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Earthquake Early Warning Systems

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Table of contents

1. Real-time Earthquake Damage Mitigation Measures
Hiroo Kanamori

2. Can Earthquake Size be Controlled by the Initial Seconds of Rupture?
Stefan Nielsen

3. The ElarmS Earthquake Early Warning Methodology and Application across California
Richard M. Allen

4. Real-time Estimation of Earthquake Magnitude for Seismic Early Warning
Aldo Zollo, Maria Lancieri

5. A New Approach to Earthquake Early Warning
Maren Böse, Mustafa Erdik, Friedemann Wenzel1

6. Optimal, Real-time Earthquake Location for Early Warning
Claudio Satriano, Anthony Lomax, Aldo Zollo

7. The Virtual Seismologist (VS) Method: a Bayesian Approach to Earthquake Early Warning
Georgia Cua, Thomas Heaton

8. A Strong Motion Attenuation Relation for Early-warning Application in the Campania Region (Southern Apennines)
Vincenzo Convertito, Raffaella Matteis, Annalisa Romeo, Aldo Zollo, Giovanni Iannaccone

9. Quantitative Seismic Hazard Assessment
Jean Virieux, Pierre-Yves Bard, Hormoz Modaressi

10. Seismic Early Warning Systems: Procedure for Automated Decision Making
Veronica F. Grasso, James L. Beck, Gaetano Manfredi

11. The Crywolf Issue in Earthquake Early Warning Applications for the Campania Region
Iunio Iervolino, Vincenzo Convertito, Massimiliano Giorgio, Gaetano Manfredi, Aldo Zollo

12. Earthquake Early Warning and Engineering Application Prospects
Iunio Iervolino, Gaetano Manfredi, Edoardo Cosenza

13. UrEDAS, the Earthquake Warning System: Today and Tomorrow
Yutaka Nakamura, Jun Saita

14. State of the Art and Progress in the Earthquake Early Warning System in Taiwan
Yih-Min Wu, Nai-Chi Hsiao, William H. K. Lee, Ta-liang Teng, Tzay-Chyn Shin

15. FREQL and AcCo for a Quick Response to Earthquakes
Yutaka Nakamura, Jun Saita

16. Development and Testing of an Advanced Monitoring Infrastructure (ISNet) for Seismic Early-warning Applications in the Campania Region of Southern Italy
Emanuel Weber, Giovanni Iannaccone, Aldo Zollo, Antonella Bobbio, Luciana Cantore, Margherita Corciulo, Vincenzo Convertito, Martino Crosta, Luca Elia, Antonio Emolo, Claudio Martino, Annalisa Romeo, Claudio Satriano

17. An Early Warning System for Deep Vrancea (Romania) Earthquakes
Constantin Ionescu, Maren Böse, Friedemann Wenzel, Alexandru Marmureanu, Adrian Grigore, Gheorghe Marmureanu


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