Fabbri, Andrea G.

Geomatics Solutions for Disaster Management

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Table of contents

1. An Online Colour 2D and 3D Image System for Disaster Management
Yun Zhang, Pingping Xie, Hui Li

2. On the Application of Nighttime Sensors for Rapid Detection of Areas Impacted by Disasters
A. Cruz, G. Laneve, D. Cerra, M. Mielewczyk, M. J. Garcia, G. Santilli, E. Cadau, G. Joyanes

3. A Fuzzy Relational Method For Image-Based Road Extraction For Traffic Emergency Services
Yu Li, Jonathan Li, Michael A. Chapman

4. Development Of Processing Chains For Rapid Mapping With Satellite Data
Yves A. Buehler, Tobias W. Kellenberger

5. Automatic Generation of Remote Sensing Image Mosaics for Mapping Large Natural Hazards Areas
Yubin Xin, Jonathan Li, Qiuming Cheng

6. Mapping Hazardous Slope Processes Using Digital Data
John Barlow, Steven E. Franklin

7. Monitoring Xi’an Land Subsidence Evolution by Differential SAR Interferometry
Qin Zhang, Chaoying Zhao, Xiaoli Ding, Jianbing Peng

8. Evaluation of NARAD Precipitation Data for Rainfall Monitoring in Eastern Ontario, Canada
Dongmei Chen, Andrew Farrar

9. Evaluating the Use of a Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platform in Acquiring Digital Imagery for Emergency Response
G. Lewis

10. Automatic Classification of Collapsed Buildings Using Object and Image Space Features
Mehdi Rezaeian, Armin Gruen

11. Rapidly Realizing 3D Visualisation for Urban Street Based on Multi-Source Data Integration
Zhizhong Kang, Zuxun Zhang, Jianqing Zhang, Sisi Zlatanova

12. 3D Dynamic Simulation within GIS in Support of Disaster Management
L. Hashemi Beni, M. A. Mostafavi, J. Pouliot

13. Ontologies for Disaster Management Response
Wei Xu, Sisi Zlatanova

14. Mapping between dynamic ontologies in support of geospatial data integration for disaster management
Mohamed Bakillah, Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi, Jean Brodeur, Yvan Bédard

15. An Open GeoSpatial Standards-Enabled Google Earth Application to Support Crisis Management
Scott Pezanowski, Brian Tomaszewski, Alan M. MacEachren

16. Web Service Orchestration of OGC Web Services for Disaster Management
Albrecht Weiser, Alexander Zipf

17. Agent-Based Simulation of Spatial Cognition and Wayfinding in Building Fire Emergency Evacuation
L. Hajibabai, M. R. Delavar, M. R. Malek, A. U. Frank

18. Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis to Support Maritime Search and Rescue Planning
Cindy A. Marven, Rosaline R. Canessa, Peter Keller

19. A Model of Spatial Data Integration Interoperability on Oracle Spatial
Qiansheng Zhao, Quanyi Huang, Jiming Guo, Renqiang Wen, Shaobo Zhong

20. Collaboration enabled GIS Tools for Emergency Operation Centre
Zheng Chang, Songnian Li

21. Comparison of Simplifying Line Algorithms for Recreational Boating Trajectory Dedensification
Yan Wu, Ronald Pelot

22. Hierarchical Risk- Based Spatial Analysis of Maritime Fishing Traffic and Incidents in Canadian Atlantic Waters
Jamal Shahrabi, Ronald Pelot

23. A Fuzzy Relation Analysis Method Implemented in GIS for Modeling Infrastructure Interdependency
Qiuming Cheng

24. Modeling of Flood-Related Interdependencies among Critical Infrastructures
Sharmin Sultana, Zhi Chen

25. Challenges for the Application of GIS Interoperability in Emergency Management
Rifaat Abdalla, C. Vincent Tao, Jonathan Li

26. Increasing public and environmental safety through integrated monitoring and analysis of structural and ground deformations
Adam Chrzanowski, Anna Szostak-Chrzanowski, Jason Bond, Rick Wilkins

27. Using GPS for Monitoring Landslides in Kala Reservoir of the Yalong River Area
Zhihong Xue, Guangyun Li, Zongchun Li, Xiaoping Wu, Jiandong Wei


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