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Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks

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Table of contents

Part I. Metal

1. Serendipity, Punctuated
John F. Asmus

2. Laser Cleaning of Corroded Steel Surfaces: A Comparison with Mechanical Cleaning Methods
Y. S. Koh, J. Powell, A. Kaplan, J. Carlevi

3. Laser Cleaning of Gildings
M. Panzner, G. Wiedemann, M. Meier, W. Conrad, A. Kempe, T. Hutsch

4. Current Work in Laser Cleaning of the Porta del Paradiso
S. Agnoletti, A. Brini, L. Nicolai

5. Cleaning Historical Metals: Performance of Laser Technology in Monument Preservation
A. Gervais, M. Meier, P. Mottner, G. Wiedemann, W. Conrad, G. Haber

6. Laser Cleaning the Abergavenny Hoard: Silver Coins from the Time of William the Conqueror
M. Davis

Part II. Stone

7. The Application of Laser Cleaning in the Conservation of Twelve Limestone Relief Panels on St. George’s Hall
Martin Cooper, Sam Sportun

8. The Potential Use of Laser Ablation for Selective Cleaning of Indiana Limestone
K. C. Normandin, L. Powers, D. Slaton, M. J. Scheffler

9. Laser Cleaning of a Renaissance Epitaph with Traces of Azurite
Johann Nimmrichter, Robert Linke

10. Laser Cleaning of Peristyle in Diocletian Palace in Split (HR)
D. Almesberger, A. Rizzo, A. Zanini, R. Geometrante

11. Phenomenological Characterisation of Stone Cleaning by Different Laser Pulse Duration and Wavelength
S. Siano, M. Giamello, L. Bartoli, A. Mencaglia, V. Parfenov, Renzo Salimbeni

12. The Cleaning of the Parthenon West Frieze by Means of Combined IR- and UV-Radiation
K. Frantzikinaki, G. Marakis, A. Panou, C. Vasiliadis, E. Papakonstantinou, P. Pouli, T. Ditsa, Vassilis Zafiropulos, Costas Fotakis

13. A Comprehensive Study of the Coloration Effect Associated with Laser Cleaning of Pollution Encrustations from Stonework
P. Pouli, G. Totou, Vassilis Zafiropulos, Costas Fotakis, M. Oujja, E. Rebollar, M. Castillejo, C. Domingo, A. Laborde

14. Poultices as a Way to Eliminate the Yellowing Effect Linked to Limestone Laser Cleaning
Véronique Vergès-Belmin, M. Labouré

15. Experimental Investigations and Removal of Encrustations from Interior Stone Decorations of King Sigismund’s Chapel at Wawel Castle in Cracow
Andrzej Koss, J. Marczak, M. Strzelec

16. Nd:YAG Laser Cleaning of Red Stone Materials: Evaluation of the Damage
C. Colombo, E. Martoni, M. Realini, A. Sansonetti, G. Valentini

17. Exists a Demand for Nd:YAG Laser Technology in the Restoration of Stone Artworks and Architectural Surfaces?
Erich Pummer

18. The SALUT Project: Study of Advanced Laser Techniques for the Uncovering of Polychromed Works of Art
G. Van der Snickt, A. De Boeck, K. Keutgens, D. Anthierens

Part III. Inorganic Materials

19. Comparison of Wet and Dry Laser Cleaning of Artworks
A. Sarzynski, K. Jach, J. Marczak

20. Laser Cleaning of Avian Eggshell
L. Cornish, A. Ball, D. Russell

21. Removal of Strong Sinter Layers on Archaeological Artworks with Nd:YAG Laser
J. Hildenhagen, Klaus Dickmann, H. -G. Hartke

22. From the Lab to the Scaffold: Laser Cleaning of Polychromed Architectonic Elements and Sculptures
M. Castillejo, C. Domingo, F. Guerra-Librero, M. Jadraque, M. Martín, M. Oujja, E. Rebollar, R. Torres

23. Integration of Laser Ablation Techniques for Cleaning the Wall Paintings of the Sagrestia Vecchia and Cappella del Manto in Santa Maria della Scala, Siena
S. Siano, A. Brunetto, A. Mencaglia, G. Guasparri, A. Scala, F. Droghini, A. Bagnoli

24. Preliminary Results of the Er:YAG Laser Cleaning of Mural Paintings
A. Andreotti, M. P. Colombini, A. Felici, A. deCruz, G. Lanterna, M. Lanfranchi, K. Nakahara, F. Penaglia

Part IV. Organic Materials

25. Preliminary Results of the Er:YAG Laser Cleaning of Textiles, Paper and Parchment
A. Andreotti, M. P. Colombini, S. Conti, A. deCruz, G. Lanterna, L. Nussio, K. Nakahara, F. Penaglia

26. Simultaneous UV-IR Nd:YAG Laser Cleaning of Leather Artifacts
S. Batishche, A. Kouzmouk, H. Tatur, T. Gorovets, U. Pilipenka, V. Ukhau, Wolfgang Kautek

