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Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2006

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Table of contents

I. Plenary Lectures

1. On the Mean Geometric Densities of Random Closed Sets, and Their Estimation: Application to the Estimation of the Mean Density of Inhomogeneous Fibre Processes
Vincenzo Capasso, Alessandra Micheletti

2. Synthesis of Micro and Nanoparticles from Coaxial Electrified Jets
A. Barrero, I. G. Loscertales

3. Numerical Simulation of Induction Furnaces for Silicon Purification
A. Bermúdez, D. Gómez, M. C. Muñiz, P. Salgado, R. Vázquez

4. Growth and Pattern Formation for Thin Films
Russel E. Caflisch

5. On Waves in Fluids: Some Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Aspects
L. M. B. C. Campos

6. Quantum Diffusion Models Derived from the Entropy Principle
P. Degond, S. Gallego, F. Méhats, C. Ringhofer

7. Statistical Aspects of Size Functions for the Description of Random Shapes: Applications to Problems of Lithography in Microelectronics
Alessandra Micheletti, Filippo Terragni, Mauro Vasconi

II. Minisymposia

8. Minisymposium “Flow Control in Aircrafts?
A. Abbas, J. M. Vega

9. Using Non-Normality for Passive Laminar Flow Control
C. Cossu, L. Brandt, J. H. M. Fransson, A. Talamelli

10. On the Catalytic Effect of Resonant Interactions in Boundary Layer Transition
Xuesong Wu, Philip A. Stewart, Stephen J. Cowley

11. Stabilization of Tollmien—Schlichting Waves by Mode Interaction
Carlos Martel, Eusebio Valero, José M. Vega

12. Acoustic Streaming and Lower-than-Laminar Drag in Controlled Channel Flow
P. Luchini

13. Recent Progress in the Use of Compliant Walls for Laminar Flow Control
Peter W. Carpenter

14. Minisymposium “Global Flow Instability”
V. Theofilis

15. Helical Instability and Breakdown of a Batchelor Trailing Vortex
Michael S. Broadhurst, Spencer J. Sherwin

16. A Finite-Element Alternative for BiGlobal Linear Instability Analysis
Leo M. González

17. Numerical Considerations in Spectral Multidomain Methods for BiGlobal Instability Analysis of Open Cavity Configurations
J. de Vicente, E. Valero, V. Theofilis

18. Minisymposium “Analysis of Dynamical Problems in Turbomachinery”
Carlos Martel, Roque Corral

19. Modal Identification of Mistuned Bladed Discs
Marc Berthillier, Bendali Salhi, Joseph Lardiès

20. Aeroelastic Instability of Low-Pressure Rotor Blades
Roque Corral, Juan Manuel Gallardo

21. Recent Advances in Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Vibrations of Complex Structures with Friction Contact Interfaces
E. P. Petrov

22. Minisymposium “Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws”
G. Russo

23. Central Runge—Kutta Schemes for Stiff Balance Laws
Giovanni Russo, Gabriella Puppo

24. Flow Calculations using Shock Capturing Schemes Based on Power Limiters
Susana Serna

25. A Comparison Between Relaxation and Kurganov—Tadmor Schemes
Fausto Cavalli, Giovanni Naldi, Gabriella Puppo, Matteo Semplice

26. Minisymposium “Multibody Dynamics”
B. Simeon

27. The Reverse Method of Lines in Flexible Multibody Dynamics
Christoph Lunk, Bernd Simeon

28. Fast Simulation of Quasistatic Rod Deformations for VR Applications
J. Linn, T. Stephan, J. Carlsson, R. Bohlin

29. Simulation and Optimization of Suspension Testing Systems
M. Speckert, K. Dreßler

30. Minisymposium “Some Topics in Astrodynamics and Space Geodesy”
J. M. Gambi, P. Romero

31. Optimal Station Keeping for Geostationary Satellites with Electric Propulsion Systems Under Eclipse Constraints
P. Romero, J. M. Gambi, E. Patiño, R. Antolin

32. International Reference Systems for Astrodynamics and Space Geodesy
M. Folgueira, N. Capitaine, J. Souchay

33. Post-Newtonian Covariant Measurement Formulations in Space Geodesy
J. M. Gambi, M. L. García del Pino, M. C. Rodriguez, M. Salas, P. Romero

34. Minisymposium “Clean Coal Conversion Technologies”
C. Dopazo, P. L. Garcia-Ybarra

35. Mathematical Modelling of Coal Particles Combustion in Pulverised Coal Furnaces
A. Bermúdez, J. L. Ferrín, A. Liñán, L. Saavedra

