Böhringer, H.

Heating versus Cooling in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies

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Table of contents

Part I. Observations of Cooling Cores

1. Introduction to Cluster Cooling Cores
C.L. Sarazin

2. Star Formation and Feedback in Cooling Flows
B. R. McNamara

3. Cold Gas in Cluster Cores
M. Donahue

4. Statistics of X-ray Observables of Cooling Core and Non-cooling Core Clusters of Galaxies
Y. Chen, T.H. Reiprich, H. Böhringer, Y. Ikebe

5. Cold Fronts in Cool Core Clusters
S. Ghizzardi, S. Molendi, M. Rossetti, A. Leccardi

6. Core structure of Intracluster Gas: Effects of Radiative Cooling on Core Sizes
T. Akahori, K. Masai

7. Investigating the Central Regions of the HIFLUGCS Clusters with Chandra
D. S. Hudson, T. H. Reiprich

8. Investigating Heating and Cooling within a Sample of Distant Clusters
R.J.H. Dunn, A.C. Fabian

9. Lack of Cooling Flow Clusters at z > 0.5
A. Vikhlinin, R. Burenin, W. R. Forman, C. Jones, A. Hornstrup, S. S. Murray, H. Quintana

10. The XDCP Prospects of Finding Cooling Core Clusters at Large Lookback Times
R. Fassbender, H. Böhringer, J. Santos, P. Schuecker, G. Lamer, A. Schwope, J. Kohnert, P. Rosati, C. Mullis, H. Quintana

11. An XMM-Newton View of Three Clusters of Galaxies
T.F. Laganá, G.B. Lima Neto, F. Durret

12. Exploring Massive Galaxy Clusters: XMM-Newton observations of two morphology unbiased samples at z ∼ 0.2 and z ∼ 0.3
Y.-Y. Zhang, A. Finoguenov, H. Böhringer, J.-P. Kneib, G. P. Smith, O. Czoske, G. Soucail, P. Schuecker, Y. Ikebe, K. Matsushita, L. Guzzo, C. A. Collins

Part II. AGN-ICM Interaction in Cool Cores

13. Heating and Cooling in the Perseus Cluster Core
A.C. Fabian, J.S. Sanders

14. Hard X-ray emission from the core of the Perseus cluster and the thermal content of the radio bubbles
J.S. Sanders, A.C. Fabian

15. Outbursts from Supermassive Black Holes: Shocks, Bubbles, and Filaments Around M87
W. Forman, E. Churazov, C. Jones, P. Nulsen, R. Kraft, H. Böhringer, A. Vikhlinin, M. Markevitch, J. Eilek, F. Owen, M. Begelman, S. Heinz

16. The Gaseous Atmosphere of M87 seen with XMM-Newton
A. Simionescu, H. Böhringer, M. Brüggen, A. Finoguenov

17. The XMM-Newton View of MS0735+7421: the Most Energetic AGN Outburst in a Galaxy Cluster
M. Gitti, B. R. McNamara, P.E.J. Nulsen, M. W. Wise

18. Shock Heating by Nearby AGN
J.H. Croston, R.P. Kraft, M.J. Hardcastle

19. Radio Source Heating in the ICM: The Example of Cygnus A
E. Belsole, A.C. Fabian

20. A Deep Chandra Observation of A2052
E. L. Blanton, E. M. Douglass, C. L. Sarazin, T. E. Clarke, B. R. McNamara

21. Chandra and XMM-Newton Observations of the Group of Galaxies HCG 62
T. Ohashi, U. Morita, Y. Ishisaki, N. Y. Yamasaki, N. Ota, N. Kawano, Y. Fukazawa

22. Radio Properties of Cavities in the ICM: Imprints of AGN Activity
L. Bîrzan, B. R. McNamara, C. L. Carilli, P. E. J. Nulsen, M. W. Wise

23. The Growth of Black Holes and Bulges at the Cores of Cooling Flows
D. A. Rafferty, B. R. McNamara, P. E. J. Nulsen, M. W. Wise

24. Tracing Ghost Cavities with Low Frequency Radio Observations
T. Clarke, E. Blanton, C.L. Sarazin, N. Kassim, L. Anderson, H. Schmitt, Gopal-Krishna, D.M. Neumann

25. High Sensitivity Low Frequency Radio Observations of cD Galaxies
S. Giacintucci, T. Venturi, S. Bardelli, D. Dallacasa, P. Mazzotta, D.J. Saikia