27. An Evaluation of Nd:YAG Laser-Cleaned Basketry in Comparison with Commonly Used Methods
A. Elliott, A. Bezúr, J. Thornton

28. Novel Applications of the Er:YAG Laser Cleaning of Old Paintings
A. Andreotti, P. Bracco, M. P. Colombini, A. deCruz, G. Lanterna, K. Nakahara, F. Penaglia

29. A Final Report on the Oxidation and Composition Gradients of Aged Painting Varnishes Studied with Pulsed UV Laser Ablation
C. Theodorakopoulos, Vassilis Zafiropulos, J. J. Boon

30. A New Solution for the Painting Artwork Rear Cleaning and Restoration: The Laser Cleaning
S. E. Andriani, I. M. Catalano, A. Brunetto, G. Daurelio, F. Vona

31. Removal of Simulated Dust from Water-Based Acrylic Emulsion Paints by Laser Irradiation at IR, VIS and UV Wavelengths
M. Westergaard, P. Pouli, C. Theodorakopoulos, Vassilis Zafiropulos, Jørn Bredal-Jørgensen, U. Staal Dinesen

32. Traditional and Laser Cleaning Methods of Historic Picture Post Cards
M. Mäder, H. Holle, Manfred Schreiner, S. Pentzien, J. Krüger, Wolfgang Kautek

33. Femtosecond Laser Cleaning of Painted Artefacts; Is this the Way Forward?
P. Pouli, G. Bounos, S. Georgiou, Costas Fotakis

34. Laser Cleaning of Polyurethane Foam: An Investigation using Three Variants of Commercial PU Products
U. Staal Dinesen, M. Westergaard

35. Excimer Laser Ablation of Egg Tempera Paints and Varnishes
P. J. Morais, R. Bordalo, L. dos Santos, S. F. Marques, E. Salgueiredo, H. Gouveia

36. Laser Cleaning of Undyed Silk: Indications of Chemical Change
K. von Lerber, M. Strlic, J. Kolar, J. Krüger, S. Pentzien, C. Kennedy, T. Wess, M. Sokhan, Wolfgang Kautek

37. Determination of a Working Range for the Laser Cleaning of Soiled Silk
J. Krüger, S. Pentzien, K. von Lerber

38. Laser Versus Conventional Cleaning Methods: Do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?
P. van Dalen, R. Broere, H. Abdul Aziz

Part V. Analytical Techniques

39. Raman Spectroscopy: New Light on Ancient Artefacts
Peter Vandenabeele, L. Moens

40. Pigment Identification on “The Ecstasy of St. Theresa” Painting by Raman Microscopy
D. Marano, M. Marmontelli, G. E. De Benedetto, I. M. Catalano, L. Sabbatini, F. Vona

41. Colorimetry, LIBS and Raman Experiments on Renaissance Green Sandstone Decoration During Laser Cleaning of King Sigismund’s Chapel in Wawel Castle, Cracow, Poland
A. Sarzynski, W. Skrzeczanowski, J. Marczak

42. Non-Destructive Observation of the Laser Treatment Effect on Historical Paper via the Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectra
K. Komar, G. Sliwinski

43. Effects of LIBS Measurement Parameters on Wall Paintings Pigments Alteration and Detection
R. Bruder, D. Menut, V. Detalle

44. A Parametric Linear Correlation Method for the Analysis of LIBS Spectral Data
E. Tzamali, D. Anglos

45. Investigation on Painting Materials in “Madonna col Bambino e S. Giovannino” by Botticelli
D. Bersani, P. P. Lottici, A. Casoli, M. Ferrari, S. Lottini, D. Cauzzi

46. Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Roman Ceramics Terra Sigillata
A. Jurado-López, G. Nicolás, M. P. Mateo, V. Piñón, A. Ramil

47. Laser-Induced Fluorescence Analysis of Protein-Based Binding Media
A. Nevin, S. Cather, D. Anglos, Costas Fotakis

48. Applications of a Compact Portable Raman Spectrometer for the Field Analysis of Pigments in Works of Art
S. Bruni, V. Guglielmi

49. Classification of Patinas Found on Surfaces of Historical Buildings by Means of Laser-Induced Breakd
C. Vázquez-Calvo, A. Giakoumaki, D. Anglos, M. Álvarez de Buergo, R. Fort

50. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Cinematographic Film
M. Oujja, C. Abrusci, S. Gaspard, E. Rebollar, A. del Amo, F. Catalina, M. Castillejo

51. Online Monitoring of the Laser Cleaning of Marbles by LIBS Sulphur Detection
V. Lazic, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, V. Spizzichino, E. Teppo

52. Low Resolution LIBS for Online-Monitoring During Laser Cleaning Based on Correlation with Reference Spectra
M. Lentjes, Klaus Dickmann, J. Meijer

53. Pigment Identification on a XIV/XV c. Wooden Crucifix Using Raman and LIBS Techniques
M. Sawczak, G. Sliwinski, A. Kaminska, M. Oujja, M. Castillejo, C. Domingo, M. Klossowska