36. Transport of Particles and Vapors in Flue Gases and Deposition on Cold Surfaces
José L. Castillo, Pedro L. Garcia-Ybarra

37. A Comprehensive Mathematical Model of Flue-gas Desulfurization
N. Fueyo, A. Gomez, J. F. Gonzalez

38. Determination of the Kinetic Parameters of a Pulverized Fuel from Drop Tube Experiments
Santiago Jiménez, Javier Ballester

39. Minisymposium “Mathematical Problems in Oil Industry”
A. Fasano

40. An Asphaltene Precipitation Model Using a Lattice Approach
S. Correra

41. Formation and Growth of Wax Deposit in the Pipelining of Crude Oils
S. Correra, D. Merino-Garcia, A. Fasano, L. Fusi

42. Simulations of the Spurt Phenomenon for Suspensions of Rod-Like Molecules
Christiane Helzel

43. Minisymposium “Flow in Porous Media”
Nils Svanstedt

44. Multiscale Stochastic Homogenization of Convection-Diffusion Equations
Nils Svanstedt

45. Numerical Approximation of Boundary Layers for Rough Boundaries
Nicolas Neuss

46. Upscaling in Nonlinear Thermal Diffusion Problems in Composite Materials
Claudia Timofte

47. Effective Two-Phase Flow Models Including Trapping Effects at the Micro Scale
C. J. van Duijn, H. Eichel, R. Helmig, I. S. Pop

48. Minisymposium “Multiscale Problems in Materials”
C. Parés

49. ADER DG and FV Schemes for Shallow Water Flows
Cristóbal E. Castro, Eleuterio F. Toro

50. Numerical Simulation of Bedload Sediment Transport Using Finite Volume Schemes
M. Castro Díaz, E. D. Fernñndez Nieto, A. Ferreiro Ferreiro

51. New Trends and Applications in Oceanographic Numerical Modelling
L. Ferrer, Ad. Uriarte, M. González

52. Study and Development of Numerical Models for the Simulation of Geophysical Flows: The DamFlow Project
M. J. Castro, A. M. Ferreiro, J. A. García, J. M. González, C. Parés

53. On Variational Data Assimilation for 1D and 2D Fluvial Hydraulics
I. Gejadze, M. Honnorat, F. X. Le Dimet, J. Monnier

54. Minisymposium “Multiscale Problems in Materials”
A. Carpio

55. An Asymptotic Solution of Aggregation Dynamics
Yossi Farjoun, John Neu

56. Atomistic Simulations of the Incipient Plastic Deformation Mechanisms on Metal Surfaces
O. Rodríiguez de la Fuente

57. Critical Thickness for Misfit Dislocation Formation in InAs/GaAs(110) Heteroepitaxy
I. Plans, A. Carpio, L. L. Bonilla, R. E. Caflisch

58. Discrete Dislocation Dynamics in Crystals
M. P. Ariza, A. Ramasubramaniam, M. Ortiz

59. Interconnection of Continuum and Discrete Models of Dislocation Pile-ups
R. E. Voskoboinikov, S. J. Chapman, J. R. Ockendon

60. Simplified PN Models and Natural Convection—Radiation
René Pinnau, Mohammed Seaïd

61. Minisymposium “Nonlinear Charge and Spin Transport in Semiconductor Nanostructures”
G. Platero

62. Electronic Transport in Nanowires at Different Length Scales
Antti-Pekka Jauho

63. SU(4) Kondo Effect in a Mesoscopic Interferometer
Rosa López

64. Josephson Effect and Magnetic Interactions in Double Quantum Dots
F. S. Bergeret, A. Levy Yeyati, A. Martín-Rodero

65. Quantum Shuttle: Physics of a Numerical Challenge
Andrea Donarini

66. Microscopical Model for Hyperfine Interaction in Electronic Transport Through Double Quantum Dots: Spin Blockade Lifting
Jesús Iñarrea, Gloria Platero, Allan H. MacDonald

67. Rabi Dynamics in Driven Tunneling Devices
Rafael Sánchez, Gloria Platero

68. Quantum-Transmitting-Boundary Algorithm with Local Spin—Orbit Coupling
Llorenç Serra, David Sánchez

69. Spintronic Transport in II–VI Magnetic Semiconductor Resonant Tunneling Devices
David Sánchez

70. Hysteretic Linear Conductance in Single Electron Transport through a Single Atom Magnet
J. Fernández-Rossier, R. Aguado