26. Radio Galaxies in Cooling Cores: Insights from a Complete Sample
J.A. Eilek, F.N. Owen

27. Supernova Feedback in Groups and Low-Mass Clusters of Galaxies
J. Rasmussen, T. J. Ponman

Part III. Cooling Cores in Elliptical Galaxies

28. Cooling and Feedback in Galaxies and Groups
C. Jones, W. Forman, E. Churazov, P. Nulsen, R. Kraft, S. Murray

29. Morphological Signatures of AGN Feedback in the Hot Interstellar Medium of Normal Elliptical Galaxies
S. Diehl, T. S. Statler

30. Thermal Structure of the Hot ISM in Normal Ellipticals: Evidence for Local and Distributed AGN Heating
T. S. Statler, S. Diehl

31. Radio-Loud AGN Heating in Elliptical Galaxies and Clusters
P. N. Best

32. “Radio–active” Brightest Cluster Galaxies
A. Linden der, P. N. Best, G. Kauffmann

Part IV. Modelling the AGN-ICM Interaction

33. Review of heating mechanisms in clusters of galaxies
M Ruszkowski

34. Simulating the AGN-ICM Interaction
M. Brüggen, S. Heinz

35. Simulations of Jets in Dynamic Galaxy Cluster Atmospheres
S. Heinz, M. Brüggen, A. Young, E. Levesque

36. Can AGN and Radio Sources Reheat the Intracluster Medium?
D.S. De Young, S. M. O’Neill, T. W. Jones

37. AGN Heating Through Cavities and Shocks
P.E.J. Nulsen, C. Jones, W.R. Forman, L.P. David, B.R. McNamara, D.A. Rafferty, L. Bîrzan, M.W. Wise

38. The Difficulty of the Heating of Cluster Cooling Flows by Sound Waves and Weak Shocks
Y. Fujita, T. Ken Suzuki

39. The Lifecycle of Powerful AGN Outflows
C. R. Kaiser, P. N. Best

40. MHD Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies Including Radiative Cooling
N. Asai, N. Fukuda, R. Matsumoto

41. Quantifying “Feedback” in Cool Core and Non-Cool Core Clusters
I. G. McCarthy, A. Babul, R. G. Bower, M. L. Balogh

42. Buoyant Bubbles in the Virgo Cluster
G. Pavlovski, C. R. Kaiser, E. C. D. Pope, H. Fangohr

43. The Role of AGN Feedback and Gas Viscosity in Hydrodynamical Simulations of Galaxy Clusters
D. Sijacki, V. Springel

44. Cold Feedback in Cooling–Flow Galaxy Clusters
F. Pizzolato

45. AGN Heating of Cooling Flow Clusters: Problems with 3D Hydrodynamic Models
J. C. Vernaleo, C. Reynolds

46. Heating Rate Profiles in Galaxy Clusters
E. C. D. Pope, G. Pavlovski, C. R. Kaiser, H. Fangohr

Part V. Entropy Structure

47. Heating, Cooling, and Intracluster Entropy
G. M. Voit

48. Entropy Generation in Merging Galaxy Clusters
M. Balogh, I. G. McCarthy, R. Bower, G. M. Voit

49. Entropy Profiles of Relaxed Galaxy Groups
F. Gastaldello, D. A. Buote, P. J. Humphrey, L. Zappacosta, F. Brighenti, W. G. Mathews

50. Observational Constraints on the ICM Temperature Enhancement by Cluster Mergers
N. Okabe, K. Umetsu

51. Effects of AGN and Mergers on the Cores of Galaxy Groups
E. O’Sullivan, J. M. Vrtilek, L. P. David, T. J. Ponman, A. J. R. Sanderson, J. Kempner

VI. Chemical Abundances in Cool Cores

52. Helium and Iron in X-ray Galaxy Clusters
S. Ettori

53. Tracing the Evolution in the Iron Content of the ICM
I. Balestra, P. Tozzi, S. Ettori, P. Rosati, S. Borgani, V. Mainieri1, C. Norman

54. Chemical Gradients in Galaxy Clusters and the Multiple Ways of Making a Cold Front
R. A. Dupke

55. Stochastic Gas motions in Galaxy Clusters
P. Rebusco, E. Churazov, H. Böhringer, W. R. Forman

56. Carbon and Nitrogen in the X-ray Emitting Hot Gas of M 87
N. Werner, H. Böhringer, J. S. Kaastra, J. de Plaa, A. Simionescu, J. Vink

