek, R. Vormittag, Th. Vukovich, I. Pabinger

49. Structural Investigation of Two Novel Mutations in Coagulation Factor V by Molecular Modeling
D. Delev, A. Pavlova, E. Seifried, J. Oldenburg

50. High Levels of Human Factor IX Transgene Expression in Mice Increase Blood Procoagulant Activity
M. A. Srour, J. Grupp, Th. Albert, J. Oldenburg, H. Fechner, R. Fimmers, R. Schwaab

51. Factor VII Deficiency: Clinical Manifestation and Molecular Genetics of 718 Subjects with FVII Gene Mutations
F. H. Herrmann, K. Wulff, G. Auerswald, J. Astermark, A. Batorova, W. Kreuz, H. Pollmann, A. Ruiz-Saez, L. Salazar-Sanchez, S. Schulman

52. Therapeutical Options for Congenital FVII Deficiency — The HK 7 Project of the International Greifswald Registry of the Congenital FVII Deficiency (GR-HK-7)
F. H. Herrmann, G. Auerswald, J. Ingerslev, Ch. Schubert, K. Erdlenbruch, F. Botha, R. Eisert, A. Gerhardt, B. Niemann, E. Schomerus, O. Anders, D. Franke, M. Girisch, A. Huth-Kühne, G. Jimenez-Cruz, R. M. Loreth, L. Salazar-Sanchez, A. Siegemund, C. Wermes, K. Zwiauer, K. Wulff

53. Characterization of a Mutation in Exon 1 of the FVII Gene — a Case of RNA Editing?
W. Schröder, K. Wulff, R. Tech, G. Auerswald, S. Becker, F. H. Herrmann

54. Analysis of the Biological Importance of the VKORC1 Gene via Knock-Out Mice
G. Spohn, Th. Wunderlich, A. Kleinridders, Ch. Geisen, E. Seifried, J. Oldenburg

55. In Vivo-Assay for Warfarin-Resistance by Coexpression of VKORC1 and Vitamin K-Dependent Coagulation Factors
A. Fregin, S. Rost, C. R. Müller, J. Oldenburg

56. Functional Promoter Polymorphism in the VKORC1 Gene is no Major Genetic Determinant for Vitamin K Dependent Coagulation Factor Activity
M. Marinova, Ph. Westhofen, M. Watzka, B. Pötzsch, J. Oldenburg

57. Influence of VKORC1 Haplotypes on Cardiovascular Disease
M. Watzka, A. Nebel, N. E. Mokhtari, B. Ivandic, J. Müller, St. Schreiber, J. Oldenburg

58. Creation and Characterization of a Knock-Out Mouse for the VKORC1L1-Gene
M. Hünerberg, G. Spohn, C. R. Müller, J. Oldenburg

59. Novel Variants in VKORC1 — the Target Protein of Cumarin-Type Anticoagulants — in Rodents from Warfarin-Resistance Areas in Europe, Asia and America
S. Rost, H. -J. Pelz, A. Fregin, M. Hünerberg, C. R. Mueller, J. Oldenburg

60. Recombinant Expression and 3D-Modelling of C1-Inhibitor Mutants
T. Förster, C. R. Müller, J. Oldenburg

61. Five Novel Mutations in F13B Gene Resulting in Mild FXIII Deficiency
V. Ivaskevicius, H. Rott, H. Trobisch, S. Halimeh, I. Scharrer, M. Krause, E. Seifried, J. Oldenburg

62. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Children: Predictive Factors for the Outcome
M. Serban, S. Arghirescu, D. Mihailov, A. Oprisoni, M. Bataneant, L. Stana, M. Matsiris, K. Schramm, W. Schramm

63. Preoperative DDAVP-Testing in Patients with von Willebrand Disease
H. -H. Wolf, K. Jordan, A. Frühauf

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