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ALERT - Adverse Late Effects of Cancer Treatment

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Table of contents

1. Prologue: Surviving Cancer: SEER Statistics
Craig C. Earle, Lois B. Travis, Louis S. Constine

2. Biocontinuum of the Pathophysiology Paradigm
Philip Rubin, George Casarett

3. Biophysiopathology of the Microvasculature and Microcirculation
Philip Rubin, Luis Fajardo

4. Molecular Mechanisms of Radiation Induced Injury
Isabel L. Jackson, Phil Rubin, Caroline Hadley, Zeljko Vujaskovic

5. Biodetection and Biointervention: Cytokine Pathways as a Rationale for Anti-cytokine Interventions Post-Radiation
Paul R. Graves, Isabel Jackson, Mitchell S. Anscher, Ross Mikkelsen, Zeljko Vujaskovic

6. Quantitative/Objective Analyses of RT-Induced Late Normal Tissue Injury Using Functional Imaging
Jiho Nam, Mike E. Robbins, Lawrence B. Marks

7. Biograding of Normal Tissue TNM Toxicity Taxonomy: Scoring the Adverse Effects of Cancer Treatment
Andy M. Trotti, Philip Rubin

8. Understanding and Predicting Radiation-Associated Normal Tissue Injury: A Global and Historical Perspective
Michael T. Milano, Philip Rubin, Lawrence B. Marks

9. Biotoxicity of Chemotherapy
Chunkit Fung, Kishan J. Pandya

10. BioSurveillance and Longitudinal Lifelong Guidelines
Andrea K. Ng, Melissa M. Hudson

11. BioPediatric Complexities of Growth and Development
Arnold C. Paulino, Sughosh Dhakal, Louis S. Constine

12. BioGenetic and Host Implications
Barry S. Rosenstein

13. Bioengineering of Irradiated Normal Tissues by Bone Marrow Stem Cells
Joel S. Greenberger, Michael W. Epperly

14. Radiotherapy-Induced Carcinogenesis and Leukemogenesis: Mechanisms and Quantitative Modeling
David J. Brenner, Igor Shuryak, Rainer K. Sachs

15. The Bioepidemiology of Multiple Primary Cancers
Lois B. Travis, Andrea K. Ng

16. Radiation-Related Second Primary Cancers: Clinical Perspectives
David C. Hodgson, Andrea Ng, Lois B. Travis

17. The Psychosocial and Functional Impact of Radiation Therapy
Jason Q. Purnell, Karen Mustian, Pascal Jean-Pierre, Oxana Palesh, Luke J. Peppone, Supriya G. Mohile, Tom V. Darling, Gary R. Morrow

18. Nursing
Sheila Judge Santacroce, Madelyn Rubin

19. Economic Consequences of Late Effects
Andre Konski

20. Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism: Relevance to the Radiation Oncology and Biology Communities
C. Norman Coleman, Nathaniel Hafer, Bert Maidment, Ronald Manning, Pat Prasanna, Paul Okunieff

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Radiotherapy, Imaging / Radiology, Oncology, Diagnostic Radiology

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Medical Radiology
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24 pages
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