Part VII. Optical and Sub-mm Observations of Cool Cores

57. IFU Observations of Hα in Brightest Central Galaxies of Cooling Flow Clusters
L. O. V. Edwards, C. Robert

58. Ionized Gas in Cluster Cores
N. A. Hatch, C. S. Crawford, A. C. Fabian

59. Observing the Cold Molecular Gas in Cooling Flow Clusters
P. Salomé, F. Combes, Y. Revaz

60. Formation of Cold Molecular Filaments in Cooling Flow Flusters
Y. Revaz, F. Combes, F. Salomé

61. Hyperfine Structure Radio Lines from Hot Gas in Elliptical Galaxies and Groups of Galaxies
D. Docenko, R.A. Sunyaev

Part VIII. Numerical Simulations and Cosmological Applications

62. Heating, Cooling and Enrichment in Clusters with Hydrodynamical Himulations
S. Borgani

63. Beyond the Cool Core: The Formation of Cool Core Galaxy Clusters
J.O. Burns, E.J. Hallman, B. Gantner, P.M. Motl, M. L. Norman

64. AMR Simulations of the Cosmological Light Cone: SZE Surveys of the Synthetic Universe
E. J. Hallman, B. W. O’Shea, M. L. Norman, R. Wagner, J. O. Burns

65. Modeling Chandra X-ray Observations of Galaxy Clusters using Cosmological Simulations
D. Nagai, A. V. Kravtsov, A. Vikhlinin

66. Observing Metallicity in Simulated Clusters with X-MAS2
E. Rasia, P. Mazzotta, H. Bourdin, S. Ettori, S. Borgani, K. Dolag, L. Moscardini, J.L. Sauvageot, L. Tornatore

N-body +
Hydrodynamical Simulations of Merging Clusters of Galaxies: Comparison with 1E 0657-56
M. Takizawa

68. Cosmological Structure Formation Shocks and Cosmic Rays in Hydrodynamical Simulations
C. Pfrommer, V. Springel, T.A. Enβlin, M. Jubelgas

69. Determination of Cosmological Parameters using XMM-Newton Observations of the HIFLUGCS Cluster Sample
O. Nenestyan, T.H. Reiprich

70. Complex Physics in Cluster Cores: Showstopper for the Use of Clusters for Cosmology?
T.H. Reiprich, D.S. Hudson

Part IX. Suzaku Observations

71. New Results with the XIS Onboard Suzaku
N. Ota, K. Matsushita

72. Suzaku Observations of A2218
Y. Takei, T. Ohashi, J.P. Henry, K. Mitsuda, R. Fujimoto, T. Tamura, N.Y. Yamasaki, K. Hayashida, N. Tawa, K. Matsushita, M.W. Bautz, J.P. Hughes, G.M. Madejski, R.L. Kelley, K.A. Arnaud

73. A Suzaku Observation of the Cluster of Galaxies A1060
K. Sato, N.Y. Yamasaki, M. Ishida, Y. Ishisaki, T. Ohashi, T. Kitaguchi, M. Kawaharada, M. Kokubun, K. Makishima, N. Ota, K. Nakazawa, T. Tamura, K. Matsushita, N. Kawano, Y. Fukazawa, J.P. Hughes

74. Initial Results from Suzaku Hard X-ray Observations of Abell 3376
K. Nakazawa, N. Kawano, Y. Fukazawa, T. Kitaguchi

Part X. Heating vs. Cooling in Galaxy Formation

75. A New Chemodynamical Tool to Study the Evolution of Galaxies in the Local Universe: a Quick and Accurate Numerical Technique to Compute the Gas Cooling Rate for any Chemical Composition
N. Champavert, H. Wozniak

76. A Heating Model for the Millennium Gas Run
L. Gazzola, F. R. Pearce

77. Powerful Radio Galaxies at z=2-3: Signposts of AGN Feedback in the Early Universe
N. P. H. Nesvadba, M.D. Lehnert

78. 2dF–SDSS LRG and QSO (2SLAQ) Survey: Evolution of the Most Massive Galaxies
R. C. Nichol, R. Cannon, I. Roseboom, David Wake

Part XI. Conference Summary

79. Heating vs. Cooling 2006: Conference Summary
R. Bower

Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

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