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Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering

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Table of contents

Part I. Coupled Problems

1. Comparison of Model Reduction Methods with Applications to Circuit Simulation
Roxana Ionutiu, Sanda Lefteriu, Athanasios C. Antoulas

2. Transient Field-Circuit Coupled Models with Switching Elements for the Simulation of Electric Energy Transducers
Herbert Gersem, Galina Benderskaya, Thomas Weiland

3. Technology and Device Modeling in Micro and Nano-electronics: Current and Future Challenges
Andrea Marmiroli, Gianpietro Carnevale, Andrea Ghetti

4. New Algorithm for the Retrieval of Aerosol's Optical Parameters by LIDAR Data Inversion
Camelia Talianu, Doina Nicolae, C. P. Cristescu, Jeni Ciuciu, Anca Nemuc, Emil Carstea, Livio Belegante, Mircea Ciobanu

5. A Demonstrator Platform for Coupled Multiscale Simulation
Carlo Falco, Georg Denk, Reinhart Schultz

6. Upon the Interaction between Magnetic Field and Electric Arc in Low Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Smaranda Nitu, Dan Pavelescu, Constantin Nitu, Gheorghe Dumitrescu, Paula Anghelita

7. Accurate Modeling of Complete Functional RF Blocks: CHAMELEON RF
H. H. J. M. Janssen, J. Niehof, W. H. A. Schilders

8. Finite Element Analysis of Generation and Detection of Lamb Waves Using Piezoelectric Transducers
St. Sorohan, N. Constantin, V. Anghel, M. Gavan

9. Optimization of a Switching Strategy for a Synchronous Motor Fed by a Current Inverter Using Finite Element Analysis
Vasile Manoliu

10. Finite Volume Method Applied to Symmetrical Structures in Coupled Problems
Ioana-Gabriela Sîrbu

11. Scattering Matrix Analysis of Cascaded Periodic Surfaces
Adriana Savin, Raimond Grimberg, Rozina Steigmann

Part II. Circuit Simulation and Design

12. Overview of Circuit-Simulation Activities at TKK CTL
Janne Roos

13. Outstanding Issues in Model Order Reduction
João M. S. Silva, Jorge Fernández Villena, Paulo Flores, L. Miguel Silveira

14. Positive Real Balancing for Nonlinear Systems
Tudor C. Ionescu, Jacquelien M. A. Scherpen

15. Efficient Initialization of Artificial Neural Network Weights for Electrical Component Models
Tuomo Kujanpää, Janne Roos

16. Trajectory Piecewise Linear Approach for Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Equations in circuit simulation
T. Vo?, R. Pulch, E. J. W. Maten, A. Guennouni

17. Model Order Reduction of Large Scale ODE Systems: MOR for ANSYS versus ROM Workbench
A. J. Vollebregt, T. Bechtold, A. Verhoeven, E. J. W. Maten

18. Adjoint Transient Sensitivity Analysis in Circuit Simulation
Z. Ilievski, H. Xu, A. Verhoeven, E. J. W. Maten, W. H. A. Schilders, R. M. M. Mattheij

19. Index Reduction by Element-Replacement for Electrical Circuits
Simone Bächle, Falk Ebert

20. Application of 2D Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transforms Technique to Analysis of Shielded Microstrip Circuits
Raimond Grimberg, Adriana Savin, Sorin Leitoiu

21. A Filter Design Framework with Multicriteria Optimization Based on a Genetic Algorithm
Neag Marius, Marina Topa, Liviu Nedelea, Lelia Festila, Vasile Topa

22. Thermal Network Method in the Design of Power Equipment
C. Gramsch, A. Blaszczyk, H. Löbl, S. Grossmann

23. Hierarchical Mixed Multirating in Circuit Simulation
Michael Striebel, Michael Günther

24. Automatic Partitioning for Multirate Methods
A. Verhoeven, B. Tasi?, T. G. J. Beelen, E. J. W. Maten, R. M. M. Mattheij

25. Simulation of Quasiperiodic Signals via Warped MPDAEs Using Houben's Approach
Julia Greb, Roland Pulch

Part III. Computational Electromagnetics

26. RF & Microwave Simulation with the Finite Integration Technique – From Component to System Design
I. Munteanu, T. Weiland

27. The Energy Viewpoint in Computational Electromagnetics
Francois Henrotte, Kay Hameyer

28. Newton and Approximate Newton Methods in Combination with the Orthogonal Finite Integration Technique
H. Gersem, I. Munteanu, T. Weiland

29. Transient Simulation of a Linear Actuator Discretized by the Finite Integration Technique
Mariana Funieru, Herbert Gersem, Thomas Weiland

30. Reduced Order Electromagnetic Models for On-Chip Passives Based on Dual Finite Integrals Technique
Gabriela Ciuprina, Daniel Ioan, Diana Mihalache

31. Techniques to Reduce the Equivalent Parallel Capacitance for EMI Filters Integration
Adina Racasan, Calin Munteanu, Vasile Topa, Claudia Racasan

32. Buffered Block Forward Backward (BBFB) Method Applied to EM Wave Scattering from Homogeneous Dielectric Bodies
Conor Brennan, Diana Bogusevschi

33. Symmetric Coupling of the Finite-Element and the Boundary-Element Method for Electro-Quasistatic Field simulations
T. Steinmetz, N. Gödel, G. Wimmer, M. Clemens, S. Kurz, M. Bebendorf, S. Rjasanow

34. Computational Errors in Hysteresis Preisach Modelling
Valentin Ionita, Lucian Petrescu

Part IV. Mathematical and Computational Methods

35. Manifold Mapping for Multilevel Optimization
Pieter W. Hemker, David Echeverría

36. Software Package for Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Electromagnetic Devices
Calin Munteanu, Gheorghe Mates, Vasile Topa

37. Optimal Design of Monolithic ESBT Device carried out by Multiobjective Optimization
Salvatore Spinella, Vincenzo Enea, Daniele Kroell, Michele Messina, Cesare Ronsisvalle

38. On Fast Optimal Control for Energy-Transport-based Semiconductor Design
C. R. Drago

39. Extended Hydrodynamical Models for Charge Transport in Si
Roberto Beneduci, Giovanni Mascali, Vittorio Romano

40. On the Implementation of a Delaunay-based 3-dimensional Mesh Generator
K. J. Kolk, N. P. Meijs

41. Coupled FETI/BETI Solvers for Nonlinear Potential Problems in (Un)Bounded Domains
Ulrich Langer, Clemens Pechstein

42. A Hierarchical Preconditioner within Edge Based BE-FE Coupling in Electromagnetism
K. Straube, I. Ibragimov, V. Rischmüller, S. Rjasanow

43. Solution of Band Linear Systems in Model Reduction for VSLI Circuits
Alfredo Remón, Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí, Gregorio Quintana-Ortí

44. MOESP Algorithm for Converting One-dimensional Maxwell Equation into a Linear System
E. F. Yetkin, H. Dag, W. H. A. Schilders

45. Adaptive Methods for Transient Noise Analysis
Thorsten Sickenberger, Renate Winkler

46. Efficient Execution of Loosely Coupled Tasks in Grid Platforms
Felicia Ionescu, Stefan Diaconescu, Alexandru Gherega, Gabriel Dimitriu

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Electromagnetism, Optics and Lasers, Numerical Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations

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Mathematics in Industry
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486 pages
Natural Sciences

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