54. MOLAB, a Mobile Laboratory for In Situ Non-Invasive Studies in Arts and Archaeology
B. G. Brunetti, Mauro Matteini, C. Miliani, L. Pezzati, D. Pinna

Part VI. Scanning Techniques

55. From 3D Scanning to Analytical Heritage Documentation
M. Schaich

56. Cleaning of Painted Surfaces and Examination of Cleaning by 3D-Measurement Technology at the August Deusser Museum, Zurzach
P. -B. Eipper, G. Frankowski

57. Applicability of Optical Coherence Tomography at 1.55 µm to the Examination of Oil Paintings
A. Szkulmowska, M. Góra, M. Targowska, B. Rouba, D. Stifter, E. Breuer, P. Targowski

58. Varnish Thickness Determination by Spectral Optical Coherence Tomography
I. Gorczynska, M. Wojtkowski, M. Szkulmowski, T. Bajraszewski, B. Rouba, A. Kowalczyk, P. Targowski

59. Multidimensional Data Analysis of Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer Measurements: An Application to the Diagnostics of Frescos at the US Capitol
J. Vignola, J. Bucaro, J. Tressler, D. Ellingston, A. Kurdila, G. Adams, B. Marchetti, A. Agnani, E. Esposito, E. P. Tomasini

60. Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography as the Profilometric Tool for Examination of the Environmental Influence on Paintings on Canvas
T. Bajraszewski, I. Gorczynska, B. Rouba, P. Targowski

61. Polish Experience with Advanced Digital Heritage Recording Methodology, including 3D Laser Scanning, CAD, and GIS Application, as the Most Accurate and Flexible Response for Archaeology and Conservation Needs at Jan III Sobieski’s Residence in Wilanów
P. Baranowski, K. Czajkowski, M. Gladki, T. Morysinski, R. Szambelan, A. Rzonca

62. Evaluation by Laser Micro-Profilometry of Morphological Changes Induced on Stone Materials by Laser Cleaning
C. Colombo, C. Daffara, Raffaella Fontana, Maria Chiara Gambino, M. Mastroianni, Enrico Pampaloni, M. Realini, A. Sansonetti

63. A Mobile True Colour Topometric Sensor for Documentation and Analysis in Art Conservation
Z. Böröcz, D. Dirksen, G. Bischoff, Gert von Bally

64. Reconstruction of the Pegasus Statue on Top of the State Opera House in Vienna using Photogrammetry and Terrestrial and Close-Range Laser Scanning
C. Ressl

65. Some Experiences in 3D Laser Scanning for Assisting Restoration and Evaluating Damage in Cultural Heritage
L. M. Fuentes, Javier Finat, J. J. Fernández-Martin, J. Martínez, J. I. SanJose

66. Monitoring of Deformations Induced by Crystal Growth of Salts in Porous Systems Using Microscopic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
G. Gülker, A. El Jarad, K. D. Hinsch, H. Juling, K. Linnow, M. Steiger, St. Brüggerhoff, D. Kirchner

67. Cultural Heritage Documentation by Combining Near-Range Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning: St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna
F. Zehetner, N. Studnicka

68. Laser Engraving Gulf Pearl Shell – Aiding the Reconstruction of the Lyre of Ur
C. Rawcliffe, M. Aston, A. Lowings, M. C. Sharp, Kenneth Watkins

69. Fluorescence Lidar Multispectral Imaging for Diagnosis of Historical Monuments, Ö–vedskloster: A Swedish Case Study
R. Grönlund, J. Hällström, S. Svanberg, K. Barup

70. OptoSurf® Measurement Technology for Use on Surfaces of Historic Buildings and Monuments Cleaned by Laser
W. P. Weinhold, A. Wortmann, C. Diegelmann, Erich Pummer, N. Pascua, Th. Brennan, R. Burkhardt, L. Goretzki

71. Multi-Tasking Non-Destructive Laser Technology in Conservation Diagnostic Procedures
V. Tornari, E. Tsiranidou, Y. Orphanos, C. Falldorf, R. Klattenhof, E. Esposito, A. Agnani, R. Dabu, A. Stratan, A. Anastassopoulos, D. Schipper, J. Hasperhoven, M. Stefanaggi, H. Bonnici, D. Ursu

72. Time-Dependent Defect Detection by Combination of Holographic Tools
E. Tsiranidou, V. Tornari, Y. Orphanos, C. Kalpouzos, M. Stefanaggi

Part VII. Safety and Miscellaneous

73. Health Risks Caused by Particulate Emission During Laser Cleaning
Roman Ostrowski, St. Barcikowski, J. Marczak, A. Ostendorf, M. Strzelec, J. Walter

74. Generation of Nano-Particles During Laser Ablation – Risk Assessment of Non-beam Hazards During Laser Cleaning
St. Barcikowski, N. Bärsch, A. Ostendorf

75. A Novel Portable Multi-Wavelength Laser System
Andy Charlton, B. Dickinson


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