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Science Perspectives for 3D Spectroscopy

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Table of contents

Part I. 3D Instrumentation

1. 3D Instrumentation
J. Allington-Smith

2. 3D-NTT: A New Instrument for the NTT Based on Versatile Tunable Filter Technology
M. Marcelin

3. The Integral Field Unit of the Near Infrared Spectrograph for JWST
S. Arribas, P. Ferruit, P. Jakobsen, T. Boeker, A. Bunker, S. Charlot, D. Crampton, M. Franx, M. García-Marín, R. Maiolino, G. de Marchi, H Moseley, B. Rauscher, M. Regan, H-W. Rix, J. Valenti

4. Scientific Prospects of the 3D-NTT Instrument
D.J. Bomans

5. Handling IFU Datasets in the Virtual Observatory
I. Chilingarian, F. Bonnarel, M. Louys, J. McDowell

6. Simulations of High-z Starburst Galaxies for the JWST-MIRI Integral Field Unit
M. García-Marín, N.P.F Lorente, A. Glasse, L. Colina, G. Wright

7. IFUs: Disentangling the Light from Neighbour Fibers
A. Kanaan, C. Mendes de Oliveira, C. Strauss, B. V. Castilho, F. Ferrari

8. OSIRIS – a New Integral-Field Spectrograph at Keck Observatory
A. Quirrenbach, J. Larkin, M. Barczys, T. Gasaway, C. Iserlohe, A. Krabbe, M. McElwain, I. Song, J. Weiss, S. Wright

9. A User–oriented Comparison of the Techniques for 3D Spectroscopy
S. di Serego Alighieri

Part II. Solar System(s)

10. The Potential of Integral Field Spectroscopy Observing Extrasolar Planet Transits
S. Arribas, R. L. Gilliland, W. B. Sparks, L. López-Martín, E. Mediavilla, P. Gómez-Alvarez

11. Solar System Objects with the NACO Fabry-Perot and SINFONI
M. Hartung, C. Dumas, T.M. Herbst, A. Coustenis, M. Hirtzig, M. Ádámkovics, F. Eisenhauer, C. deBergh, A. Barucci

12. 3D Spectroscopy with an Imaging FTS
J.-P. Maillard

Part III. Nearby Galaxies

13. Nearby Galaxies: 3D Spectroscopy as a Tool, not as a Goal
E. Emsellem

14. Nearby Galaxies Observed with the Kyoto Tridimensional Spectrograph II
H. Sugai, T. Ishigaki, T. Hattori, A. Kawai, S. Ozaki, G. Kosugi

15. Scalable N-body Code for the Modeling of Early-type Galaxies
E. Jourdeuil, E. Emsellem

16. Internal Kinematics of Galaxies: 3D Spectroscopy on Russian 6m Telescope
A. V. Moiseev

17. SAURON Observations of Sa Bulges: The Formation of a Kinematically Decoupled Core in NGC5953
J. Falcón-Barroso, R. Bacon, M. Bureau, M. Cappellari, R. L. Davies, P.T Zeeuw, E. Emsellem, K. Fathi, D. Krajnovic, H. Kuntschner, R.M McDermid, R. F. Peletier, M. Sarzi

18. Characterizing Stellar Populations in Spiral Disks
M. Mollá, S. Cantin, C. Robert, A. Pellerin, E. Hardy

19. The Stellar Populations of E and S0 Galaxies as Seen with SAURON
H. Kuntschner, E. Emsellem, R. Bacon, M. Bureau, M. Cappellari, R. L. Davies, T. Zeeuw, J. Falcón-Barroso, D. Krajnovic, R. M. McDermid, R. F. Peletier, M. Sarzi

20. VIMOS-IFU Spectroscopy of Extragalactic Star Forming Complexes
N. Bastian, E. Emsellem, M. Kissler-Patig, C. Maraston

21. Analyzing Non-circular Motions in Spiral Galaxies Through 3D Spectroscopy
I. Fuentes-Carrera, M. Rosado, P. Amram

22. Harmonic Analysis of the Ha Velocity Field of NGC 4254
L. Chemin, O. Hernandez, C. Balkowski, C. Carignan, P. Amram

23. The NIR Tully-Fisher Relation in Different Environments: the Importance of 3D Observations
I. Fuentes-Carrera, C. Mendes Oliveira, M. Rosado, P. Amram, H. Plana, O. Garrido

24. 3D Kinematics of Local Galaxies and Fabry-Perot Database
O. Garrido, P. Amram, C. Balkowski, M. Marcelin, I. Jegouzo

25. Validation of Stellar Population and Kinematical Analysis of Galaxies
M. Koleva1, N. Bavouzet, I. Chilingarian, P. Prugniel

26. Non-Gravitational Motions in Galaxies
D. Tamburro, H.-W. Rix, F. Walter

27. Studying the Roots of the Supergalactic Wind in NGC 1569 with Gemini GMOS/IFUV
M.S. Westmoquette, K.M. Exter, L.J. Smith, J.S. Gallagher

Part IV. Lensing Studies

28. Gravitational Lensing Studied with Integral Field Spectroscopy
L. Wisotzki

29. 3D Spectroscopy as a Tool for Investigation of the BLR of Lensed QSOs
L. C. Popovic

30. A VIMOS-IFU Survey of z ~ 0.2 Massive Lensing Galaxy Clusters: Constraining Cosmography
G. Soucail, G. Covone, J.-P. Kneib

31. First Results from the VIMOS-IFU Survey of Gravitationally Lensing Clusters at z ~ 0.2
G. Covone, J.-P. Kneib, G. Soucail, E. Jullo, J. Richard

