Pitha, Paula M.

Interferon: The 50th Anniversary

Pitha, Paula M. - Interferon: The 50th Anniversary, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Refletions

1. How to Chase a Red Herring and Come up with a Smallmouth Bass
J. Lindenmann

2. Interferon Research BC (Before Cloning)
J. Vilcek

3. Purification and Cloning of Interferon Alpha
S. Pestka

2. Interferons and Their Signaling Pathways

4. Type I Interferon: The Ever Unfolding Story
P. M. Pitha, M. S. Kunzi

5. The Receptor of the Type I Interferon Family
G. Uzé, G. Schreiber, J. Piehler, S. Pellegrini

6. IFN-?: Recent Advances in Understanding Regulation of Expression, Biological Functions, and Clinical Applications
H. A. Young, J. H. Bream

7. Cell Type-Specific Signaling in Response to Interferon-?
A. H. H. Boxel-Dezaire, G. R. Stark

8. Interferon Research: Impact on Understanding Transcriptional Control
J. E. Darnell

3. Recognition of Pathogens, Molecular Mechanism of Interferon Beta Induction

9. TLR-Mediated Activation of Type I IFN During Antiviral Immune Responses: Fighting the Battle to Win the War
M. Severa, K. A. Fitzgerald

10. Regulation of Antiviral Innate Immune Responses by RIG-I Family of RNA Helicases
K. Onomoto, M. Yoneyama, T. Fujita

11. Beyond Double-Stranded RNA-Type I IFN Induction by 3pRNA and Other Viral Nucleic Acids
M. Schlee, W. Barchet, V. Hornung, G. Hartmann

4. Interferon-Induced Genes

12. The Interferon-Stimulated Genes: Targets of Direct Signaling by Interferons, Double-Stranded RNA, and Viruses
G. C. Sen, S. N. Sarkar

13. Structure and Function of the Protein Kinase R
A. J. Sadler, B. R. G. Williams

5. Virus Defense

14. Viral Regulation and Evasion of the Host Response
Y.-M. Loo, M. Gale

15. Pathogenic Viruses: Smart Manipulators of the Interferon System
O. Haller, F. Weber

6. Role of Interferon in Viral Infection and Autoimmunity

16. Type I Interferon During Viral Infections: Multiple Triggers for a Multifunctional Mediator
E. I. Zuniga, B. Hahm, M. B. A. Oldstone

17. Type I Interferon in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
M. K. Crow


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