Peterson, Michael P.

International Perspectives on Maps and the Internet

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Table of contents

Part A. An Introduction

1. International Perspectives on Maps and the Internet: An Introduction
Michael P. Peterson

2. Delivering geospatial information with Web 2.0
William Cartwright

3. Map design for the Internet
Bernhard Jenny, Helen Jenny, Stefan Räber

4. Web Cartography and the Dissemination of Cartographic Information about Coastal Inundation and Sea Level Rise
Mark Monmonier

5. An Elastic Map System with Cognitive Map-based Operations
Naohisa Takahashi

Part B. Technical Development

6. New Approaches for Integrating GIS layers and Remote Sensing Imagery for Online Mapping Services
Harry Kuo-Chen Chang, Miing-Hsiang Tsou

7. Large format maps on the Internet
Sverre Iversen

8. Advancement of Web Standards and Techniques for Developing Hypermedia Maps on the Internet
Shunfu Hu

9. Spatial functionality based on SVG
Yan Li, Haosheng Huang, Guobin Chi

10. Google Earth and XML: Advanced Visualization and Publishing of Geographic Information
Emmanuel Stefanakis, Kostas Patroumpas

11. GeoTagMapper: An Online Map-based Geographic Information Retrieval System for Geo-Tagged Web Content
You-Heng Hu, Linlin Ge

12. An Open Source Development Framework in Support of Cartographic Integration
Peter L. Pulsifer, Amos Hayes, Jean-Pierre Fiset, D. R. Fraser Taylor

13. UMapIT© (Unrestricted Mapping Interactive Tool): Merging the datacube paradigm with an occurrence-based approach to support on-demand web mapping
Eveline Bernier, Yvan Bédard, Thierry Badard, Frédéric Hubert

Part C. Application Development

14. Distributed Research and Scientific Creativity: Accessible Data for the Social Sciences
Scott Bell, John Logan

15. Teaching Cartography on the Web with a Multimedia GIS: A New Solution
Alberto Giordano, Lance Wisniewski

16. Issues in School web Atlas Use: The prototype atlas of Rio Claro — Brazil
Cristhiane Ramos, William Cartwright, Rosângela Doin Almeida

17. Maps in the Natural Disasters Networking Platform (NaDiNe) — Meeting the users’ needs: from static images to highly interactive real-time information integration
Sören Haubrock, Doris Dransch, Stefan Plattner

18. Web-based health mapping — A short way from the data to the user
Holger Scharlach, Martina Scharlach

19. Internet-Based Mapping for the Blind and People with Visual Impairment
Eva Siekierska, William McCurdy

20. User-Centered Design Approaches for Web Mapping Applications: A Case Study with USGS Hydrological Data in the United States
Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Judd M. Curran

21. Journalistic Cartography on the Web: A Comparison of Print and Online Maps in Seven Major American Newspapers
Molly O. Holmberg, Kenneth E. Foote

22. Web Cartography for World Heritage Cities: A survey and evaluation
Claudia Sawyer

Part D. Conceptual Development

23. Development and implementation of an electronic journal for publishing peer-reviewed GIS-based maps on the Web
Gabriel Origel-Gutiérrez, Jorge López-Blanco, Luca Ferrari

24. Lost and found, the importance of modelling map content semantically
Rob Lemmens

25. The effects of web mapping applications on user satisfaction: an empirical study
Monica Wachowicz, Lei Cui, Wies Vullings, Jandirk Bulens

26. Will Today’s Internet Maps be Available Tomorrow? The Preservation and Archiving of the Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica Through Action Research
Tracey P. Lauriault, D. R. Fraser Taylor, Peter L. Pulsifer


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