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Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Our Energy Supply Future - 10 BULLENSEE ASSUMPTIONS
Werner Brinker

2. Sustainability Impact Assessment — The Role of Numerical E3-Models
Christoph Böhringer

3. The Material Side of Virtualization
Lorenz M. Hilty

4. Electric Power Management and a Clean Environment — a Discrepancy and an Algorithmic Challenge
Horst F. Wedde

5. A Spatial Assessment of Air Pollution Impact of a Highway Project Using GIS
M. L. Agrawal, B. Maitra, M. K. Ghose

6. The Air Quality Management System AirQUIS
Leiv Håvard Slørdal, Harold McInnes, Terje Krognes

7. Danger Assessment of Potential Resources of Air Pollution once Natural Disasters Occur
Tabassom Hashemi Farzad, Ebrahim Omidi Garekani

8. Using Topic Maps for Sustainability Reporting
Hans-Knud Arndt, Henner Graubitz, René Klesinski

9. Conception of System Supported Generation of Sustainability Reports in a Large Scale Enterprise
Christian Grünwald, Jorge Marx Gómez

10. Information Management for Sophisticated Environmental Reporting
Ralf Isenmann

11. Data Quality Mining: Employing Classifiers for Assuring Consistent Datasets
Fabian Grüning

12. Models for Optimization of Electrical Energy Delivery for Regional Utilities
Swantje Nikolai

13. Implementing and Evaluating the Common Information Model in a Relational and RDF-based Database
Stefan Schulte, Rainer Berbner, Ralf Steinmetz, Mathias Uslar

14. Optimization of Adaptive Consumers to a Time-varying Electricity Supply
Ute Vogel, Michael Sonnenschein

15. Distributed Power Generation: Requirements and Recommendations for an ICT Architecture
Ludger Winkels, Jan-Patrick Osterloh, Fabian Grüning, Martin Tröschel, Dave Boers, Tanja Schmedes, Mathias Uslar

16. Designing a Bilingual Eco-Ontology for Open and Intuitive Search
Bettina Bauer-Messmer, Rolf Grütter

17. Data Warehousing with Environmental Data
Ansgar Burmann, Jorge Marx Gómez

18. New Measures for Evaluating Decision Systems Using Rough Set Theory: The Application in Seasonal Weather Forecasting
Yailé Caballero, Leticia Arco, Rafael Bello, Jorge Marx Gómez

19. A Protocol to Secure Context-aware Service Discovery in Complex Earth Experiments
Ricardo R. M. Carmo, André C. M. Costa, José L. Campos Santos, José G. Pereira Filho

20. The Concept of Closed-loop Supply Chain Integration Through Agents-based System
Paulina Golinska, Marek Fertsch, Jorge Marx Gómez, Joanna Oleskow

21. Integrating Environmental Information with Systems of Factory Planning
Christian Grünwald, Jorge Marx Gómez

22. Designing a Flexible ICT Framework for Processing Remote Gauging-Data
Peter Jakob, Flurin Sutter, Peter Waldner, Gustav Schneiter

23. Ecological and Economic Effects of Web-based Integrated Management Systems
Horst Junker

24. Modeling of a Corporate Environmental Management Information System (CEMIS) for Production Processes
Corinna V. Lang

25. Petri Net Based EMIS-Mappers for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Andreas Moeller

26. Environmental Management Systems and Information Management — Strategic-Systematical Integration of Green Value Added
Ian Molloy

27. Integration of MRP II and Material Flow Management Systems
Claus Rautenstrauch

28. Spatial Inventory of Greenhouse Gases on Regional Level
Rostylav Bun, Khrystyna Hamal, Mykola Gusti, Andriy Bun, Olga Savchyn

29. Weblogs, Legitimacy and Organizations
Markus Glötzel, Martin Müller

30. Unifying Architecture for Industrial Ecology Communication and Education
Ralf Isenmann

31. SmartLIFE: Toward European Approaches to Sustainable Building
Walter Leal Filho

32. The Effect of ICTs on Mobility and Environment in Urban Areas
Ji Young Song, Bong Gyou Lee, Koen Steemers, Nick Baker

33. Data Mining as a Suitable Tool for Efficient Supply Chain Integration - Extended Abstract
Joanna Oleskow, Marek Fertsch, Paulina Golinska, Katarzyna Maruszewska

34. A Pilot Project for Eco Industrial Parks in North Rhine-Westphalia - Extended Abstract
Veronika Wolf

35. Knowledge Acquisition and Risk Analysis in Material Recovery Facilities by a Virtual Team
Ioannis Dokas, Konstantinos Kitis, Christos Dodis, Demetrios Panagiotakopoulos, Demetrios Karras

36. Early Warning and Risk Management — An Interdisciplinary Approach
Walter Hürster, Thomas Wilbois

37. Development of a GIS-based Risk Assessment Methodology for Flood Pollutants
Axel Sauer, Jochen Schanze, Ulrich Walz

38. Modeling Arsenic and Oil Contamination After High Water Events in the Town and Floodplain of Bitterfeld (Germany)
Marcus Schulz, Olaf Büttner, Michael Matthies, Michael Böhme, Wolf Tümpling

39. EcoClass — An Easy-to-access GUI for LCA Data to Assess Product Utilization Schemes
Volker Barth, Jens Krefeldt, Jan-Christian Marinesse

40. Combining LCA with Thermodynamics
Stefan Gößling-Reisemann

41. RFID-based Information Management in the Automotive Plastic Recycling Industry
Zheng Lu, Hui Cao, Paul Folan, David Potter, Jim Browne

42. Material Flow Management in a Motor Fabrication: Identifying Saving Potential in the Mechanical Production by Modeling Energy- and Material Flows as Well as Machine Time Using Umberto
Jürgen Reinhard, Stefan Motsch

43. Semantic Modeling in Farming Systems Research - The Case of the Agricultural Management Definition Module
Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, Sander Janssen, David Huber, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Martin Ittersum

44. Simulation and Optimization of Habitat Network Permeability
Jens Finke, Michael Sonnenschein

45. System Architecture for Coverage and Visualization of Underground Pipeline Structures in Detectino
Jana Görmer, Helmut Lessing, Dirk Bettels

46. Finding Optimal Directions for Forest Trees Harvesting Using GIS-based Techniques
Wassim Jaziri

47. Evaluating Water Quality Standards Through Time Series Modeling by Wavelets
Jean Duclos Alegue, Albrecht Gnauck

48. Simulation of Shallow Lake Eutrophication
Albrecht Gnauck

49. GIS Use in the Aral Sea Area: Water Quality and Population’s Health
E. Kamilova, D. Fayzieva, B. Nurtaev, L. Orlovsky, D. Reible

50. Evidence of Heavy Metal Pollution in French Jura Lakes: Observed Impacts and Countermeasures
Rachid Nedjai

51. Water Supply and Water Demand of Beijing — A Game Theoretic Approach for Modeling
Shouke Wei, Albrecht Gnauck

52. Modeling a Material Flow Network of a Casting House
Alexander Bock

53. Conception and Realization of a Web-based User Interface for an Environmental Simulation with Gridfunctionality
Stefan Hinze

54. Concept to Migrate an Access Based Environmental Information System into a Web-based Front-end Solution for the Environmental Management of a Waste Disposal Company
Thomas Kästner

55. Development of a Software-based Environmental Reporting According to the “Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz”
Jan Goscimski

56. Environmental and Safety Management Support
Thomas Wetzel, Nabil Allam

57. Development and Implementation of a Software to Accelerate Data Acquisition as Part of a Corporate Environmental Management Information System for an Energy Company
Mathias Zirkelbach


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