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Springer Handbook of Geographic Information

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Table of contents

Part A. Basics and Computer Science

1. Modeling of Geographic Information
Charles Roswell

2. Mathematics and Statistics
Frank Gielsdorf, Tobias Hillmann

3. Databases
Thomas Brinkhoff, Wolfgang Kresse

4. Encoding of Geographic Information
Clemens Portele

5. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Shuliang Wang, Wenzhong Shi

Part B. Geographic Information

6. Geographic Information Systems
Norbert Bartelme

7. Change Detection
Jérôme Théau

8. Geodesy
Matthias Becker

9. Data Capture
Michael Cramer, Wolfgang Kresse, Jan Skaloud, Norbert Haala, Silvia Nittel, Jan O. Wallgrün

10. Geometry and Topology
Gerhard Gröger, Betsy George

11. Portrayal and Cartography
Paul Hardy, Kenneth Field

12. Geospatial Metadata
David M. Danko

13. Standardization
Wolfgang Kresse, David M. Danko, Kian Fadaie

14. Web Mapping and Web Cartography
Andreas Neumann

15. Geosemantic Interoperability and the Geospatial Semantic Web
Jean Brodeur

16. Registration of Geospatial Information Elements
C. Douglas OʼBrien, Roger Lott

17. Security for Open Distributed Geospatial Information Systems
Andreas Matheus

Part C. Applications

18. Ubiquitous Geographic Information
Tschangho J. Kim, Sung-Gheel Jang

19. Legal, Law, Cadastre
Markus Seifert

20. Planning
Frank Wilke

21. Location-Based Services
Alexander Zipf, Matthias M. Jöst

22. Computational Movement Analysis
Joachim Gudmundsson, Patrick Laube, Thomas Wolle

23. Marine Geographic Information Systems
Lutz Vetter, Mathias Jonas, Winfried Schröder, Roland Pesch

24. GIS in Agriculture
Ralf Bill, Edward Nash, Görres Grenzdörffer

25. GIS in Defense
Gerhard Joos

26. GIS for Transportation
Tschangho J. Kim, Keechoo Choi

27. Geology
Kristine Asch, Stephen J. Mathers, Holger Kessler

28. GIS in Energy and Utilities
William (Bill) Meehan, Robert G. Brook, Jessica Wyland

29. GIS in Health and Human Services
William F. Davenhall, Christopher Kinabrew

30. Open-Source GIS
Ranga R. Vatsavai, Thomas E. Burk, Steve Lime, Marco Hugentobler, Andreas Neumann, Christian Strobl

31. Open-Source Tools for Environmental Modeling
Ari Jolma, Daniel P. Ames, Ned Horning, Helena Mitasova, Markus Neteler, Aaron Racicot, Tim Sutton

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Information Systems and Communication Service, Earth Sciences, general, Ecotoxicology, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

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