Alcalá, José Federico Chávez

Towards a Cleaner Planet

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Table of contents

Part I. General Overview and Energy Efficiency

1. Energy for the Present and Future: A World Energy Overview
Jaime Klapp, Jorge L Cervantes-Cota, Luis C Longoria-Gandara, Ruslan Gabbasov

2. Energy, Present and Future
Juan Eibenschutz

3. Advanced Energy Conversion
Horst Hippler

4. Energy efficiency in Mexico — a bird’s eye view
Mariano Bauer

5. Energy efficiency and conservation in Mexico
Odón Demofilo de Buen-Rodríguez

Part II. Traditional Energy Resources

6. Status of the Mexican Electricity Generation
Gustavo Alonso

7. Thermoeconomic Study of CCGT Plants
Dolores Duran, Salvador Galindo

8. CO2 Capture for Atmosphere Pollution Reduction
Rosa-Hilda Chávez, Javier de J. Guadarrama, Jaime Klapp

9. Fossil Fuels Pollution and Air Quality Modeling
Darío Rojas-Avellaneda

10. Fundamentals of Boiling Water Reactor Safety Design and Operation
Javier Ortiz-Villafuerte, Rogelio Castillo-Durán, Héctor Hernández-López, Enrique Araiza-Martínez

11. General Overview of the Current Situation of Nuclear Energy
Raúl Ortiz Magaña, Enrique García Ramírez

12. The Clean and Safe Nuclear Reactors of the Future
Karl Verfondern

13. Transition Strategies for a Hydrogen Economy in Mexico
Sergio Dale Bazán-Perkins

14. Nuclear Energy Economical Viability
Gustavo Alonso, Jose R. Ramirez, Javier C. Palacios

15. Natural Safety Storage of Radioactive Waste
Miguel Balcázar-García, Jesús Hernán Flores-Ruiz, Pablo Peña, Arturo López

16. The Reinassance of Nuclear Power
Luis C Longoria-Gandara, Jaime Klapp, Gustavo Alonso, Salvador Galindo

Part III. Alternative Energy Resources

17. Renewable Energy in Mexico: Current Status and Future Prospects
Jorge M. Huacuz

18. The Development of Thermal Solar Cooling Systems
Roberto Best-Brown

19. Converting Solar Radiation to Electric Power in Mexico
Antonio Jimenez Gonzalez, Aaron Sanchez-Juarez, Arturo Fernandez, Xavier Mathew, P J Sebastian

20. Some Recent Research on Solar Energy Technology
Camilo A Arancibia-Bulnes, Antonio E Jiménez, Oscar A Jaramillo, Claudio A Estrada

21. Wind Energy: an opportunity for diversifying electricity generation in Mexico
Marco Antonio Borja

22. Development of geothermal energy in México and its energetic potential for the future
Peter Birkle

23. Energy and Activated Carbon Production from Crop Biomass Byproducts
Stanley E. Manahan, Manuel Enríquez-Poy, Luisa Tan Molina, Carmen Durán-de-Bazúa

24. Hydrogen: The Ecological Fuel for Mexican Future
Suilma Marisela Fernández-Valverde

25. Nuclear Fusion as an Energy Option for the 21st Century
Julio E Herrera-Velázquez


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