71. Minisymposium “Ferromagnetic Carbon Nanostructures”
T. Makarova, M. A. H. Vozmediano

72. Ferromagnetic Carbon Nanostructures
Tatiana L. Makarova

73. Looking for Ferromagnetic Signals in Proton-Irradiated Graphite
M. A. Ramos, A. Asenjo, M. Jaafar, A. Climent-Font, A. Muñoz-Martín, J. Camarero, M. García-Hernandez, M. Vázquez

74. Ferromagnetism and Disorder in Graphene
M. P. López-Sancho, M. A. H. Vozmediano, T. Stauber, F. Guinea

75. Topological Defects and Electronic Properties in Graphene
Alberto Cortijo, M. A. H. Vozmediano

76. Transport Through a Graphene Transistor
F. Guinea, A. H. Castro Neto, N. M. R. Peres

77. Minisymposium “PDAE Modelling and Multiscale Simulation in Microelectronics and New Technologies”
G. Alì, R. Pulch

78. Domain Decomposition Techniques or Microelectronic Modeling
G. Alì, M. Culpo, S. Micheletti

79. A Concept for Classification of Partial Differential Algebraic Equations in Nanoelectronics
Andreas Bartel, Roland Pulch

80. Numerical Simulation of a Class of PDAEs with a Separation of Time Scales
Benoît Chachuat, Paul I. Barton

81. Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear Differential Algebraic Equations in Circuit Simulation
Thomas Voss, Arie Verhoeven, Tamara Bechtold, Jan ter Maten

82. Minisymposium “Numerical Methods for Semiconductor Kinetic Equations (COMSON Minisymposium)”
A. Majorana

83. Comparing Kinetic and MEP Model of Charge Transport in Semiconductors
A. Majorana, V. Romano

84. A Deterministic Solver to the Boltzmann-Poisson System Including Quantization Effects for Silicon-MOSFETs
M. Galler, F. Schürrer

85. Minisymposium of the ECMI SIG “Shape and Size in Medicine, Biotechnology and Material Sciences”
Alessandra Micheletti

86. Size Functions Applied to the Statistical Shape Analysis and Classification of Tumor Cells
Alessandra Micheletti, Gabriel Landini

87. A Mathematical Morphology Approach to Cell Shape Analysis
Jesus Angulo

88. Reconstruction of Transducer Pressure Fields from Schlieren Data
R. Kowar

89. Plant Growth Modeling
N. Morozova, N. Bessonov, V. Volpert

90. Minisymposium “New Trends in the Analysis of Functional Genomics Data”
José María Carazo, Alberto Pascual

91. Bayesian Classifiers with Consensus Gene Selection: A Case Study in the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Rubén Armañanzas, Borja Calvo, Iñaki Inza, Pedro Larrañaga, Irantzu Bernales, Asier Fullaondo, Ana M. Zubiaga

92. The Quest for Biological Significance
Alex Sánchez, Josep Lluis Mosquera

93. Functional Classification of Genes Using Non-Negative Independent Component Analysis
Monica Chagoyen, Hugo Fernandes, Jose M. Carazo, Alberto Pascual-Montano

94. New Trends in the Analysis of Functional Genomic Data
David Montaner, Fatima Al-Shahrour, Joaquin Dopazo

95. Minisymposium: “Inverse Problems and Applications”
Oliver Dorn, Miguel Moscoso

96. A Robustness Analysis of the Iterative Multi-Scaling Approach Integrated with Morphological Operations
D. Franceschini, M. Donelli, R. Azaro, A. Massa

97. Iterative Microwave Inversion Algorithm Based on the Adjoint-Field Method for Breast Cancer Application
Oliver Dorn, Magda El-Shenawee, Miguel Moscoso

98. Iterative Microwave Inversion for Breast Cancer Detection Using Level Sets
Natalia Irishina, Miguel Moscoso, Oliver Dorn

99. Characterization of Reservoirs by Evolving Level Set Functions Obtained from Geostatistics
Rossmary Villegas, Oliver Dorn, Miguel Moscoso, Manuel Kindelan

100. Reconstruction of Simple Geometric Objects in 3D Optical Tomography Using an Adjoint Technique and a Boundary Element Method
A. Zacharopoulos, O. Dorn, S. R. Arridge, V. Kolehmainen, J. Sikora

