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Advances in Construction Materials 2007

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Table of contents

1. Brief Review of the Scientific Work of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans W. Reinhardt
Christian U. Grosse

2. Towards a better visibility of outstanding research
Michel Brusin, Matthieu Duvivier

Part I. Aspects of Structural Engineering

3. Actual tendencies in structural fastening technology
Rolf Eligehausen, Werner Fuchs

4. Constitutive Laws for Concrete and their Application with Numerical Methods
Ulrich Häussler-Combe, Patrick Pröchtel

5. Innovations in concrete technology: Interaction between research, codes and applications
Dick A. Hordijk

6. Ultra-high performance concrete for the roof of a research hot water storage
Achim Lichtenfels

7. Numerical modelling of cam-pocket coupling systems for concrete lining
Peter-Michael Mayer, Ana Libreros-Bertini, Hans M. Hilber

8. Uncertainty models for safety assessment of textile reinforced concrete structures
Bernd Möller, Wolfgang Graf, Andreas Hoffmann, Jan-Uwe Sickert

9. Structural design of a large foundation slab close to reality, stiffness oriented design method CTD
Piotr Noakowski, Holger Leszinski

10. Steel castings in architecture and engineering
Jörg Schlaich, Hans Schober

11. Load-bearing and deformation behaviour of concrete beams reinforced in combination of both steel bars and bars made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP)
Jürgen Schnell, Matthias Pahn

Part II. Fiber Composites

12. Mechanical and Fracture Mechanical Properties of Fine Grained Concrete for TRC Structures
Tanja Brockmann

13. Enriched finite element representation of 2D multi-cracking and debonding in textile reinforced concrete
Rostislav Chudoba, Frank Peiffer, Przemzslaw Zakrzewski, Jacub Jerabek, Josef Hegger

14. Fracture properties of high-strength hybrid fiber-reinforced concrete
Luca Cominoli, Alberto Meda, Giovanni A. Plizzari

15. Textile Reinforced Concrete — A new Composite Material
Josef Hegger, Norbert Will, Karolin Rüberg

16. Viscoelastic behavior of a strain hardening Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Aicha Kamen, Emmanuel Denarié, Eugen Brühwiler

17. Ductility and Fatigue Behaviour of Polymer-Modified and Fibre-Reinforced High-Performance Concrete
Ludger Lohaus, Steffen Anders

18. Bond Cracking and Tension Stiffening Properties of a Deformed Bar Embedded in HPFRCC
Hirozo Mihashi, Koji Otsuka, Hiroshi Akita, Toshifumi Kikuchi

19. Tensile strain-hardening FRC composites: Historical evolution since the 1960
Antoine E. Naaman

20. UHPFRC protection layer on the crash barrier walls of a bridge
Cornelius Oesterlee, Emmanuel Denarié, Eugen Brühwiler

21. Scale effect and combined loading of thin UHPFRC members
Karl-Heinz Reineck, Stefan Greiner

22. Hybrid fibre concrete: is there a synergetic effect?
Lucie Vandewalle

23. Ultra high performance fibre reinforced cement composite under dynamic loading
Silvia Weber, Andreas Rümmelin

24. An Experimental Study on Bending Behavior of Cementitious Composites Reinforced in Combination with Carbon Textile and Short-Cut PVA Fiber
Xu Shilang, Li Qinghua

Part III. Repair Materials and Strengthening Methods

25. Performance of concrete patch repair systems
Hans-Dieter Beushausen, Mark Gavin Alexander

26. Repair of cracked reinforced concrete by injection after accidental loading
Maximilian Fuchs, Manfred Keuser

27. Seismic strengthening of piers with partial use of high ductility cement
Kenji Kosa, Kazuya Wakita, Hiroki Goda, Atsuhisa Ogawa

28. Sprayed GFRP shear-strengthened reinforced concrete Beams under Impact Loading
Sayed M. Soleimani, Nemkumar Banthia, Sidney Mindess

Part IV. High Temperature and Fire Resistance

29. High Strength Fiber Composites for fabricating fire-resistant wood with improved mechanical properties
James W. Giancaspro, Perumalsamy N. Balaguru, Ken Chong

30. Mechanical properties of SFRC at high temperatures
Matteo Colombo, Marco Prisco

31. Modifications of material properties due to elevated temperatures
Éva Lublóy, György L. Balázs

Part V. Corrosion and Durability

32. Influence of cyclic loading on the degradation of mechanical concrete properties
Rolf Breitenbücher, Hursit Ibuk, Hussein Alawieh

33. A material model for creep and fatigue applied to asphalt
Elisabeth Herz, Michael Vormwald

34. Simulation of the cyclic loading and damage behavior of gypsum composites
Wolfgang Lutz, Feng Guo, Siegfried Schmauder, Rüdiger Finn, Siemon Aicher

35. Superabsorbent Polymers — An Additive to Increase the Freeze-Thaw Resistance of High Strength Concrete
Sven Mönnig, Pietro Lura

36. Corrosion products pressure needed to crack the concrete cover
Alejandro Munoz, Carmen Andrade, Andrés Torres

37. Failure mechanisms in fatigue of high strength steel wires for cable-constructions
Ulf Nürnberger

38. Durability aspects of AR-glass-reinforcement in textile reinforced concrete, Part 1: Material behaviour
Heidi Cuypers, Jeanette Orlowsky, Michael Raupach, Till Büttner

39. Durability aspects of AR-glass-reinforcement in textile reinforced concrete, Part 2: Modelling and exposure to outdoor weathering
Heidi Cuypers, Jeanette Orlowsky, Michael Raupach, Till Büttner, Jan Wastiels

40. Stress corrosion cracking mechanism of prestressing steels in bicarbonate solutions
Javier Sanchez, José Fullea, Carmen Andrade