32. Integral Field Spectroscopy of the Core of Abell 2218
S.F. Sánchez, N. Cardiel, M. Verheijen, N. Benitez

Part V. Intermediate z Galaxies

33. Velocity Fields of z~0.6 Galaxies with GIRAFFE and Perspectives for ELTs
M. Puech, F. Hammer, H. Flores

34. News from the “Dentist’s Chair”: Observations of AM1353-272 with the VIMOS IFU
P. M. Weilbacher, P.-A. Duc

35. 3D Spectroscopy of Low-z (Ultra)Luminous Infrared Galaxies
M. García-Marín, L. Colina, S. Arribas, A. Monreal-Ibero, A. Alonso-Herrero, E. Mediavilla

36. Optical Spectra in the Non-Nuclear Regions of ULIRGs: Evidence of Ionization by Shocks
A. Monreal-Ibero, L. Colina, S. Arribas

Part VI. Centres of Galaxies

37. Stellar Populations in the Galactic Center with SINFONI
F. Martins, R. Genzel, T. Paumard, F. Eisenhauer, T. Ott, S. Trippe, R. Abuter, S. Gillessen, H. Maness

38. Stellar Populations in the Centers of Nearby Disk Galaxies
O.K. Sil’chenko

39. AGN Shocks in 3D
G. Cecil

40. Young Kinematically Decoupled Components in Early-Type Galaxies
R. M. McDermid, E. Emsellem, K. L. Shapiro, R. Bacon, M. Bureau, M. Cappellari, R. L. Davies, P.T. Zeeuw, J. Falcón-Barroso, D. Krajnovic, H. Kuntschner, R.F. Peletier, M. Sarzi

41. SINFONI’s take on Star Formation, Molecular Gas, and Black Hole Masses in AGN
R. Davies, R. Genzel, L. Tacconi, F. Müller Sanchez, j. Thomas, S. Friedrich

42. The Unified Model in Nearby Seyfert Galaxies Through Integral Field Spectroscopy
F. Di Mille, V. L. Afanasiev, S. Ciroi, S. N. Dodonov, A. V. Moiseev, P. Rafanelli, A. A. Smirnova

43. A 3D View of the Central Kiloparsec of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1358
G. Dumas, E. Emsellem, P. Ferruit

44. VLT/SINFONI Integral Field Spectroscopy of the Superantennae
V. D. Ivanov, J. Reunanen, L. E. Tacconi-Garman, L. J. Tacconi

45. Integral-Field Observations of Centaurus A Nucleus
D. Krajnovic, R. Sharp, N. Thatte

46. The Puzzling Case of XBONGs: Will 3D-spectroscopy Explain Their True Nature?
M. Mignoli, F. Civano, A. Comastri, C. Vignali

47. Studying of Some Seyfert Galaxies by Means of Panoramic Spectroscopy
A. A. Smirnova, A. V. Moiseev, V. L. Afanasiev

Part VII. Emission Nebulae and resolved Populations

48. 3D Spectroscopy of Emission Nebulae
M. M. Roth

49. GMOS-IFU Observations of LV2
M. J. Vasconcelos, A. H. Cerqueira, H. Plana, A. Raga, C. Morisset

50. The Enigma of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources may be Resolved by 3D-Spectroscopy (MPFS Data)
S. Fabrika, P. Abolmasov

51. Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Abell 30
K. M. Exter, L. Christensen

52. Constraining the Galactic Structure with Stellar Clusters in Obscured Hii Regions
M. Messineo, M. Petr-Gotzens, K. M. Menten, F. Schuller, H. J. Habing

53. Integral Field Spectroscopy of a Peculiar Supernova Remnant MF16 in NGC6946
P. Abolmasov, S. Fabrika, O. Sholukhova, V. Afanasiev

54. SN 1987A: A Complex Physical Laboratory
K. Kjær, B. Leibundgut

55. 3D-Spectroscopy of Extragalactic Planetary Nebulae as Diagnostic Probes for Galaxy Evolution
A. Kelz, A. Monreal-Ibero, M. M. Roth, C. Sandin, D. Schönberner, M. Steffen

56. 3D Spectroscopy of Herbig-Haro Objects
R. López, S. F. Sánchez, B. García-Lorenzo, R. Estalella, G. Gómez, A. Riera, K. Exter

57. High Mass Star Formation In The Light Of Sinfoni
D. E. A. Nürnberger

58. Internal Kinematics of IIZw40
H. Plana, V. Bordalo, E. Telles

59. Integral Field Spectroscopy Survey of Classical LBV Stars in M33
O. Sholukhova, P. Abolmasov, S. Fabrika, V. Afanasiev, M. Roth

60. Unravelling the Chemical Inhomogeneity of Planetary Nebulae with VLT FLAMES
Y.G. Tsamis, J.R. Walsh

Part VIII. Extended Emission Line Regions

61. Integral Field Spectroscopy of Galaxy Emission Line Haloes
R. J. Wilman

Part IX. The High Redshift Universe

62. Integral Field Spectroscopy of Galaxies in the Distant Universe
A. M. Swinbank

63. Integral-Field Studies of the High-Redshift Universe
M. J. Jarvis, C. Breukelen, B. P. Venemans, R. J. Wilman

64. 3D Kinematics of High-z Galaxies as Seen Through the Gravitational Telescope
M. Lemoine-Busserolle, S. F. Sánchez, M. Kissler-Patig, R. Pelló, J.P. Kneib, A. Bunker, T. Contini

65. AGN Feedback at High Redshift: Shaping the Most Massive Galaxies?
N. Nesvadba, M. D. Lehnert, F. Eisenhauer

66. Integral Field Observations of a Distant Cluster
D. Vergani, C. Balkowski, V. Cayatte, H. Flores, F. Hammer, S. Mei, J.P. Blakeslee


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