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Conjoint Measurement

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Table of contents

1. Conjoint Analysis as an Instrument of Market Research Practice
Anders Gustafsson, Andreas Herrmann, Frank Huber

2. Measurement of Price Effects with Conjoint Analysis: Separating Informational and Allocative Effects of Price
Vithala R. Rao, Henrik Sattler

3. Market Simulation Using a Probabilistic Ideal Vector Model for Conjoint Data
Daniel Baier, Wolfgang Gaul

4. A Comparison of Conjoint Measurement with Self-Explicated Approaches
Henrik Sattler, Susanne Hensel-Börner

5. Non-geometric Plackett-Burman Designs in Conjoint Analysis
Ola Blomkvist, Fredrik Ekdahl, Anders Gustafsson

6. On the Influence of the Evaluation Methods in Conjoint Design - Some Empirical Results
Frank Huber, Andreas Herrmann, Anders Gustafsson

7. Evolutionary Conjoint
Thorsten Teichert, Edlira Shehu

8. The Value of Extent-of-Preference Information in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis
Terry Elrod, Keith Chrzan

9. A Multi-trait Multi-method Validity Test of Partworth Estimates
Wagner Kamakura, Muammer Ozer

10. Conjoint Preference Elicitation Methods in the Broader Context of Random Utility Theory Preference Elicitation Methods
Jordan Louviere, David Hensher, Joffre Swait

11. Conjoint Choice Experiments: General Characteristics and Alternative Model Specifications
Rinus Haaijer, Michel Wedel

12. Optimization-Based and Machine-Learning Methods for Conjoint Analysis: Estimation and Question Design
Olivier Toubia, Theodoros Evgeniou, John Hauser

13. The Combinatorial Structure of Polyhedral Choice Based Conjoint Analysis
Joachim Giesen, Eva Schuberth

14. Using Conjoint Choice Experiments to Model Consumer Choices of Product Component Packages
Benedict G. C. Dellaert, Aloys W. J. Borgers, Jordan J. Louviere, Harry J. P. Timmermans

15. Latent Class Models for Conjoint Analysis
Venkatram Ramaswamy, Steven H. Cohen

16. A Generalized Normative Segmentation Methodology Employing Conjoint Analysis
Wayne S. DeSarbo, Christian F. DeSarbo

17. Dealing with Product Similarity in Conjoint Simulations
Joel Huber, Bryan Orme, Richard Miller

18. Sales Forecasting with Conjoint Analysis by Addressing Its Key Assumptions with Sequential Game Theory and Macro-Flow Modeling
David B. Whitlark, Scott M. Smith


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Keywords: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management Science BUS042000

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