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Table of contents

1. Enabling P2P Cooperative WMS Proxy Caching and Prefetching in an Educational Environment
Jeffrey A. Bergamini, Dr. Michael Haungs

2. An ontological-based approach to Geographic Information Science curricula design
Marco Painho, Paula Curvelo, Ignacio Jovani

3. An Adaptive Land-use Simulation Model for Integrated Coastal Zone Planning
Henning Sten Hansen

4. Delineation of individual tree crowns for LiDAR tree and stand parameter estimation in Scottish woodlands
Rafael García, Juan C. Suárez, Genevieve Patenaude

5. Resolution Sensitivity of a Compound Terrain Derivative as Computed from LiDAR-Based Elevation Data
Ralph K. Straumann, Ross S. Purves

6. A Universal Abstract Model for Future Movements of Moving Objects
Reasey Praing, Markus Schneider

7. A user context approach for adaptive and distributed GIS
Mathieu Petit, Cyril Ray, Christophe Claramunt

8. Privacy versus national security: The impact of privacy law on the use of location technology for national security purposes
Bastiaan van Loenen, Danielle Groetelaers, Jaap Zevenbergen, Jitske de Jong

9. The Aggregation of Urban Building Clusters Based on the Skeleton Partitioning of Gap Space
Tinghua Ai, Xiang Zhang

10. Effects of Ground Surface Relief in 3D Spatial Analysis on Residential Environment
Toshihiro Osaragi, Ikuko Otani

11. The gazetteer content model issue: Could Spatial Data Infrastructures provide it?
F.J. López-Pellicer, F.J. Zarazaga-Soria, A. Mogollón-Diaz, J. Nogueras-Iso, P.R. Muro-Medrano

12. Estimating the costs of an SDI-based project
J. Nogueras-Iso, R. Béjar, M.A. Latre, E. Fernández-Villoslada, P.R. Muro-Medrano, FJ. Zarazaga-Soria

13. RIMapperWMS: a Web Map Service providing SVG maps with a built-in client
Barend Köbben

14. Definition and Implementation of an Active Web Map Service
Nieves R. Brisaboa, Antonio Fariña, Miguel R. Luaces, David Trillo, José R. Viqueira

15. Increasing the Fitness of OGC-Compliant Web Map Services for the Web 2.0
Thomas Brinkhoff

16. Extending the OpenGeospatials? Specification for Managing Discrete and Continuous Time Dependent Data
Luca Paolino, Monica Sebillo, Genoveffa Tortora, Giuliana Vitiello

17. Spatial Data Management Aspects in Archaeological Excavation Documentation1
Dieter Pfoser, Thanasis Hadzilacos, Nikos Faradouris, Kriton Kyrimis

18. Processing Mediated Geographic Queries: a Space Partitioning Approach
Mehdi Essid, Yassine Lassoued, Omar Boucelma

19. Towards a Mathematical Theory for Snapshot and Temporal Formal Ontologies
Andrew U. Frank

20. Space-contained conflict revision, for geographic information
Omar Doukari, Robert Jeansoulin

21. Towards Spatial Reasoning in the Semantic Web: A Hybrid Knowledge Representation System Architecture
Rolf Grütter, Bettina Bauer-Messmer

22. Geospatial Information Bottom-Up: A Matter of Trust and Semantics
Mohamed Bishr, Werner Kuhn

23. Improving Spatial Data Usability By Capturing User Interactions
E. Mac Aoidh, M. Bertolotto

24. Improving the Usability of Spatial Information Products and Services
Gary Hunter, Sytze Bruin, Arnold Bregt

25. Characterising Straightness Qualitatively
Björn Gottfried

26. Extending Geographic Data Modeling by Adopting Constraint Decision Table to Specify Spatial Integrity Constraints
Fei Wang, Wolfgang Reinhardt

27. A Compact Topological DBMS Data Structure For 3D Topography
Friso Penninga, Peter Oosterom

28. Depth Cue of Occlusion Information as Criterion for the Quality of Annotation Placement in Perspective Views
Stefan Maass, Markus Jobst, Juergen Doellner


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