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Computer-aided Systems in Public Transport

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Table of contents

Part I. Vehicle and Crew Scheduling

1. A Bundle Method for Integrated Multi-Depot Vehicle and Duty Scheduling in Public Transit
Ralf Borndörfer, Andreas Löbel, Steffen Weider

2. A Crew Scheduling Approach for Public Transit Enhanced with Aspects from Vehicle Scheduling
Vitali Gintner, Natalia Kliewer, Leena Suhl

3. Vehicle and Crew Scheduling: Solving Large Real-World Instances with an Integrated Approach
Sebastiaan W. Groot, Dennis Huisman

4. Line Change Considerations Within a Time-Space Network Based Multi-Depot Bus Scheduling Model
Natalia Kliewer, Vitali Gintner, Leena Suhl

5. Scheduling Models for Short-Term Railway Traffic Optimisation
Alessandro Mascis, Dario Pacciarelli, Marco Pranzo

6. Team-Oriented Airline Crew Rostering for Cockpit Personnel
Markus P. Thiel

Part II. Routing and Timetabling

7. The Modeling Power of the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem: Railway Timetables — and Beyond
Christian Liebchen, Rolf H. Möhring

8. Performance of Algorithms for Periodic Timetable Optimization
Christian Liebchen, Mark Proksch, Frank H. Wagner

9. Mixed-Fleet Ferry Routing and Scheduling
Z. W. Wang, Hong K. Lo, M. F. Lai

10. Generating Train Plans with Problem Space Search
Peter Pudney, Alex Wardrop

11. School Bus Routing in Rural School Districts
Sam R. Thangiah, Adel Fergany, Bryan Wilson, Anthony Pitluga, William Mennell

Part III. Service Monitoring, Operations, and Dispatching

12. A Metaheuristic Approach to Aircraft Departure Scheduling at London Heathrow Airport
Jason A. D. Atkin, Edmund K. Burke, John S. Greenwood, Dale Reeson

13. Improving Scheduling Through Performance Monitoring
Thomas J. Kimpel, James G. Strathman, Steve Callas

14. Parallel Auction Algorithm for Bus Rescheduling
Jing-Quan Li, Pitu B. Mirchandani, Denis Borenstein

15. Schedule-Based and Autoregressive Bus Running Time Modeling in the Presence of Driver-Bus Heterogeneity
Rabi G. Mishalani, Mark R. McCord, Stacey Forman

16. A Train Holding Model for Urban Rail Transit Systems
André Puong, Nigel H. M. Wilson

17. The Holding Problem at Multiple Holding Stations
Aichong Sun, Mark Hickman

Part IV. Network Design, Fleet Sizing, and Strategic Planning

18. Models for Line Planning in Public Transport
Ralf Borndörfer, Martin Grötschel, Marc E. Pfetsch

19. Improved Lower-Bound Fleet Size for Transit Schedules
Avishai Ceder

20. A Tabu Search Based Heuristic Method for the Transit Route Network Design Problem
Wei Fan, Randy B. Machemehl

21. Bus Tolling for Urban Transit System Management
Quentin K. Wan, Hong K. Lo

22. Sensitivity Analyses over the Service Area for Mobility Allowance Shuttle Transit (MAST) Services
Luca Quadrifoglio, Maged M. Dessouky


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