101. High Contrast Electrical Impedance Imaging
Nick Polydorides

102. Minisymposium “Finance” (Oxford)
Sam Howison, Klaus Schmitz

103. Pricing Exotic Options Using Strong Convergence Properties
Klaus Schmitz Abe, Michael Giles

104. Credit Contagion in a Structural Framework
Helen Haworth

105. The Valuation of Elementary Exotics with Strike Resets
Eric C. K. Yu

106. Minisymposium “On Optimal Strategies of Multivariate Passport Options”
Jörg Kampen

107. Foresight Bias and Suboptimality Correction in Monte—Carlo Pricing of Options with Early Exercise
Christian P. Fries

108. On the American Option Value Near its Exercise Region
Etienne Chevalier

109. Free Boundary Problems in Mathematical Finance
John Chadam

110. Optimal Strategies of Passport Options
Jörg Kampen

111. Minisymposium “Meshfree Methods for the Solution of PDEs”
Manuel Kindelan

112. Solving One-Dimensional Moving-Boundary Problems with Meshless Method
Leopold Vrankar, Edward J. Kansa, Goran Turk, Franc Runovc

113. Meshless Simulation of Hele-Shaw Flow
Francisco Bernal, Manuel Kindelan

114. Minisymposium: “Mathematical Models for the Textile Industry”
T. Götz

115. Dynamics of Curved Viscous Fibers
Satyananda Panda, Nicole Marheineke, Raimund Wegener

116. Modeling and Simulation of Non-Woven Processes
Marco Günther, Raimund Wegener, Ferdinand Olawsky

117. Asymptotics of Fiber Spinning Equations
Thomas Götz, Axel Klar, Andreas Unterreiter

118. Three-Dimensional Elastica for Modelling Fibre Assemblies
R. B. Ramgulam, P. Potluri

119. Effective Properties of Nonwoven Textiles from Microstructure Simulations
Andreas Wiegmann

120. Minisymposium “Approximate Algebraic Techniques for Curves and Surfaces”
Bert Jüttler

121. Computing the Intersection Curve Between a Plane and the Offset of a Parametric Surface
Fernando Carreras, Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, Jaime Puig-Pey

122. Approximating Offsets of Surfaces by using the Support function Representation
Jens Gravesen, Bert Jüttler, Zbynek Šír

123. Semantic Modelling for Styling and Design
C. E. Catalano, V. Cheutet, F. Giannini, B. Falcidieno, J. C. Leon

124. Minisymposium “Web-based Learning Environments in Applied Mathematics”
Matti Heiliö

125. An Industrial Application of an Integrated Framework for Production of Interactive Documents
G. M. Grasso, C. L. R. Milazzo, S. Runci

126. An e-Learning Platform for Applications of Mathematics to Microelectronic Industry
G. Alì, E. Bilotta, L. Gabriele, P. Pantano, R. Servidio

127. Web Based System for Graduate Studies: Optimization, Games, and Markets
Matti Heiliö, Jonas Mockus

128. Web-Tool on Differential Equations
Peep Miidla

III. Contributed Papers

129. Model and Method to Increase the Thermal Efficiency of Micro-Heat Exchangers for Aerospace Applications
A. Velazquez, J. R. Arias, B. Mendez

130. Influence of Trailing Jet Instability on the Dynamics of Starting Jets
Carolina Marugan-Cruz, Marcos Vera, Carlos Martinez-Bazan, Geno Pawlak

131. Modelling and Computational Analysis of the Dynamic Crash Behaviour of Fabric Reinforced Composite Automotive Structures
E. V. Morozov, V. A. Thomson

132. Theoretical Modeling of Flame—Acoustic Interaction
M. L. Bondar, J. H. M. ten Thije Boonkkamp, R. M. M. Mattheij

133. Air-Blown Rivulet Flow of a Perfectly Wetting Fluid on an Inclined Substrate
Julie M. Sullivan, Stephen K. Wilson, Brian R. Duffy

134. The Effect of the Thermal Conductivity of the Substrate on Droplet Evaporation
Gavin J. Dunn, Stephen K. Wilson, Brian R. Duffy, Samuel David, Khellil Sefiane

135. The Effect of Particles on Linear and Weakly Nonlinear Instability of a Two-Phase Shallow Flows
Andrei Kolyshkin, Sergejs Nazarovs