41. Moisture Transport in Concrete — Field Tests and Hygrothermal Simulations
Andreas Holm, Martin Krus, Hartwig M. Künzel, Klaus Sedlbauer

42. Impact of Freeze-Thaw Degradation on FRP-Concrete Interface Fracture
Kolluru V. Subramaniam, Michel Ghosn, Mohamad Ali-Ahmad

43. Effective chloride barrier for reinforced concrete structures in order to extend the service-life
Folker H. Wittmann

Part VI. Properties, Modeling and Testing of Fresh Concrete

44. Setting and hardening of cement based materials: which differences between mortars and concretes?
Laurent Arnaud, Michaël Dierkens

45. Mechanical properties of cement mortars with superabsorbent polymers
Luís P. Esteves, Paulo Cachim, Victor M. Ferreira

46. Formwork Pressure of Concretes with high Workability
Tilo Proske, Carl-Alexander Graubner

47. Modern statistical methods for accessing the hardening process of concrete
Eddy A. B. Koenders, H. Ham, Klaas Breugel

48. Virtual concrete laboratory — Continuous numerical modelling of concrete from fresh to the hardened state
Viktor Mechtcherine, Sergiy Shyshko

49. Detection of early-age cracking due to restrained autogenous shrinkage
Patrick Fontana, Stephan Pirskawetz, Frank Weise, Birgit Meng

50. Ultrasonic and calorimetric measurements on fresh concrete with blast-furnace slag
Nicolas Robeyst, Elke Gruyaert, Nele Belie

51. Fresh concrete pressure in diaphragm wall panels and resulting deformations
Hermann Schad, Pieter A. Vermeer, Annette Lächler

52. SCC and UHPC — Effect of Mixing Technology on Fresh Concrete Properties
Peter Schießl, Oliver Mazanec, Dirk Lowke

53. Analytical model for hydration of blended cement
Geert Schutter

54. Nucleation and growth of C-S-H phases on mineral admixtures
Jochen Stark, Bernd Möser, Frank Bellmann

55. Improving the slipform process via material manipulation
Nathan Tregger, Thomas Voigt, Surendra P. Shah

Part VII. Non-destructive Testing Methods and Applications

56. Sensing methods in civil engineering for an efficient construction management
Christian U. Grosse, Christoph Gehlen, Steven D. Glaser

57. Fast Non-Destructive Localisation of Prestressing Steel Fractures in Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridges
Bernd Hillemeier, Andrei Walther

58. New Possibilities for Ultrasonic Imaging of Concrete Elements
Martin Krause, Boris Gräfe, Frank Mielentz, Boris Milmann, Doreen Streicher

59. Quantitative Non-Destructive Testing: The integration of non-destructive testing and probabilistic fracture mechanics
Jochen H. Kurz, Dragos Cioclov, Gerd Dobmann

60. Advances in the in-situ assessment of construction materials
Adrian E. Long, P. A. Muhammed Basheer, Lulu Basheer

61. Detection and analysis of microcracks in high-performance cementitious materials
Pietro Lura, Jason Weiss, Ole Mejlhede Jensen

62. Acoustic Emission Techniques for Rebar Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete
Masayasu Ohtsu, Yuichi Tomoda

63. Online-Monitoring of Thermal Restraint Stresses for a Railways Trough Structure due to the Coupling of Trough and Underwater Concrete Slab
Ferdinand S. Rostásy

64. Radar and Fusion for Concrete Elements
Christiane Maierhofer, Gerhard Zacher, Christoph Kohl, Jens Wöstmann

65. Inspection of Prestressed Concrete Members using the Magnetic Leakage Flux Measurement Method — Estimation of Detection Limit
Gottfried Sawade, Hans-Joachim Krause

Part VIII. Environment and Sustainability

66. Abatement of Acid Mine Drainage Using Industrial Waste Products
Amde M. Amde, Abebe Dinku, Omar Davies

67. Finely Ground Sand Fraction of Concrete Rubble as a Supplementary Cementitious Material
Detlef Heinz, Jürgen Schubert

68. Numerical Simulation of Air-Steam Leakage Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Walls
Christoph Niklasch, Lothar Stempniewski

69. Sustainable building with concrete — a holistic approach along the Life-Cycle
Gerd Thielen, Udo Wiens, Bruno Hauer

70. Dangerous Substances in Building Materials — Emissions from PCB Coated Ceiling Panels — Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) in Indoor Air
Gerhard Volland, Dagmar Hansen, Dieter Zöltzer

71. Demountable concrete buildings, structural design of floor slabs with concrete elements and aluminium foam
Georg Christian Weiss

72. Reduction of the Penetration of Water-Hazardous Liquids into Concrete using Silica Fume and Polymer Dispersions
Udo Wiens, Christoph Alfes

Part IX. Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Materials

73. Tension Softening Curves Described by Algebraic Formulas and Artificial Neural Networks
Dariusz Alterman, Hiroshi Akita, Janusz Kasperkiewicz

74. Effects of a clay additive on the properties of no-slump concrete
Harald Budelmann, Karim Hariri, Hans-Werner Krauss, Tim Malonn

75. Development of thermal insulation materials with granular phase change composite
Zongjin Li, Xiangyu Li

76. Examination of the relation between tensile/flexural strength and compressive strength of autoclaved aerated concrete according to prEN 12602
Christian Öttl, Hans Schellhorn

77. Modern perspectives on aggregate in concrete
Piet Stroeven, Zhan-Qi Guo

78. Research developments and experimental data on dynamic concrete behaviour
Jaap Weerheijm, Ilse Vegt, Klaas Breugel

Keywords: Engineering, Building Materials, Civil Engineering, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials

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