136. Water Quality Simulation of a Future Pit Lake
A. Bermúdez, L. M. García García, P. Quintela, J. L. Delgado

137. Optimal Management and Design of a Wastewater Purification System
Lino J. Alvarez-Vázquez, Eva Balsa-Canto, Aurea Martínez

138. Estimation of Fuzzy Anomalies in Water Distribution Systems
J. Izquierdo, M. M. Tung, R. Peréz, F. J. Martínez

139. Investigation of the Evolution and Breakup of Electrically Charged Drops
S. I. Betel, M. A. Fontelos, U. Kindelán, O. Vantzos

140. Homogeneous Nucleation of Dipole Domains and Current Self-Oscillations in Photoexcited Semiconductor Superlattices
J. I. Arana, L. L. Bonilla

141. Numerical Analysis of a Nickel-Iron Electrodeposition Process
N. Alaa, M. Iguernane, J. R. Roche

142. A Simplified Finite Element Formulation for Spray Transfer GMA Weld Pools
Marcus Edstorp

143. Numerical Solution of a Non-Local Elliptic Problem Modeling a Thermistor with a Finite Element and a Finite Volume Method
C. V. Nikolopoulos, G. E. Zouraris

144. Numerical Solution of 3D Magnetostatic Problems in Terms of Scalar Potentials
A. Bermúdez, R. Rodríguez, P. Salgado

145. Optimization Methods for a Wifi Location System
A. Martínez, L. J. Alvarez-Vázquez, F. Aguado-Agelet, E. Balsa-Canto

146. Flow in the Canal of Schlemm and its Influence on Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
A. D. Fitt

147. A One-Phase Model for Air-Breathing DMFC Cells with Non-Tafel Kinetics
Marcos Vera, Francisco J. Sánchez-Cabo

148. Optimising Design Parameters of Enzyme-Channelling Biosensors
D. Mackey, A. J. Killard

149. Breast Nodule Ultrasound Segmentation Through Texture-Based Active Contours
Miguel Alemán-Flores, Luis Álvarez, Vicent Caselles

150. A Contrast Invariant Approach to Motion Estimation: Validation and Application to Motion Estimation Improvement
Vicent Caselles, Luis Garrido, Laura Igual

151. A Mathematical Model for Prediction of Recurrence in Bladder Cancer Patients
Cristina Santamaría, María Belén García-Mora, Gregorio Rubio, Jose Luis Pontones

152. Use of the Fourier Transform in the Distributions Sense for Creation Numerical Algorithms for Cone-Beam Tomography
O. E. Trofimov

153. Shapley Value vs. Proportional Rule in Cooperative Affairs
Rafel Amer, Francesc Carreras, Antonio Magaña

154. A Wide Family of Solutions Based on Marginal Contributions for Situations of Competence—Cooperation with Structure of a Priori Coalition Blocks
José Miguel Giménez

155. Time-Varying Grids for Gas Dynamics
F. Coquel, Q. L. Nguyen, M. Postel, Q. H. Tran

156. Meshless Poisson Problems in the Finite Pointset Method: Positive Stencils and Multigrid
Benjamin Seibold

157. Basics of a Differential-Geometric Approach to Diffusion: Uniting Lagrangian and Eulerian Models on a Manifold
Michael M. Tung

158. Diagnostic Modelling of Digital Systems with Binary and High-Level Decision Diagrams
Raimund Ubar, Jaan Raik, Helena Kruus, Harri Lensen, Teet Evartson

159. Numerical Integration in Bayesian Positioning
Henri Pesonen, Robert Piché

160. Singular Problems With Quadratic Gradient Term
Antonio Vitolo

161. Pattern Matching for Control Chart Monitoring
Domenico Cantone, Simone Faro

162. Index Characterization in DAE Circuit Models Without Passivity Assumptions
Alfonso J. Encinas, Ricardo Riaza

163. Fingerprint Classification using Entropy Sensitive Tracing
Preda Mihailescu, Krzysztof Mieloch, Axel Munk

164. An Invariant Domain Preserving MUSCL Scheme
Christophe Berthon

165. A Stable CE—SE Numerical Method for Time-Dependent Advection—Diffusion Equation
R. Company, E. Defez, L. Jódar, E. Ponsoda

166. A Random Euler Method for Solving Differential Equations with Uncertainties
J. C. Cortés, L. Jódar, L. Villafuerte

167. Cubic-Matrix Splines and Second-Order Matrix Models
M. M. Tung, L. Soler, E. Defez, A. Hervás


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